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Xeraser: 4:45- - 4:46
What's that scream ?

evan water: It's not Arch. It is based on Arch. It uses different repos. Different updates.

Unlike Antergos which is %100 Arch with just a different installer and sets of packages. Some people need to be more clear of that.No pun intended

evan water: If Manjaro used the same Arch repos. I'd give it a shot

gene mayne:  Hi  can you help I have no sound at all on Youtube or video ,yet when using it from dvd all worked ok  but now that I download it to hdd got nothing at all help..... tried reloading over and over , dvd all works there no problem with dvd 
its Like no flash player plug in working for sound video .Yet when I go to add ons I can play the welcome video  that shows how to do add on's that working so its lost me can you help I am new to Linux I have 1410 Help 
Well, the subject says it all really... I've just switched from Windows  (on which I had sound working fine) to Linux Ubuntu 1410 and all worked fine on dvd  However, now its on my hdd  when I try to watch a YouTube video for example, there'e no sound at all  or video:( I've looked at the Help Manual, but I can't seem to find anything that helps me... But then again I'm not the best with computers,  But yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated  

Rudi Roux: Running Manjaro on 3 machines. Love it.

Matt Ehler: I love your videos, but if I could make a slight criticism, it seems as if you talk about DEs almost as much as you talk about the actual distro.  When you can run a number of DEs on this, it'd be nice to hear more about discussion on the actual distro.

Loren Kuich: I keep installing new distros :P

John: You don't want to use deb packages on arch based distros. However, it is likely that the package you're looking for is maintained in pacman. If not, compiling from source is actually easier than it sounds, so don't be afraid to do that!

vibe3d: Does this support debian packages?

Sahne303: There is a community-edition with gnome, it's linked on the main manjaro website

Tome4kkkk: Is there a live media of manjaro with Gnome? Or Manjaro with Gnome for that matter?

Tome4kkkk: You do know about running linux from live media, e.g. live USB, right? Also you can install Linux on any drive, including external HDDs and pendrives. Clonezilla is another great tool. Just do a backup image of your current system and you're free to go haywire :) After you're finished you just restore the image. The images are small and backup/restore operations very fast.

Steven Smyth: I just downloaded it and installed into a VB machine, and it looks good, but I am building a new PC for the express purpose of running Linux, so, I have a lot of candidates (Ubuntu 13.04 being the front runner) but this is looking really good so far. It's hard for me to tell unless I run it on the hardware I am building if it will perform up to snuff.

androidRS: I love Linux, but I'm always freaking it up somehow so that it has to be reinstalled...

ringo de kroon: en august comes 0.87 :p review that :p

Luis Hernandez: Manjaro hands down. The best user friendly distro out there (IM0), its also really stable. Good driver support, and you can find all the help you need in their forum.

kingdaro: He just means an unmodified version of Arch.

Daviljoe193: Remember, run sudo pacman -Syyu two times to fix pacman.

Mark Gailmor: what is vanilla arch? Are you speaking of arch linux with the vanilla kernel?

Corey Ptaszek: Conky. That's a theme though, not the default look.

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