Manual Exposure Mode Tutorial, EASY Way! DSLR Photography Using Nikon D7000 Beginner Lesson

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Allan Gildea: Really helpful, thank you.

Shashi Moghe: thank u sir very nicely and easy term explained the concept. my good wishes for the good work being done by you.

kelly damms: I'm just learning manual exposure. This was a great demonstration. Thank you!

1981MUF: Thanks for your time friend. From me subscribe and thumps up!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

R Zenit E: I luuvvvv that mirror behind you : )

Thanks for sharing the info ๐Ÿ‘

Barry Boquet: Thanks for the awesome tutorials.

Zombbg4: Just want to give a big thanks. As a beginner, I have no interest in putting the camera into auto and letting it do the work. This video is incredibly helpful!

maria jibran: U know what you are awesomeeeeeeeeee no awesomest, i watched nearly every video on youtube for manual turorial but nothing helped me, in just few mins u explained everything, may Allah bless u with all the succes, good luck bro๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

floydchick1984: Your videos are so helpful!!! I am trying to learn how to shoto manual on D7000-- other than this video, do you suggest another to help me ensure my settings are set-up properly before attempting manual mode (i.e, lens setting)?

Rose Tvs: thanks a lot!

jesslovesya88: I'm a beginner and OMG this just helped me understand things so much more! Thank you! Finally somebody that explains thoroughly! Thanks for the vids! =)

AfGun0111: First of all, thanks for using your time on making new beginners like me understand more about their DSLRs.
I will be very grateful if you (or anybody else who reads my comment) can answer my question. I want to shoot in manual mode. The aperture, ISO and shutter speed or all easy to manage, but when I look inside the view finder, that +....0....- thing is all the way to + side. When I shoot, guess what, the image is TOTALLY black. I even tried to shoot in light day, still black. Took a pic of a bright lamp, doesnt help! If I shoot with flash on, the image looks normal, but I don't want to use flash. All the other modes work fine except the manual mode.
I have a D7100 with 18-55mm VR II. Anybody help, please.

Neeraj Kohli: Thanks. I have a question on exposure compensation. In low light can I just increase the exposure compensation by say +2 instead of increasing iso or reducing shutter speed? Please let me know.

apiitg: Can you please post link to the next vids in the description? That will make things much easier to follow for me. Thanks.

apiitg: I got a camera and spent countless hours on youtube tutorials which were total waste and then... boom. Found your channel. Awesome explanations with examples. Great !! Thanks a ton.

Ian Burns: Ah, and the penny drops :) many thanks for taking the time to explain in such a clear way.ย  very new to all this and the picture examples along with the info at the start was just what I needed.

Kumaran Trinco: That how to setup exposure was excellent. I never knew that ( I'm new bee anyway)
Thanks bud.

Mr. Geek: awesome... !!!!!!!!!!!
ย tanx.

ema93a: I did not like any of your videos before watching this one... But hey, you're helping people, so well done.

Ellen Goldman: Fantastic! Thank you so much for your help. I just got my first dslr as I shoot my own jewelry. I am working with a macro 60mm lens and i learn so much from your videos! ย :))) Thanks so much!

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Manual Exposure Mode Tutorial, EASY way! DSLR Photography using Nikon D7000 Beginner Lesson 5 out of 5

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