2002 Hyundai Santa Fe Timing Belt Failure From Hell.

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s nav: junk the pain in the arse garbage.

wilsonryder: ez way of not letting this happen to you is do the freaking timing belt the right time 

ejhoney1: hey brian i was wondering once you compress the lifters to get the oil out, when i put it back together will the engine reprime the lifters or do i have to soak them in oil

brianthelion: Last Hyundai I had with a popped belt I would just put a motor in when those cables hit the pistons it can do slight damage to the pistons / rods had 2 come back that I did head jobs on ended doing a motor anyway

briansmobile1: Right on. We checked the pistons- they were kissed, but they were Ok.

Oscar Mercedes: Lol beware H

bestmastermind951: 300 bucks for a reman. head is cheap! a honda head for an integra is 500 bucks!

agbz: This happened to me once and had to pay nearly $2400 for a shop to do it. It happened again and was told the engine needs a rebuild. They said one of the spark plugs was smashed completely. Would you consider fixing it at home or does it take a bit of expertise? Seems like you know a lot because you're doing it at home(?). Thanks.

hllywd964: Have you ever worked on a Santa Fe with the 3.5 liter motor?...I hear that changing the timing belt on that engine is a bear, dealing with the quad cam!

briansmobile1: @zaidusa I got it from the dealership with the VIN number

PUREAAMERICAN: Usually the balance shaft belt breaks the half of the U off of the crank sensor then the pieces throw, strip or break the timing belt. I am surprised that your crank sensor looks cosmetically undamaged.

LKV: Looking at the pistons this engine seems to be out of adjustment or worn. Also the plugs looks too dark on the center electrode? But nice video as always :-)

MrJadey1369: @briansmobile1 its taken some time to get this figured out but apparently the new aftermarket sensor i bought stopped getting signals which was probably why I could only get it to start and run 3 times before it threw the code again and stopped it from running. So I went and bought a part from Hyundai and its working perfectly. I also bought a new plate for the sensor since mine was bent. This plate was not stamped properly so it was also bent and would rub against the sensor so viewers beware!

briansmobile1: To be clear, that's for a used one.

briansmobile1: @zaidusa The plate has many names. Exciter ring, timing plate, signal plate, resonance plate.

briansmobile1: Way to stay ahead of the game Craig! You're the man!

patlumbard: hey brian, i have a 2009 santa fe is that a common issue with that model year?

1toThe0power: Good vid. Great presentation, especially for those who are not aware about how much is at stake if that belt is not replaced before it's too late.

bill ryan: i own 2001 santa pooper and twice the timing belt has failed both times taking the cps,lucky for me that was it

auxmike: No matter how pretty they make em these days Hyundai's are still Hyundai's and will never be a Toyota. My cheapo 2008 Yaris has a chain for crying out loud! Timing belts are just a moneymaker for the dealers.... Don't buy Korean cars folks, they are far below the Japanese makes.

briansmobile1: @crombieposterboy It's just the 02 and 03 4 cyl Santa Fe's. I feel like Dr. Hibert from the Simpson's cartoon. It's so sad you just have to laugh to cope. I did this for a customer- I am a professional. It was $2500. It would have been double that if I did it at the dealership.

sleeksilver: FYI, Hyundai and Kia combined had far less recalls than Toyota did in multiple years past. Don't listen to the bias folks, people like auxmike don't know what they are talking about. - I own three Japanese vehicles currently.

Serenidad y paciencia: Chain drive timing.... oldie but goodie....

briansmobile1: @cupcake1556 You're welcome. Thanks for watching/posting.

zerosoma33: Is the balance shaft belt the same as a cam balance belt? Just different terminology?

frankie2234: have a 2007 camry with 82,000 highway miles. Should i change out timing belt soon, and do you recommend any other type maintenance while they are in there????? Thanks

highdeserthater: dang.

MrJadey1369: i found your video while trying to find some info on these CPS. this is my second time replacing it. but after replacing the CPS and the balance shaft belt, and fixing the timing, i still does not run. it is still throwing the P0335 code being CPS circuit failure A. Should that angle sensor, (crank plate or w.e you wanna call it) be replaced as well it does not seem bent or damaged in any way. It also does not seem like the valves are bent.

chevelle396guy: The 2.7 V6 Santa Fe is a FAR better engine.

big guy: they were lucky the last one i tore down the valves were broke off and had flipped upside down and punched holes in the piston.

sleeksilver: Also, to further emphasize how wrong you are, and how opinions don't matter, please reference JD Power, TrueDelta, and Consumer Reports. All three are statistically sound sources of research and reliability studied and rate Hyundai and Kia just about on par with the Japanese makes. So, they aren't "far below" Japanese makes as you would like to believe. Honda is still the most reliable out of all manufacturers, that can't be argued. So, in summary: Facts and real data >>> Personal opinion

MrShitrope: surprised it didnt bend the con rods or dent the main bearings

Albinus81: Yep - the $1K here is for a used one! :(

briansmobile1: Yes.

Jonathan Cruz: i have the same vehicle and it lasted 110,000 miles. when i replaced it it was on the bare string inside the timing belt. boy am i lucky. :)

briansmobile1: @frankie2234 I'd do it at 90K miles if it has a belt. Some of the new ones that are four cylinders have a chain that doesn't need to be changed at all. You can tell by if the cover is metal or plastic. Plastic means a belt.

cupcake1556: Thank you

briansmobile1: In a way it's nice that the valves are as soft as they are.

zaidusa: @briansmobile1 where did you get the plate from ?? I tried to look it up online and found nothing. Is it a dealer item ??

Dnuccio95ZJ: @briansmobile1 very haha

Jayson McBride: Brian is a hottie!

Craig Van Tichelt: I have a 2002 Santa Fe and just got my timing belt and tune up done. I did tihs because of your video and the carnage that would happen if I didnt. LOL Thanks a ton for making it brother.

Dnuccio95ZJ: @cupcake1556 timing belt is NOT covered under 100k warranty. timing belt is considered scheduled maintiance and if it fails after 60k (which is reccomended when you change it) if you didnt replace it, its considered user error and is not covered.

briansmobile1: @alienc3 pass it on!

brizzlefizzle: I see the problem.....You drive a hyundai.

briansmobile1: @cupcake1556 I don't know. You'd have to ask Hyundai. This one was 8yrs old and had 72K miles on it and wasn't covered.

xgra720: 0:13 frowny face

Frederick Bock: Brian, 300 dollars for a complete 16 valve head is a good price, are the pistons ok? MANY years ago i had a 69 Z-28 Camaro with an LT-1 350, solid lifter cam, 2.02 intake heads, etc anyway one evening while thrashing a valve unlocked, hit the piston which in turn pushed the valve through the water jacket area of the head, i was just going to replace the heads but a friend told me to check the piston so when we did it did have a small crack which possibly could have broken later on

juiced71: Dude that sux! i would have drivin that baby off a cliff hahaaa

briansmobile1: @brianthelion ha ha! Love the user name too.

2002 Hyundai Santa Fe timing belt failure from hell. 4.8 out of 5

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2002 Hyundai Santa Fe timing belt failure from hell.
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