How To Adjust The Idle On A 50cc Scooter

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Horker Fan: also as it differs from moped to moped - after adjusting, crank the throttle and wait- sometimes they " stick:. I didn't see any difference when turning to the right then I tapped the throttle and it was like a goddamned rodeo looking for the kill switch lol

burning fortress: this is one of the worst how to videos I have ever seen...but thank you

jay hood: I use speedway 87 gas burns real slow cuz i use same in my car better gas miles out speedway 87 if in past scooter I've had use 93 gas had a lot problems use 87 gas runs great 93 gas maid my engine really rich not good

jay hood: I got 49 cc egel Toto 2013 model I had same problem i justed the idl more speed it use stol out after about a minute i truned up at first back weel would move so what did turn down till week stop spinning running great but some times I still got iddle it can u reply make little better thanks i scribed to ur channel bud u really break it down so i can get better idea help please

Robert Bell: What if the back weel spinds to fast at a high idle setting is that ok

Trojanmajan Majan: i have a forza max (chinese cheap model) anyone knows if there are tutorials on the internet or official website or anything pls tell me. by the way i liked your video. :)

Mark Ukrainetz: where is your lighting?

Brandon Arens: Thanks so much for this video, I was able to fix my scooter from dying at stop lights!

Brenden Spennati: hey i have a wildfire wf150-T i had it kick started yesterday cuz i dont have a battery.  and i put a new ignition coil in it an it fired up but died like legit like 15 seconds after it was running what could be wrong with it please anyone comment an help me out

ChiquitaSpeaks: Is the idle adjustment adjusting fuel or air intake?

Nate Sand: The problem is not with your idle, its with your idle circuit and your low speed mixture screw. Your scooter will not die if you have the carburetor adjusted to the proper mixture and its properly cleaned. The higher RPM's and the surging is your auto choke compensating for the improper mixture. When adjusted properly, your scooter will still run idling close to nothing. I have a video on cleaning out these carbs and also adjusting the idle/mixture screws. 2200 RPM's is way to high for a base idle.

Dino Delarentis: Thanks for your video.. don't listen to some of these douches.

LAIDBACKMANNER: Thanks for making this. Very informative. Jam on!

Bridger K: Gotta open up the door before I die hahaha

darknartosdragon: Dont adjust your idle unless the scoot is warmed up

Paul TheSkeptic: I've heard that exact scooter called a racing scooter. I wonder if people actually race 50cc scooters. Sounds like fun actually. Thanks for the video. It was very informative.

Frank Dangler: Lmao it's the "race style moped" lol that's like saying I have a ford style Chevy

Toby Rose: lol

Doug Cardinale: you are a terrible instructor. You are mumbling, shaking the camera, unprepared and sloppy. Don't quit your day job!

New Scooters 4 Less: We generally recommend filling up with premium 93 octane fuel and be care of some gas stations, we have seen some that their contain high levels of water which can damage your scooter. If you can find ethanol free gasoline in your area, it's the best!

How to adjust the idle on a 50cc scooter 5 out of 5

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How to adjust the idle on a 50cc scooter
How to adjust the idle on a 50cc scooter
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