2002 Hyundai Santa Fe Timing Belt Failure From Hell.

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ThePariss333: Hi Brian, If that fail at 40 K miles and you say replace at 60 K and a lot of people has more than 100 K ; the Question is : When is the right time ? It seem to any time and no body has the right answer, so is just Luck ?

Abra Cadabra: nope. my 2004 would get it's 4th motor if I chose to go that route. same exact issue. I will likely just get rid of it.

Steve Webb: My 2003 Santa Fe broke the timing belt and yes, bent and broke the valves and cracked the head. So I tossed the engine and bought a second hand one. I agree with the maker of this video, you must change the belts when they are due. It can cause a heap of problems otherwise.

djlobb: My 2001 Santa Fe is having cold-start/idle issues when cold, for the first 30secs it's running it runs rough and almost stalls if I don't put my foot on the accelerator. After 30secs it runs normal. Any ideas?

Mylis D: I've got over 350,000 miles on my 02 santa fe and I'm
just now starting to have this kind of problem. My timing belt has never been changed, we've yet to start tearing it down to see what's all needed in the repair, but really its been a hell of a vehicle

superco0l88: haha good video

Jose q: Where did you buy the heads from I have a Santa Fe 2.7 v6 and I can't find them that cheep

Joel Automotive In action: nice  Brian, I got a question here where I can not find the answer and I cannot figure out . some one did timing belt on 03 Hyundai sonata 2.4  and they left the balancer out time  also cam both one tooth retarded  and the crank shaft reluctor  installed backwards , the customer  was driving the vehicle  hard start, and misfiring during driving , i corrected the timing  and vehicle did not runned ok  so I remove the  spark plugs and found 2 of them  cyl 2 and 4 smash like the piston  hit them , so I replace all 4 vehicle ran good I took it for test drive about  7 miles on the way back starting misfiring  , when I got to the work place I remove all spark plugs and I found number one  complete smashed, that is weird  I checked on the auto parts for oem and no oem  plugs and compare them all of them have the same length in the treads , do you have any idea??  plugs I installed were oem all time 

51Stroker: $300 for a head?  I payed about $500 for my Golf, and that was Chinese, regular price $1100.

Shane Fleming: I have been told Hyundais before 2006 are notorious for problems.

s nav: junk the pain in the arse  garbage.

ejhoney1: hey brian i was wondering once you compress the lifters to get the oil out, when i put it back together will the engine reprime the lifters or do i have to soak them in oil

wilsonryder: ez way of not letting this happen to you is do the freaking timing belt the right time 

Serenidad y paciencia: Chain drive timing.... oldie but goodie....

briansmobile1: If you do it at home- be sure to compress your hydraulic lifters in a vice slowly and padded with a rag to empty them of oil. You'll thank me!

Medo Al-hamadani: It happened with me last year damnt, I had to buy a new engine

mewsbee: Ha...CARnage...I get it...

briansmobile1: I've had pretty good luck with Mitsubishi's myself.

Usernameinvalid16: I like my 2.3 Quad 4 with a Timing Chain lol

Albinus81: Yep - the $1K here is for a used one! :(

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2002 Hyundai Santa Fe timing belt failure from hell. 5 out of 5

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2002 Hyundai Santa Fe timing belt failure from hell.
2002 Hyundai Santa Fe timing belt failure from hell.
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