Skyrim Easy Way To Unlock Vampire Lord Perks

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comrade 195: Wow, im subscriber 666

Furkan biber: Türk müsün lan sen :D

Solonduin: great guide dude thanks alot im powering through these vampire perks without having to kill town guards and in turn merchent npcs

I just stuck on novice and powerd through everything ignoring the loot

pz17: Does being a vamp lord have a short timer like with werewolf, or can you change back and forth as often as you want? I haven't started the DLC yet.

jakob hunt: stay in school kids

BlueViper300: how can he take so many hits? I thought the vampire lord was fragile

Leland Wellman: really i belief I can flay😑

The Agency: Kk

TTarOtaku: Fun glitch I just heard of but have yet to try myself: If you Revert Form, but use a power before you change back to human form, you retain the Drain Life spell in your right hand. Using it still works towards your perk progress, but it doesn't make people hostile towards you like being in VL form does.

noneedforpants2: "There is no cheaty way to do so"
Oh, so there isn't an easy way... So your title is wrong?

ommeh49: soldiers level up with you these dont. not faster these are basicly 2 hit kills

VanCanBC: he gives you like a potion that doesnt work ignore the quest its broken

Chambers_81: What happens if u use all the perk points can u get more or not

Braeden Schwetz: no just the vampire abilities

Deshaun Tyrese: nope

Deshaun Tyrese: no problem :)

StrawberryJuice Knight: Does the Vampire Lord perks also boosts the XP bar?

Deshaun Tyrese: OR... you could do the legion or stormcloak questline and when you got to liberate forts or have city battles, you get almost unlimited numbers of people, and you can kill your allies too, with no penalty. But when you do the battles for forts, kill only your allies since they respawn instanly, where as the enemies will run out and the battle will end.. Got all werewolf perks in 45 min. of doing 2 of those battles, and there's plenty more to go, so i'm doin vamp lord now on it.

Greek Dovahkiin: hi all tell me one if bring a dragon scale and a dragon bone to esbern what happen?????? im 75 lvl i kill a dragons all the time This request never ends

FlawlessEstilo: lol the kinect commands... i tried that and i sucked at it...

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Skyrim Easy Way to Unlock Vampire Lord Perks 5 out of 5

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