Sandisk Cruzer 32gig Keychain Mount

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El verdadero Evangelio de Jesucristo: hi there what is the name of the thing you used on minute 2:00? can I get that on ebay......ta!

Kyle Agronick: you didnt attach a keychain. you attached a string. that you clipped into something else that attached to the keychain. no ones saying its improssible to attach a string. its impossible to attach a keychain of any size and its a really stupid design.

2cool0: where did you get that clock in the background?

Movie Gourmet: Enfain Hand Wrist Strap Lanyard for USB Flash Drive, 10 Pack (10 Colors)

danielboone72: No crap!  I wouldn't think HE would have a solution. I hope Sandisk is watching this!

Richard Reich: These idiots have needlessly created a problem for (at least some of) their customers. I now have one flash drive manufacturer on my NEVER BUY AGAIN list -- Sandisk.

Ed Cubillan: Look for cell phone strap, lanyard, etc.  There are various types that will fit on a USB flash drive.

Linda McDonald: I am very happy to find this video! I will be placing a lanyard on mine. Great idea!
Thanks so much 

A Light: Going to use it to mod a Hot Wheels car

Gary Quiring: Never took it apart. Why would you want to?

A Light: Any clue how tough it is it take the thing apart?

Ahmed Betancourt: This looks like the only solution. Where can I find this string? Regards

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Sandisk Cruzer 32gig keychain mount 5 out of 5

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Sandisk Cruzer 32gig keychain mount
Sandisk Cruzer 32gig keychain mount
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