VLOG: My New Body! (before And After Tummy Tuck And Breast Lift)

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Charli Jones: your amazing girl good for you mines will be January 19 2016!!!

Raquel Hernandez: u seem so cool!

RogernMizTee Sabiston: Thank you u so much for sharing!!

el1061: wow this channel is crap !LOL who freakin cares

Abu Khan Khan123: nice ass

sebastian powell: more weight too loose , you can say that again air head, what a ditzy bimbo you are , best you lie down again for another month you lazy trout

sebastian powell: don,t get fat in the first place bitch

janet Royal: Hi, I have a question I'm hoping you can shed light on....I have about 60 pounds that I want to lose but I want to get my tummy tuck and breast reduction done now. As long as I work out continuously, do you think my stomach will stay tight?

colleen JAY: I used to watch u when I was trying lots of different make up (I can't wear eye make up) :( . anyhow I was looking up tummy tuck recovery and found you again. thanks for posting!

Juan lara leon: cuanto pesas en este video?

Noutchaly Cavender: You are so brave and sincere thank you for sharing , I am too trying to loose some weight ,love this video

William Hermida: Was it pain ful

Sacrificial Stylististic: You're beautiful! God Bless you pretty woman of God . :-)

Jessica Asbury: I am having a consultation for a tummy tuck on August 10th. I am so nervous and I don't know if this a good thing but looking at a bunch of youtube videos. I am just wondering if you would do it again and if you would recommend it?  And is the pain manageable?  I have 2 children so I was wondering if I should have a lot of help?  I am also wondering how you are looking after tummy tuck and loosing weight.

siva418: Thanks for sharing your after photos.  You and I are shaped almost the same way and I'm scheduled to have my tummy tuck and arm lift done in November after losing 115 lbs.  It's nice to see what I will (probably) look like when I'm done!  Congrats on your weight loss and I hope you are still doing well!

Oh...any advice for pain management or to just make life easier in general after surgery?

Oscar Adam: How much $$ ? Plz !!

angie tomblin: I have lost 160 pounds and I exercise everyday. I was really hoping, that I would be able to avoid plastic surgery. I am considering a tummy tuck, because the loose skin is bothering me and I get rashes. I am happy with my weight loss, but I hate the loose skin. For me, it is not about looks, it is about being healthy and being comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for making this video, it put my mind at ease, about having the tummy tuck done. I have a consultation August 19th. They believe my medical insurance, will pay for this procedure, because of the rashes and sores. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed!

vanessa quintana (makeupbyvanessaquintana): UPDATE US ON TUMMY TUCK PLZ

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VLOG: My new body! (before and after tummy tuck and breast lift) 5 out of 5

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VLOG: Reviews Fragen/Antworten und Änderungen

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