Random Icon Flip Cydia Tweak - Make Your Apps Icons Flip & Spin! - IPhone & IPod Touch

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Thaboe100: @t3ng92 u got to search and search "random flip" and install it...

100kboy: yes

balzout5150: iTR= i too retadid

Dean Charlie: Dose it work for io5 ? iPod Touch 4G

gidzoELITE: if you havent by now found your answere go to evasion and that should be a site that should help jailbreak your device

Clomats: @basilismisailidis21 its the mac os x lion wallpaper

Jamie Reiter DDS: How do I get the Cydia icon on my device? Thanks.

Prochopmeister: It's called BytaFont

deltafit: How come every time i go on someones iphone videos they have like 100 emails unopened, 25 missed calls unchecked, 50 apps need updating. etc etc Jesus do these people never clear or check their phones!?! :S

jamesandjohn1: mines is the same as ayden stull

Seb F: And thats how I contracted chlymidia! xD

Jordan Cato: Mine only has 15 things

kiki jaka: can u use bluetooth send me ur wallpaper please

Whitefright: had it

illmtoloko: affects battery life?

DJxRhythm: ipod keeps crashing when trying to add source

basilismisailidis21: @AppleItouchReviews can you send me a link or tell me from where he download it or can you send it to me with email plzzzzzz

LANIE SARMIENTO: awesome ilove it so cute....

Nicholas Rodenbaugh: What is the source

theoldbreed2: No I dont see it

jamesandjohn1: same

Shanman367: How do you turn it off?

XxStoneKillerxX: @ProFailProductions Barrel dumbass

htin linn htoo than: Does it works with icon bounce or should I remove that first?

MrLocalthug: @siljemyran: lol im so gladd im not the only who thinks the way he says that is weird

GraandHustleMafia: FIRST DISLIKE!!

ProFailProductions: Is there a cydia tweak like this but instead of randomly flipping the icons, when you scroll through the pages the icons flip and chamge to the next page of icons instaed of anctualy sliding pages??? if you know what i mean. PLEASE reply!?!?!

LisaMarie: Nice!

Ilay Niisim: Thanks Man !

basketballmina9: Doesnt work

Ayden Stull: When I go to install it brings up websites in red words then doesn't download

Tyce Looker: Thanks!

t3ng92: erm.. i've added the source that u provide in the description.. i do not have have the RANDOM ICON FLIp.. why!? T_T

cyrusXmods: this is freaking amazing

Carson Stroud: You half to jailbreak

MultiAppStore: Nice Video bro :)

Kordian Dudek: my springboard keeps crashing and now i have to restore my ipod -_-

The Box ♠♥♣♦: Really cool tweak! I was wondering how do you change the font on your iPhone... Can you tell me please?

jose gonzalez: What was the source bitch

timothy siljemyr: Whots op goys :D

Ivan Štrbac: does this tweek eat the battery?

Jorge Pacheco: Wtf is wrong w ur voice

Dean Charlie: iPod Touch 4G 5ios?

imsexyvampire: How do you get that circle thing around the lock next to 4:39pm

Am3rIca16: Doesn't the kill your battery or more faster?

KR3WtheSHOW: thanks

basilismisailidis21: i want your wallpaper where can i find it >

dragunov820: Hey the source is not in the description :P

Nicknami Nonami: change your font>bytafont jailbreak>yes you need cydia How to get cydia icon>jailbreak How to jailbreak> google or watch a video on the right or type in jailbreak i use redsnow someone-else i know uses ultrasnow

Alexander Yarlequé: Share the wallpaper !!! It looks amazing

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Random Icon Flip Cydia Tweak - Make Your Apps Icons Flip & Spin! - iPhone & iPod Touch 4.6 out of 5

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Random Icon Flip Cydia Tweak - Make Your Apps Icons Flip & Spin! - iPhone & iPod Touch
Random Icon Flip Cydia Tweak - Make Your Apps Icons Flip & Spin! - iPhone & iPod Touch
Redline HD & Random icon flip tweak
Redline HD & Random icon flip tweak

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