How To Connect The Allshare Cast Dongle

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Rico MegaSuper: It works on my S7edge but it's not working on my S8+ and S9+

Brenda Serralde: i have this dongle and it was working just fine with my s4. Now I got a J5, do you know how can I use it?

M Henoud: Before ordering one, I need to know if this works without an internet connection.   I would like to cast content from my s4 to the tv at the cottage where I don't have an internet connection.  I tried the chromeshare but it needs an internet connection.  Can you confirm that it does work without being connected to the internet?

Jevi Gimena: Hi sir good day to you. Plan to buy the Allshare Cast Dongle soon, have my Note 2 GT-N7100 right now and my new Note 3 coming. Does it works with these 2 gadgets I have? Thanks  

Thomas Gibson: Mine works with 4G. I checked and went from Wi-Fi to 4G. It lost the connection during the transition but immediately picked up and worked on 4G.

hashima777: How can i get fullscreen when mirroring?

JoseitoEdlVodao: Obviously you cannot use this while a WiFi connection to an actual Access Point is happening, right?

Jon Crompton: ABSOLUTE BOLOX. it wont connect untill you do some stupid ass vital button press with the reset button. why the hell will no one show how to do that!!!!!!!!!!!

TexasWolfsRain: Is this WiFi only or can I connect it with a 4g connection?

PantsofVance: Saying the word "dongle" really offends my feminine sensibilities.

Chris Moriarty: Will it work with the tab 2 10.1 ????

ob71russ: See another reason why you need to root your phone ppl Im running off executioner 2.5 with verizon galaxy s3 and it has allshare cast and along with a lot of other cool stuff awesome rom and phone by far.....

rlawrence2: My brand new Note 10.1 will not work with the dongle either! Please give me a reason. It is running 4.0.4. Gal S3 works fine with ice cream or jelly bean.

Maximiliano Sibaja: anyone know if allshare cast works from the galaxy note 2 to galaxy note 10.1 (i.e. cast from phone to tablet)?

CamFlasher: I got one yesterday. It always failed to connect with my Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 But I tried to do it many times and now it's working. It looks like this device needs to warm up. (A little bit hot on device when you touch it) If it's cool down, you must start over. As it's working, LED light on device will show in blue color.

Ruben Echeverria: Hi, Do you know if samsung all share cast dongle is compatible with samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1? Thank you very much.

Armine Hakopyan: I just received my allshare cast dongle and it says failed to connect on my phone everytime I try.

Em Flagship: Good morning, I have bought a samsung allshare cast dongle purposely to be used in my samsung galaxy note 10.1... your video shows smooth connection from your galaxy note. however, my galaxy note is having trouble in connection. the error bow would show that "failure to connect devise ... ... " or something like that (i can't remember the exact words). i really want to use this devise for my presentation. hope you could help... i bought my allshare cast dongle in the Philippines (Samsung Shop)

ThaDSman: Ya i got it working 2 days ago, it wasn't working because its blocked by the flash counter, i used triangle away and now all is good

The YouTube Tech Guy: that's the exact model and one I am using, so yep it does.

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How to Connect the Allshare Cast Dongle
How to Connect the Allshare Cast Dongle
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