VLOG: My New Body! (before And After Tummy Tuck And Breast Lift)

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onepinkrose x: Just gotta say... YOU ARE absolutely stunning... Please please don't lose too much weight. The shape and 'Look' that you have now is utterly divine, you really are beautiful... Good luck with everything.´╗┐

Birgit Bauhaus: I never had problems with my body and too much weight a.s.o., because of my healthy food and a lot of moving and work, so.... I stay slim my whole life! But congratulations to you, you look really pretty now and you are on a very good way to reach what you want to! Your tummy looks very well, good surgery (I was long years working at a Hospital and did assist to Operations like yours) and I think, this was the best (and the only possible) way to make you feel better and happy! All to best to you! Go further! Good health and normal weight with healthy food will spend a lucky life to you! ­čĺ× ´╗┐

d davi: I am a mature woman and I appreciate your detailed teaching, after 30 yrs raising kids I needed a chance to get caught up and find what works for me now. I have been using your videos. Most do the same pale no makeup look for older women, and older ladies like color. Thank you. Daisy.´╗┐

rayallen226: Why didnt u just work out??´╗┐

Michelle Lyman: good for you!! you are awesome:-)´╗┐

4lifetamina: *I agree you **+Huawe011** One of its greatest points is that it is completely* *powerful w/o applying laser devices, medicines or something different* *which is possibly dangerous. The only technique this system applies* *a workout w/c confirmed to get rid of cellulite naturally just tat quick. I* *tried it myself and it was great.*´╗┐

Andreia Inacio: I love you! :) i really do!! i'm really proud of the way you adress subjects like this one :) as for the strech marks i have them too, lol.. i heard that self-tanning can help. they won't get tanned in the sun though, only if you use self tan´╗┐

Kristi: I never would have known you were plump underneath that gorgeous face. I don't let the outside world pressure me in going under the knife. I'm just me big or small saggy boobs small boobs large belly whatever. Thats just me. ´╗┐

Val Bartolini: YOU LOOK AWESOME BOO!!! You deserve it! And you don't have to be nervous about showing ur tummy cuz ur gorgeous. ...but I do give u serious props for having the balls to show in front of so many!!!! I just admire u so much! OMG IM SUCH a dork....I love sundays cuz I have a day off and I can sit and watch ur videos!!! I know this video is an old one and I'm sure you'll never see this but I had to comment anyway! !!! ´╗┐

Lady Roe: Thank you for sharing your story...´╗┐

Tebid Awe: How much did it cost to get the surgery?´╗┐

lflipsss: So cute! Enviable figure.´╗┐

JaneDoe: Franks coffee scrub gets rid of stretch marks and scars so fast!! I totally recommend getting some if the stretch marks bother you. Amazing job losing all of that weight!!!´╗┐

Tin_ Sta: I am on 30mg of predisone and I want to get this surgery. Do you know if it will work for me ?´╗┐

ciriusn: If you are Happy, who am I to judge your decision, but me personally I prefer the good/hard workout method, because only that way your body slims down evenly and in a healthy way. And in the end if you end up with some persistent fat, maybe a lipo. But like I said, if you are happy, that's what matters!! ´╗┐

Isabella Diaz: How did you go about losing the weight? I had another csection 12 months ago and have 40 lbs to lose. Please if any tips I would love it! Thabk you ao much and you look amaze.´╗┐

Mariana Douglin: Why she did not exercise? someone asked? a tummy tuck is to eliminate excess skin, that cannot be worked with exercises, so dumb!´╗┐

notocha coe: You look wonderful and you are very pretty. This vlog was a while ago, so now I'm sure you feel better and are even prettier! The best of luck!´╗┐

Mermaid Al N: "If you're not healthy, You're not happy". So true. Love it.´╗┐

mommaduks67: You look great. ´╗┐

JRLM: Fighting gravity..... Nice results... My wife wants this.. I told her I like her the way she is... But seeing how happy you look.. I might just give her what she wants. ´╗┐

david oxford: ­č坭蜏 You are so beautiful. ´╗┐

Luise Mc: Check out this amazing WOMEN'S WORKOUT WAIST CINCHER- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DDWM4K6/ref=as_li_ss_sm_fb_us_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=399837&creativeASIN=B00DDWM4K6&linkCode=shr&tag=wwwneikobrown-20&linkId=QH5FLKQCROE5ACGW ´╗┐

TotalliTerri: Are u on Facebook? Do u recommend having tummy tuck and breast lift at the same time? ´╗┐

Ce Cat: This is the only time i think you should go for a tummy tuck, you did great!´╗┐

Stephanie Mclean: Seeing some comments on this video annoys me so much! She has lost an amazing amount and surgery isn't the easy option. No matter how much exercise you do some peoples skin won't return to " normal ". I have lost over 100lbs and workout 6 days a week and I'm currently looking into skin removal/breast surgery. I don't think that makes me a cheat. Being confident and happy in your own body is important to many people and no one should judge someone for having surgery. ´╗┐

Debbie Mason: You look BEAUTIFUL! I want to do surgery first then have the excess skin tucked n cut, but I m sooooooooo scarrrrrrred. IDK!!! ANYWAY. ....YOU LOOK GREAT! ´╗┐

Debra Mozqueda: Hi! This is actually my first time watching your videos and I am interested in getting a tummy tuck. I have been thinking about it since 2 1/2 years ago but a lil scared of how the process will be since my kids are still young. I have been bugging my husband for a tummy tuck. I had 2 c sections, lost weight but I still have that pooch and extra skin I do not need. Finally my hubby is telling me I can get it but I am just worried of pain wise and the process´╗┐

Christine Jones: That's so awesome and I'm proud of you girl for losing all the weight keep up the Great work out and make up videos for us peeps. I had a breast and tummy tuck to and love I say love my results! After 8yrs my 34D & tummy is still tight. My 2 other sisters have gotten it done as well. Awesome blossoms to you and your achievements!´╗┐

mrswhitelily2000: thank you so much for sharing your story is very helpful´╗┐

Ashley Kirkland: This commercial made me so sad ´╗┐

Brittany Laughlin: You look beautiful!´╗┐

Isabella Diaz: Yo look so pretty :) congrats!´╗┐

Solange Okunami: Beautiful !´╗┐

Grace Diorio: you look great. god bless´╗┐

Sammi Smith: You are such a sweet person and so inspirational x´╗┐

MS CANDY: OMG I fell in love with you. You seem so sweet and spontaneous ´╗┐

Ady Santana: Amazing! You are beautiful! God bless you! ´╗┐

Stacy Dawn: You look just as beautiful as you always do, but happier which is great!´╗┐

Kennedy Hopkins: You go, girl! You look amazing:)´╗┐

Kelly Lloyd: are you going to get your thighs done too to balance everything out?´╗┐

douglasinsf: you're adorable, I love you .....´╗┐

rockyourheartandsoul: I'm proud of you :) I'm needing to lose weight so hopefully I can get that going. A family friend lost tons of weight and I know she'd b more happy with a tummy tuck but who knows. You look awesome & I know this was from forever ago but congrats I know its really hard work!´╗┐

Samantha Retzer: SO Awesome! I am with Plexus and I'm losing weight already BUT I KNOW I will need a tummy tuck. This is inspiring! please follow me as i post about my weight loss journey.´╗┐

Nini Simone: How much did all this cost ´╗┐

I Am Kimber: I think you are beautiful inside and out´╗┐

Face Up Cosmetics & Brow Bar: You ROCK! I'm so glad you feel good about yourself now! Be the BEST you can be, whatever it takes (drugs and alcohol don't count)... I love your vlog. Stay happy! ´╗┐

Vickrockya: Wow she looks gorgeous!!!!´╗┐

Carolyn Hare: Thanks for sharing your experience. Love your voice and attitude. :)´╗┐

Mariana Douglin: Haters are haters, no matter what, after all people who place videos in here must expect comments, unfortunately not always good, but no one is a golden coin.´╗┐

VLOG: My new body! (before and after tummy tuck and breast lift) 4.8 out of 5

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