How To: Dual Boot Snow Leopard And Windows Vista/7 (Hackintosh)

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BreadFan Show: Do you like Vista? (I am one of Vista lovers!)

red mase: can i just use the drive i installed osx on n just use it to boot into osx, then fix terminal? by the way great vid dont matter how long ago u did it it still helps me thank you.

EF2000Typhoon7LWA: Im using a Z87 A asus motherboard.
i heard this could cause problems. can i do it the same way?

И Жирков: It is possible to have Windows 7, and install Snow Leopard without do format to hard drive? I'm using a unique-disk drive.

Jaomart: Hi! Can you explain how did you used TUXERA NTFS on your windows partition.
Disk Utility, even you choose MS-DOS (FAT) you get a Windows NT (NTFS) and when you boot from the DVD or CD Windows installer do not recognize the partition and cannot be installed as needed ... Thank you!

Dave Dumas: i dont want to use the Chameleon Bootloader to boot osx i  just want to boot  windows and linux its an awesome bootloader

Jay Syz: Hi, I know this video is super old but if you could help me with something that would be great. I followed all your instructions and it went smoothly until the end. When I tried to boot into the windows operating system it gave me an error saying "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might have caused the issue..." Do you know how to fix this? Thanks and great video.

chronix: I figured out the hard drive thing, the hard way.

Tien Pham: Thanks Bob for all your great videos.  I was able to dual boot OS and win 7 but is there a way to change the boot order so windows defaults first?

TAOBPLAY: Yes, its imovie pro! And wehre is the Problem?!

Kyle: I'm thinking of getting an external harddrive case for my 750 gb harddrive, is it easy to put mac os x on a external hard drive, I'm sure it is but I'm just double checking

BrickNuggets: it was a butt cheek

Jeremy Seaton: Well this also boot Linux? I'm finding that my flash drive won't boot Linux, but it will boot Mac and Windows just fine.

Mr. Darky: Help. I got a hackintosh 10.8.2 on my laptop....but the settings and connection and stuff are mostly not working....its a annoying job to get everything working. But now i wana switch back to my windows by installing windows but it doesnt work. Can i make my partition somehow back to normal so i can install windows on it again?

Trooper: Maybe it's much more easier in dual hard drive ?? Right ?? I really want to do this. I will get my other drive next day. to try this one.

Trooper: Well done. But I didn't understand. Hehe. I have windows 7 running in my system now. I want to add Mac os x. Please help men.. !!

mcb3305: I followed these steps to the T and when I rebooted to see if OS X would boot first it got a Windows error saying there was something missing. I had to restart and now I can't get into Windows.

Jett Hill Association: But how?

Hunter Jones: Yes you can.

Jett Hill Association: Can you dual boot with Windows installed first?

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How to: Dual Boot Snow Leopard and Windows Vista/7 (Hackintosh) 5 out of 5

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