Ignite Black Ops 1911 Shooting Test

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warmsoggyfire: I have one, it works real nice when oiled, and the cool little "saftey" back on it i say you press harder if your slide keeps getting stuck half way letting out CO2, and DONT press and hold the button behind the mag.

swordandgunandsteel: adwdaas

bobcatbuddy5: If u shot it point blank in may hav went through u were pretty far away I want 1 but Iv been in airsoft for 5 year do u think it would be good for me ?

MrMarcusLangseth: freakk... is it really that bad?

Richard Garcia: The gun sounds really good.

Will Aub: 4 mags for 1 CO2 can?! mine used 1 can per mag

oBlair65o: I only get like 2 mags with one co2 is that bad?

CyxEmg: the first two are your fault. don't every let the follower jump up from the bottom of the mag, the third one may have just been a defective air nozzle that previously had cracks in it. but Hey, keep it up and you may eventually get a good one, if you get too frustrated just pay $30 more and buy a elite force 1911.

CyxEmg: The stupidity of this comment means it will be removed. such things are not funny. thanks.

CyxEmg: since you can return it to your local walmart for a full refund, I would definitely suggest you at least try one out and see how good that particular one you happened to purchased is, they vary in quality depending on your luck. if you don't feel lucky and just want something nice and dependable, pay $30 more and just get a elite force 1911

Spoiled Napkin: I Shad how crappy the gun is I just use it for robbing

Spoiled Napkin: i feel like roundhouse kicking you in the face

CyxEmg: That's just the way my camera picked up the audio, they should all be the same volume-wise.

CyxEmg: ......what?.......what....I don't........what exactly did I "see" on the internet that I supposedly believed in? your lack of coherency is staggering. I literally staggered after reading that comment. I was even sitting down....I....just....what?

Cole Slaw: Sounded like some club music for a minuite while you were shooting

Wei Jin: I think you can use most of parts from Marui Hi capa 5.1 or WE 1911

Spoiled Napkin: im a black belt and i was just playing nuff said

CyxEmg: I'm hoping that this is a sign that they've improved quality control on their second production run.

JOHN JAKE: i can get one from walmart for 76$ plus the 10 for co2 then 15 for the bbs

Frostbite B: my 1911 (the same as this one) is super loud how do i make it sound like it does in this video

Kronicilln3ss: Oh btw ur completely holding this all wrong if u want especially on a hard trigger pull&ive done this test myself this is why cops use a pistol with2hands even a bb gun w/0recoil blowback is inaccurate if held wrong 1hand this will always be the result unless u have hair trigger&even then but u pull with non shooting hand&push with trigger hand squeeze to center aim shoot ull notice massive difference in accuracy this is just spray&pray mode

SuperGhost9090: would u recomend this for a good sidearm pistol? and about how muich fps does it hav?

CyxEmg: they do have some issues, maybe geological? some worse quality guns get shipped to your local walmart? P.S thank god for the walmart return policy

CyxEmg: You can find mock suppressors online at AirsoftGI, but at the same time, I very much doubt that this gun can thread a silencer due to the crappy plastic threading, I've tried in the table top review, and it doesn't work so good. And lastly, mock suppressors will probably not do a thing to muffle the sound of this gun, Co2 and GBBs will always be really loud.

CyxEmg: The question is: have you? Outside of games, obviously. I, for one, have not, mostly due to the fact that they're illegal for civilians to own and pretty rare in the US.

CyxEmg: Annoying comment.

CyxEmg: kicks nicely, the co2 is easy to install, 20 round mag, and i missed the box about twice in that 80 round dump.

CyxEmg: not necessarily, but it does seem like that it may be leaky

CyxEmg: Sounds like a issue alot of 1911s have. The only thing that I can tell you is to use a lot of lubricant and make sure the action is smooth, other than that, check the springs and such that help cycle the piston.

CyxEmg: No, there are no rails for you to attach anything to. Sorry.

Stephen Harvell: Externals=great, blow black=great, clip=great, internals=SUCKS

airsoftrsvids: I did but i have had it for over a month

CyxEmg: The recoil is about that strong.

Shane Mulcahy: LOL dubstep

halopcdraco: I bought this today. It is loud. where do i find a silencer for it? all the silencers i found for a 1911, the threading was on the outside of the silencer.

ReMiix Dubstep: Where did you get it and how much did it cost?

CyxEmg: it's not that great. you're better off just swinging a machete.

Josh Creel: yeah you should be getting like four

zombiemurder95: i just bought this gun and the co2 just leaks completely...is it fixable? if so please tell me how to fix it

Greatshard: Mine broke after two shots :'(

CyxEmg: it comes with one mag, Co2 is purchased separately, but it's pretty cheap.

CyxEmg: This is just going in circles, I think we're done.

Melissa White: Have you had any problems with this gun ?

Kyle Mallon: You're probably not tightening it enough, it sounds like its leaking.

CyxEmg: As far as a one hand grip goes, this is as good as it gets, high tang and hard grip. I would two hand it, but I AM holding a camera, and no, I don't have three hands. Also, I'm pretty sure the pull/push idea is a weaver stance, which, while there is great amount of debate, is less stable that isosceles stance.

austin harper: got 3 of these for my team. the air nozzle broke out of every single one before we could get a full mag through. i think we got 4 rounds down range at most before the nozzle snapped. same with the second, and third.

xXDomeXxYungXx: LMAO u dont have to get it from the factory i picked mine up from walmart for 76 bucks its hella of gun shoots amazing and has good accuracy

6Human6Animal6: Obviously your just a kid. But I hope you try to rob me with that thing, Id put you down really quick. I hope you dont live in a castle doctrine state like I do.

alex roseborough: can you change sights to tactical or a red dot just anything but that iron sight???

Skippie210: Walmart also has an ignite blackops m4 with a 14" barrel and a collapseable stock its great i just bought it and it works well you should try it out.

Hair Do: Thanks for the tip. I do know it's hard to earn money. But it is much better than working minimum wage at mcdonolds. Being an hair stylist does get tips and I end up making decent money. Plus it allows me to be creative sometimes and make customer's dream come to reality.
Ignite Black Ops 1911 shooting test 4.3 out of 5

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