AirServer For Windows (V.0.9)

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Jack Ellis: what screen recording software did you use?:)

sparktman: My mirroring doesn't show up , do you know how to fix?

SlicerMentor: Your mouth were closed when u was talking xD

Sal Vang: it doesnt show on my ipod theres now screen that shows up

An1oni0 ATS: does it work ipod touch 5th generation

EVSC ICATS: Just to remind everyone... we are not associated with the AirServerApp folks. We just made the tutorial for the teachers in our school district. I posted a link you can click in the video to view tips on use´╗┐ and technical support from the AirServerApp team.

MrButterPig19: it's not appearing for me

David Hernández: I ask for he. NO!!!!!

ZigzypuffGamer: i have the button but I but I don't have the turn on mirroring tab, so what do I do?

Tzvi Filler: Can we share the license please?

wahabi alkandari: I download the free airserver but the say put you palpal email but I downloaded the free

wahabi alkandari: Hi,

MLG ProVisionS: Your face is off sync

Keisama: well, ITS VERY SLOW!!! i mean, when i slide, it just slide slowly, then, when i enter a game, IT CRASHES! WHY

redletter: what headphone are u using?

BlooCandy: it dose not work

Ploopy: When i try to run airserver it say i need at least windows vista server pack 2 but i have server pack 3? WHAT THE HECK how do u tell if you have windows vista?

Ivan Escalante: Hi, my device is an iPad 2, my Windows is version 7, my iOS version is 6.1.3, and the version of AirServer is Why I can''t see here at my PC?

Renz Melchor: After closing the settings, the screen wont show up on my pc?

SherazM: HI. is there any best program for my pcc to record without voice but when i play song it should be song voice if i talk it wont take the talk there pls respond soon i want a good program to record without voice but with songs

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AirServer for Windows (V.0.9) 5 out of 5

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AirServer for Windows (V.0.9)
AirServer for Windows (V.0.9)
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