True Duals On A 300 Straight 6

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clubcardsfan2003 aka Royal T's number one fan: My pops has a 300 in his 83

Joseph Hass: how is it true duals if its an inline six🤔😂

austin sjoberg: what size of exhaust did you use

Sherlock Holmes: I6 indeed. That's a v8.

Dana Pope: Damn that sounds good I want my 86 to sound just like that

Adam Myers: I have 95 ford 300 straight 6 with true duals and cheery bombs but it don't sound like this what can i do

Rusty Shackleford: This doesn't sound like any 300 I've ever heard I almost don't believe it is one I think it's a 351

John Blanton: smart concept dude. enter and exit from the back of your cab. I have same truck. The rear door probally keeps you from getting hit up by panhandlers.

DiabloDrift: Why the hell did you jump in the bed then start the truck?

Richard Muller: i have true duals on my 93 it is the split manifold and each side is 3 cylinders. i stacked mine out with 3" stacks it sounds amazing

Slappy Fistwad: sounds ricey

james whitman: Glass packs are junk

Noah Rairdon: I have a 1994 4.9 with dual exhaust and glasspacks and no catalytic converters. It really does sound nice and it helps with power too because there's barely any resistance to flow. I'm not sure what kind of glasspacks they are. They were on there when I got the truck. I don't even know what color they are; too much rust.

Kauy Thompson: "Doesn't give me too many problems" truck barely starts

Logan Johnson: how is your manifolds set up? did you just take the y-pipe off or put headers on? and im guessing you took the cats off correct?

John Wilson: i have a 1993 ford f150 xlt and I'm gonna do this cause my pipes split from one pipe to two and I have the 4.9 300 straight 6 and I want it to sound this nice

Tim Harris: add a H-pipe or X pipe

Matt Wadsworth: @blake billings inline 6 actually has a split manifold comes out to 2 pipes

Blake Billings: Problem with "true duals" is that the inline 6 only has one manifold..

thudable: First truck I ever bought new. 89 F150 Custom 300-6,, 5 speed, bench seat, rear slider. I think that truck may have been the reason I scored the hot babe I've been married to for 25 years. Always wanted to open up the exhaust. But the systems Back then sounded like crap. Yours sounds pretty good. Thanks for posting.

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true duals on a 300 straight 6 5 out of 5

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