Xecuter CR3 Lite XBOX360 Slim Trinity Install Guide By Gc Repairs Com

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Almir Torres: I'm a noob on RGH. Why does Xecuter CR3 Lite say its for the corona if this is a video for the Trinity? Can the same corona cr3 lite still work with trinitys? Help?!

Max Admin: i bought xbox360 RGH(trinity) for my brother.. he build retail NAND to xbox with xeBuild.. as he says it was successfully flashed without any error and xbox asked for reboot . after when he trying to turn on its shows red dot.. have green light for may be 7-8 seconds . and also no boot xell, no display at all ... i have CPU+DVD key and backup of last nand from (Simple 360 NAND Flasher) How to write new nand or how to flash old nand on to xbox 

ShaZam1408: so basically you need 500 dollars to mod the xbox yourself? xD seems better to let someone mod it for you for like 30 dollars or something.

lullzful: what does doing this accomplish?

antonio do Lago: Can i do it with the latest dash?

antreascurren: is this website ship overseas

cachonero100: How do I program the cr3 lite with jr programr v2

Se7ensinsNicasus: Please help. I soldered all thje wires properly, but J runner just says Cannot detect Xbox 360. Do I need it powered on? I have it connected into a socket, but it wont boot for some reason. Cheers

hgvm: Hi First of all, thank you very much for the videos, your tutorials on RGH are the best I have seen! I just have one doubt in the last two steps. Do you just type the cpu key and then create the image, past the updflash to an usb,then conect it to the 360 and flash freeboot image without conecting the nand x to the pc? From what I understood only if I want to write nand from J Runner I have to conect the nand x to the pc right? And if I do so, do I put the CR3 in program or normal? Thanks

He Ve: Thank you very very much, you are really the best and your videos are the most detailed I have watched for doing Rgh. Please just one last doubt I have, If I just want to go back to stock after getting my cpu key and my original nand has dash 13599, when I create a retail image, will it matter if I select 16202 dash or should it be the same dash as my original nand. Thanks again and sorry for making so many questions.

Dez Litten: amarillo texas.

GameConsoleRepairs: @axbox youxbox Lol No Johnny here. however I have seen Johnny videos. we are GC-REPAIRS (GAME CONSOLE REPAIRS). Yes we are in the process of compiling many new videos. Yes will upload soon. Thank you

shogoz123: (concerning the r3b15 part) I was told by a channel operator in the Xecuter channel that you don't need to solder anything onto it if you have a Trinity. This means you can totally skip the part where you need to solder the orange wire on the B pad (on the CR3) and run it to r3b15. This can be skipped by making sure the Lk1 part on the CR3 is open. I haven't tried it yet though, can anyone confirm if this can be skipped? If not, I'll let you know by Friday

Mudware Puntarenas: can be unlocked all xbox consoles?

GameConsoleRepairs: @duane cann Hi mate. it depends whether or not it needs DGX and whether you have new Corona versions. The cost can be anywhere from $175.00-$225.00. We are on the SOUTHSIDE. let us know

landon andy: Thank you so so much !! this video is really awesome !! nothing to say about it, it's perfect !! It will be so usefull for me. Hope to see another one on the Corona V4 wich is the most hard model to glitch !! thank you in advance !

GameConsoleRepairs: @Jay Allday Thank you for watching Please support us by 'Liking' our facebook page.

GameConsoleRepairs: There are quite a few differences. Please wait we are in the process of compiling Xecuter CR3 Lite - RGH - Corona v1 (16MB) Xecuter CR3 Lite - RGH - Corona v2 (4GB)

GameConsoleRepairs: @He Ve it only matter when you create and write image For Dashboard Version (Trinity Model) = 2.0.14719 or below => RGH 1 Thank you for watching :-)

Def Head: The best tutorial i've seen on YouTube

Jay Allday: Subbed,because this is definitely what you call detailed...Not like some of the stuff I see on youtube,thanks a lot for the video...

GameConsoleRepairs: yes sure. whereabouts are you located ?

GameConsoleRepairs: @Durvank Argekar Thank you for watching. Please support us by 'Liking' our Facebook page.

axbox youxbox: Hey Johnny; Are you doing any videos for the CRv3 Pro Ultimate Kit, Demon, Demon Corona QSB(love you videos)? Thanks.

Antreas Tsiartas: New toturial for Trinity DGX?

He Ve: Hi Thanks for such great and detailed videos. Could you please tell me if it matters the xebuilds options I have like retail or glitch and rgh or rgh2 when I create and write ecc, or will it only matter when I create and write image. And please could you tell me if for trinity is RGH or RGH2 because here you put RGH but on Johny´s videos he puts RGH 2 for trinity, so I am a little confused. Thank you vey much for the help and keep up the good videos.

GameConsoleRepairs: @SULAMAN SHERIFF Customisation. You are unlocking the true potential of your console. Simply Google 'Reset Glitch Modification'.

EPIC Console: i need to ask,, I buy a lot of stuf from the website,, but am having a lot boot time on my trinity I Used your Method that I saw on the video but there no improvement on my console with the boot speed, what can I do to improve the boot time.. I have a Trinity Console

GameConsoleRepairs: ahh ok. No Sorry we are based in Australia, Brisbane. Your best option would be to find a local installer over there.

duane cann: how much does it cost from mt isa QLD

axbox youxbox: Sorry about that. Thank you for the info. I do love your videos, they are very detailed and organized. Looking forward to your CR3 Pro videos.

He Ve: Thank you very much.

GameConsoleRepairs: Thank you Yes, right Yes you connect NAND-x to PC and write image. CR3 is not used however when you want to use CR3 you can put it in Program mode

SULAMAN SHERIFF: Wat is the objective of this

ABRAHAM RANE: why don't you show us the part where you try it on the tv?

Marcos Silva: Upload the programs required to make RGH in mediafire please ! Or any link available ! Thanks !

Durvank Argekar: Very nice video..

darren Glancy: Is this still easiest way to rgh..i hear there is new way with just coolrunner?

Marcos Silva: Excellent !

GameConsoleRepairs: @scouseladd Thank you for watching Yes we have tried to provide as much as information we can. Thank you again

walk312: Can I use this tutorial to RGH corona (250gb)? Also, am I correct that all I need to perform rgh is cr3 lite and j-r programmer (or nand-x is a MUST?)? Thank you!

GameConsoleRepairs: Hello Marcos Silva There is only 1 Software needed, its called as 'J-Runner'. Simply google 'J-Runner' and download from the first link. All the hardware can be purchased from our website and here is the info 5. Team-Xecuter Tools, NAND-X, CR3 Lite, XBOX360(SLIM) Opening Tools & Soldering items Purchase links from GC-REPAIRS (07:06)

Dez Litten: want to install this for me? :P

hgvm: Hi Thank you very much for your anwser.

scousetomo: your vids are the best on you tube im just going to be doing a rgh 2 on a jasper console but you are the only person who explains how to do the jumper settings ect you have made me a lot more content knowing i will succeed ive done a few jtags in the past i will subscribe

TheProgrammerTom: Wow very imformative video, thank you very much. I will be making modifications on a very similiar trinity as to yours soon. I will follow this guide step by step and tweak at the end as needed, hope all goes well, again thank you.

GameConsoleRepairs: @Antreas Tsiartas Yes hopefully we'll be making it soon

GameConsoleRepairs: @He Ve You can select 16202 or any latest dash also.

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Xecuter CR3 Lite   XBOX360 Slim Trinity Install Guide by gc repairs com
Xecuter CR3 Lite XBOX360 Slim Trinity Install Guide by gc repairs com
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