The Most Popular And Salable RC Helicopter: WLtoys V911 On

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teebagerballs: i love this!

theproudONE92: German/ Chinese accent lol

eructus: I have got to know what kind of accent that is

eructus: @yottanuclei lol it's both the best and worst accent i have ever heard

TheMrTape: #1:28 Crap trim..

Bronwin Draney: THAT demanded I buy a whole new board, just because of a bad servo. At 60 dollars plus shipping and taxes, you can buy at least two complete, V911s. Nuts to that. I got me one V911 and a main board that I installed on to my MSR. That board cost me just 10 dollars instead of 60 and it's a far superior product.

fairtony: nothing, theyre just cheap crappy switches. the sticks click down too.

Winklenut: I've had my WL V911 for about 4 months now and it is great indoor fun. It is very durable and can take a lot of knocks - believe me I've bounced it off everything in the living room!! I've also got a 6 channel Wasp CP Nano but it is so fragile and more difficult to control. My V911 is my favourite and I can't wait to fly it outside when the weather improves and the wind drops.

scheven architect: I assume your chinese is as good?

Bronwin Draney: What's even more hilarious is that you are a picklehead and you have 5 idiots that think you're cool. I have this machine and it is the BEST of its kind. PROPER servos, rock solid gyro on the tail and immediate and accurate response on the cyclic. It even has mixing arms on the head,,, which NO other small, FP heli has.

Bronwin Draney: In any case, I hope that WL Toys will come out with their version of the Nano CPX which will bind to the 9X transmitter.

AboYasseer: الخلاء بس

nilshasser: i am from germany and my english is so lala... but this sounds really creepy... japanese... who else

Kenfuru: and how many languages do you speak?? you are such an loser.....

Kenfuru: don't listen to those idiots who can't even speak one language properly!!!

cacius72: Lighten upp buddy. How many languages I speak is not the question here. This guy is claiming that this is the first outdoor rc helli which is BS. And his accent is hillarious. I am sure many of us out there agree that his accent sounds funny. So what is the problem? If you dont think its funny, FINE. I respect that. But dont be an a-hole when people share their opinion. And dont call me an idiot. because you dont know me.

ProperSkill: What does the trim buttons on the v911 do when press'd (in)? Not up down left or right to adjust trim,,,but press them in. What does that do?

Brandon Weber: i got this for christmas but i need some practice

Bronwin Draney: I had Blade MSR that was excellent indoors. It had mixing that allowed you to have complete control using cyclic inputs only. I learned a lot from that machine. But eventually, those linear servos started acting up and finally one of them seized up. The linear pot on the board wore out from wiping against the grit you always pick up from this type of servo.

cryptnotic: You English, So Good.

cacius72: First outdoor rc heli in the world? where does this guy get his new from? And what kinda freaky accent is that? "FAUSTE RISPANS and STAIBEL WAINDE RESISTAINS? ROFL.... This crap is hillarious :)

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The Most Popular and Salable RC Helicopter: WLtoys V911 on 3.9 out of 5

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The Most Popular and Salable RC Helicopter: WLtoys V911 on
The Most Popular and Salable RC Helicopter: WLtoys V911 on
V911 Single Blade 4CH 2.4G RC Helicopter
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