QSC KW 153 VS HD1531 AND PRX 535

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E A: Also. If your blowing units make sure all your settings on all equipment is at unity level and run a compressor. You know. To avoid damaging cabs. 

E A: The bass on the QSC speakers still sound a bit weird. I Have HD 1531. Pushed them hard. Events over 8 hours, both live music and playback. Never had a problem. I have used JBL 535 and i think they are great. The EV series the other gentlemen was mentioning are far superior to any of these models. Thats pro Grade stuff. Anything with a mid smaller than 10" is for small events. Anything self powered is ment for small events. Anyway. Try Nexxo , Mayer, EV (not the stuff at guitar center) or even EAW. I'm sure you will forget about QSC (and its funny bass) in a heartbeat. 

John Alfieri: Good post. I responded with more thoughts and my experience to Michael below. You said it all. I wholeheartedly agree 

Mark Rodriguez: QSC Speakers are way OVERRATED and to much money.. you said you used four of them for 600 people.. Lol.. i have 2 pairs of Speakers that I use for any gig and any amount of people.. I used 1 pair for 1,000 people out doors at a park in San Francisco.. they are called EV S18-3, each Speaker houses a 18" woofer 10" midrange and a high output baby cheek tweeter.. they are 30 years old and can handle upto 1,450 watts RMS each.. no subs needed.. my other pair I use once n awhile are Cerwinvega V35D's they too are 18" 3 way Speakers..... Lol, nothing like Oldschool..... Wooooooooooop woop.. MAKE SOME NOISE

85bmw528eguy: How are they doing in 2013? I am considering purchase of (8)KW181s and (4)KW153s.

reschla: Thank you so much for this video. My residency asked me to research speakers and these are the ones i chose!

Robert Roberts: Hey Justin, I have a pair of K10's. Would you go with a pair of KW153 instead of buying a pair of KW subs and paring them with the K10's I already have?

source5656: Dude... thanks and sorry for your experience. You helped me to make a better decision to NOT get the HD1531, HD1521 or HD1221 series. I have two HD1801, and I pushed them without blowing them but not for 8 hrs straight. I watched and read enough to stop with purchasing any more Mackies. Your videos were the icing on the cake after reading and viewing other video and blogs.

Dorin Buzdugan: so..the kw153 are the best active 3 way speakers? I'm using 2 mackie SA1530z. they sound really good. :-?

jpereztomasa: Can u put these on stands high or need to be low ??

Mary Bunny: no offence i heard them they sound great, im mean real great sound quality, but i heard them before they dont hit that hard on bass like your puttin out to be, they got good bass responce no dought, but i can name you out a speaker that purs like kitten. mad as fact they the best with bass EV Electro Voice I 25, except jbl srx n prx. they hit freakin hard, and gots great sound quality EV you wont need sub with there literally unless large venues EV force i 25 480$ i believe. trust me.

stewardsproductions: Thanks for the review on the QSC I was thinking of getting 4 of the 153s

Justin Eddy: @bugmarkus the prx sound good but qsc kla &kw's sound all around better!Just me!

bugmarkus: @HarfordSound well i have 4 jbl prx 635 and they sound really good

Justin Eddy: Good for years to come QSC kw and kla

Justin Eddy: Thank you for trusting me!


Justin Eddy: Still going hard

jihad421: are your qsc kw 153 still going hard? i know this vid is old but you sold me on them 3-ways i just ordered a pair!

Leo Guerrero: I have 4 Mackie HD 1531 and 6 HD1801, all my partys goes from 12 to 15 hours continuous.. Dj's blast the speaker all night and I never had a problem with it. You need to know how to run this speakers well to keep it working safe and prevent damage. The sound quality of the Mackie 1531 are one of the best out there, good price, great build quality and custom-designed transducers by EAW. To Prevent overheating see what your speakers doing went you have a gig and monitor long time clipping.

QSC KW 153 VS HD1531 AND PRX 535 5 out of 5

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QSC KW 153 VS HD1531 AND PRX 535
QSC KW 153 VS HD1531 AND PRX 535
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