VLOG: My New Body! (before And After Tummy Tuck And Breast Lift)

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glamstar3281: This is probably a looking shot because I know you're busy but I really would like you to contact me whenever you can... I'm considering the breast lift surgery and would like to talk to you about it. I have a consultation next Tuesday 

lovinallthingsmac: I'd just like to say I've been watching your videos for years and so I've seen your transformation from an originally beautiful person to a beautiful happier person and I just wanted to say good on you and I hope you continue to be happy you seem like such a genuinely nice person and so totally deserve all the new found happiness that comes your way!

Cosmic Carrie: by the way you have a lovely smile and laugh

Cosmic Carrie: one doctor told me to lose more weight before my reduction/lift the other one said he could do it at my current weight.

Jay Richest: You seem like such a nice cheerful positive person.  All the best to you.  Great Vid

Aaryana Zuniga: You look great. 

fenex allen: *I tried the  best program on the internet for the Breast  enlargement 
 I personally Used this program for last 2 week and I got great results that’s why I am 
recommending this website to all you girls*

Sathya S. Vega: Thank you for share your journey... <3
You look wonderful,  your spirit is shining more and more with your attitude in life.

amira hassan: Happy for u keep going 

Sharon Brewer: I'm glad to see I am one and one day post op

Ruby Waterbridge: I don't think you needed it, caaaaauuuse......"everyone of you are perfect, from the bottom to the top" CD No offence

Quanesha Brown: Www.gofundme.com/rkyvrc please help me find a way 

shortylove53: Too much bla bla bla going on woman get straight to the point!!!

Crystal Martinez: If u do an tummy tuck and lose more weight. How does that effect your tummy tuck? 

yvonneost12: You are a very pretty girl it's ok im not weird im 57 and never looked as nice as you but hey who cares , glad your happy with your surgery.

Katelyn Kajewski: Omg you have the best shape

Craig Bolin: Probably should have lost more weight before getting a stomach tuck. It looks like you have a lot more weight that could be lost to get in to a healthy weight class. You are very pretty for a thick woman though.

pedro luna: Megustan tus ojos son mui lindos 

pedro luna: Mamasita estas bien chula mamia

pedro luna: Estas bien mamasita 

VLOG: My new body! (before and after tummy tuck and breast lift) 5 out of 5

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VLOG: Reviews Fragen/Antworten und Änderungen

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