Use PS3 Controller On PC (FINAL) XP,Vista,7,8 32 And 64 Bit + Halo PC With PS3 Controller

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Thomas Regan: just wanna say ty so very much been trying to find the link for ages for both the 64 and 32 bit now i can finally play my game and the video and the link was so helpfull

TheHellAtrippin: YOU MADE IT SO MY Wireless Controller from Ebay/CHINA works on my PC Bluetooth Dongle and I have been trying to connect it for a few days now .. THANK YOU BROTHA 

PsyKws: why to play an fps game on your pc with ds3 controller? dude...

Leviathin2002: NOT WORKING!!!! I have done everything it says to do, and it's not doing a damned thing!!!!

MegaRandompoo: Mine is all setup, Everything works on DS3tools like vibration but when i try and use it in games nothing happens??? help..


Pornhulio: so u dl that crap from the link in the desc right? gtf2hell noob

DarthBreh: You just left out the part where this program Motioninjoy connects to some servers in china and mess crap up on your computer thanks for that!

CyberChick: DAMN YOU FBI!!!!

Mr ManInTheWall: Getting some FBI crap :(

vagelis89: i have a dualshock sixaxis but the anlog doesn't work in my pc.can someone give a correct answer?maybe doing something wrong?with playstation everything is ok

Alucardjr69: lol i hate to say but i dont vote , now on days is get freak or freak with consent. as i said go to STEAM n buy it its a digital copy .

xinfam0usxplayax: Listen I feel for you, your hero Romney lost last night dont take it out on me pal.. If you didn't have the answer to my original question, then why respond at all? Feel free to make any closing arguements because this is my last.. PEACE

Alucardjr69: lol u got issues, fifa games free? really i would say crapty stuff such as angry birds or any java game, go to steam and put ur credit card in ur a$s crack enjoy my friend.

xinfam0usxplayax: Not if its public and available to everyone.. And initially when I asked if yes, I had every intention of using my credit card/paypal or something and just downloading it off a site so I did not have to wait for a disc to show up in the mail. So go freak yourself

Alucardjr69: yes its called piracy

xinfam0usxplayax: hey guys can i download fifa on my computer without a disc? if yes, where?? (is there a free way :)? )

Leon Holder: this doesnt work anymore motionjoy servers are always down and will not load your gaming pad

Pyrrha Alexandra: I need help ASAP. Every time i try to open DS3 Tool after installing MotionInJoy I get error messages that won't go away, "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application." I don't know what to do I've tried everything.


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Use PS3 controller on PC (FINAL) XP,Vista,7,8 32 and 64 bit + Halo PC with PS3 Controller 5 out of 5

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