Trying To Install Windows 7 X64 In UEFI Mode On ASUS K53SJ... (1080p)

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VGBroskies: Hi, If anyone can answer my question please reply I have a asus laptop, is there anyway i can install an nvidia geforce graphics card in it by bringing it in somewhere or doing it at home please reply

bonkerzmhann: Dont use UEFI unless your HD is over 2TB in size, and I can see your HD is only 500GB, otherwise UEFI with Win 7 its redundant, just switch BIOS from UEFI to disabled and boot to installation media normally

Kamil Busniak: I cant read what he has wrote there, can somebody help me?

Vladimir Vinnikov: i have same problem on gigabyte motherboard +(. Only win 8. i have installed, throuth uefi boot

Emil Khisamov: have managed to get it resolved? i'm having same issue

Donatas Duda: Insert the installation DVD or USB flash drive, and boot the computer. When the firmware starts to initialize, press the key that opens the UEFI firmware boot device menu, such as Esc. Select an EFI drive, examples: EFI DVD/CD Drive, EFI USB Drive, or EFI Network Drive. You may be immediately prompted to press a key to boot from the drive to continue. The firmware uses the UEFI-specific boot information to boot into either Windows or Windows PE for UEFI.

nirvgorilla: I don't expect people to respect me just because I make COMPETENT tutorial videos. The MINIMUM you need to do is freaking talk and not be a creepy cricket festival weirdo.

Frères Couture: what have you pressed? F1 or F2 or what for the BOOT SETUP?

EN0Tik: продвинутые технологии, а убогость установки виндовозки удивляет. Асусы мудаки. Я задолбался с этим ноутом.

Costica Lautas: pacat ca tutorialul e bun dar otiunile bios boot pentru setari in bios le faceti prea repede si un incepator nu are timp sa vada ce ati setat acolo si mai ales ca nici nu dati nici o informatie vocala in paralel cu optiunile pe care le faceti in aces video

Mario Cardona: From USB or DVD?

Zoran Ristovski: must disable sucurity and select patch DVD RW Drive (E:) CD_ROM this is in my case...

Nintendo wii: uefi sucks.

TheBestNikEver: i dont know if it works but try from bios to boot your dvd or usb drive no uefi....i have asus mobo too

ad221282: el orden de estos, pon primero el dvd rom uefi y segundo el HD UEFI salte y salva esa configuracion de la bios, de esta forma cuando enciendas la pc y en el dvdrom tengas un dvd que te permita hacer una instalacion de un sistema operativo UEFI automaticamente te dira que aprietes una tecla para arrancar desde el dvd rom, cualquier duda o pregunta mandame un inbox, para ayudarte con la configuracion de tu UEFI BIOS o los dvd que te permitan hacer esta instalacion.

aaaalex1994: @elielvidel En modo convencional (osea, en modo BIOS), sí que funciona, pero la gracia está en ponerlo en modo UEFI, ya que el tiempo de arranque es menor, entre otras cosas.

Zoran Ristovski: i made to instal Win 7 finaly after 2 h :D

LilPedro006: Uefi s better than normal BIOS as it's able of a better managing multi threaded processors ans 64 bits architectures...

Emmanuel Ritiro: we are 3 now

arezz isma: dude..does osx lion support on uefi..

marc serradilla: deveria aver una tecla para entrar en el cd de instlacion de windows no?

luki1a: No. You only must have UEFI boot enabled in the BIOS and a modified Windows 7 DVD with uefi files for installation and then you can install your UEFY copy of Windows 7. You can't have UEFI and Legacy boot at the same time. I've done it several times on other computers.

@_JosephCR: Muchas gracias llevaba tres dias buscando una solución

Jon B: Hey gorilla, because that's all you are! Have you ever heard of MANNERS? Yeah, you need some,that's because it's common courtesy to be kind to people that are trying to teach you! you obnoxious poopsickle!

Javier Falcon: me pasa igual... aun no puedo salir de esa maldita pantalla negra solo me pasa con el win 7 64

В гостях у ЗадротТВ: lol

nirvgorilla: Hey WEIRDO. Ever heard of TALKING before when you make videos instead of being a silent psycho? Yeah! Videos are for talking!

realyhead: true story bro...true story

luki1a: I have the same problem. Black screen during UEFI installation or Windows 7. Did you solve it?

Eliel Videla: La Uefi es una opcion (no la conosco porque es muy moderna), has probado instalando sin la uefi?

Konst Antin: всё прям так видно хорошо(( бесит.....нифига не видно

ad221282: Hola primero que nada tienes que deshabilitar el bootsecure, o ponerle other OS esto para que puedas arrancar la pc desde el dvd ROM, y segundo el dvd que uses debe ser para windows 7 u 8 y en 64 bits tambien asegurarte que tu disco te permita arrancar desde el modo UEFI esto lo puedes saber al colocar el dvd en el rom y darle F2 en cuanto prendas la PC si cuando abres la BIOS te aparecen un logo de HD UEFI un logo de CD/DVD rom regular y otro logo de CD/DVD UEFI entonces puedes cambiar

Jon B: it's not always necessary to talk when showing a tutorial anyway. The whole point is to showwwwwww how to do something. He clearly did a really good job due to the fact it helped me 100%. Don't worry about what he is doing and try to improve your own videos. This is clearly showing you are jealous of his views...

datifocmah: have you enabled the csm option and then setting the legacy boot order ?

Giorgio Marino: Hey, tengo el mismo modelo y mismo problema... has averiguado algo?

Jast1Fan: ебаны в рот, это ещё так себе. В Lenovo я еле биос открыл там сука кнопка взади нотбука а я 3 часа F1 с Delete нажимал 

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Trying to install Windows 7 x64 in UEFI mode on ASUS K53SJ... (1080p)
Trying to install Windows 7 x64 in UEFI mode on ASUS K53SJ... (1080p)
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