UTG Scope Mount For SKS

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Paul Hibbard: I hope that it was you and not the mount because I just ordered one

Planet Vape Media: how did you get your bolt carrier that dark

Sand Stone: Congratulations! You just butchered up your SKS!

BigRed56: Use a new target next time.

Medmann48: Ok, I mounted my scope & the NCStar Tri-Mount really makes the scope mounted HIGH & I am about 10" higher & 8" to the right of the laser dot from the bore sighter. I have maxed out the windage & elevation adjustments & am still too high. Is there anyway to manually adjust the NCstar mount so it points the tip of the scope down a little bit? Are there any manual adjustments possible with the scope mount?

milwaukeegregg: Brass Stacker!!

This Ninja: For some reason I can't find one of these mounts on the web.

FuYing Bro: if you are going to go through all that i would just put the choate type mount on. i say choate type because i saw a new mount for the sks a couple days ago made by promag. you can find it at (midwayusa . come) anyhow it doesnt have the stupid block in the middle like the choate version does. i am thinking of ordering that one to replace my choate mount because i just cant get the scope in the right spot with the stupid space in the middle.

FuYing Bro: (amazon, midwayusa and sksstocks . com) are great places to get parts and ideas. (Sksboards . com) is an awesome forum for talking with other sks people. sorry i didnt see your message until now because it was marked as spam.

FuYing Bro: :P


FuYing Bro: lol. the serial on the receiver is unchanged so i am sure they will be fine and it is 922r complaint.

Croaking Toad: When you replace a part ... especially that part on an SKS that has the serial number on it ... your pissing all over the ATFs Post Tosties. Not something one wants to post on youtube. :)

MrAlbucrazy505: Bolt carrier cover. Not receiver cover. It's funny that no gun owners on YouTube actually know what a receiver is.

FuYing Bro: sorry i didnt see your message before. yes you just have to make sure you get the right mounts and have it tight although you can do what i did and get a permanent one. i will do video on that one soon.

vancouverbc69: They are so you can drill into your receiver and screw them in, then tighten them with the nut, guaranteeing you zero each time you take it off and put it back on

MrKZizzle: Nice SKS dude!! Where did you get your stock??

FuYing Bro: sounds awesome. let me know how it turns out.

emptychannel: Yeah, I haven't shot any of my guns for 1 year. I got ammo, just no time. I want to start at 25 yards and then 50 and so forth to figure out a zero point of 2" MOA at X-distance. That way if WROL happens, I know the exact impact under say 75 yards will be within 2" or higher of my aim point. SKSs are not 100 yard MOA guns but cna be tuned to 3". I forget the guy's name but he does a great trigger job in 2 weeks for $60.00 (Karvoski??)

FuYing Bro: sounds awesome bro. you should put some some vids of it. although i think people are realizing how great a sks can be. the prices on them have gone up like crazy.

Shrimps: Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. The reason I was able to get sales is because I offer rare shrimps for sale. Not many other online place is willing to take the risk at shipping high priced shrimps. That is my way of earning online.
UTG Scope Mount For SKS 5 out of 5

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