AR-15 (80%) Lower Receiver Jig

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John Davis: dont try it on a drill press, people. Removing the "fence" of aluminum after drilling the holes is a NIGHTMARE. Get a harbor freight router and save yourself the horror, and maybe a bad injury!

John Davis: why not just use a $15 digital or dial caliper to show the dimensions of the pockets, epecially the depth of the pockets? why are you guessing at the length of your cutters? Dont you have a tape measure? Makes you look very amateurish./careless.

John Davis: need MUCH better lighting, or paint the jig some light reflective color

wraith Walker: looking to buy a used jig.

Rez: Excellent  video thanks for posting.

brianallen0826: Please take the gum out of your mouth

combateffectivemedia: So I'm thinking of going with a press how do u accurately measure ur depths jw

Ki777UMiNATii: How many you got left and how much you let'n em go for? .. throw'n out phone numbers but nothing as to their cost? :\

Ki777UMiNATii: Could have something to do with drill presses being much more cost effective? such as mine @50 bucks.... and if owning a mill, one still needs a jig to complete a lower...they should A) buy a d.r.o. and educate themselves in its usage or B) sell it, as it is merely that persons garage vid trex

Trex1268: Thanks!!

Chris Slawek: Didn't notice the gum. Just noticed now how to finish off an AR receiver! Thank you for the info!

xHaPTiic: what would happen if you drill to deep or not deep enough on the milling?

Mike White: As annoying as misspelled words are, the gum chewing was more annoying. If it weren't for the fact that the video itself was quite informative, I would've skipped it.

Mike White: tacticalmachining(dot)com/80-ar-15-jig(dot)html $125

Locke Stone: LockeStone Industries, is the foundation for your ultimate precision tactical AR-15 rifle. Our Billet AR 80% lower receiver was engineered from the ground up to address ergonomic and structural design weaknesses found in standard receivers. CNC machined from 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum billet stock Integrated trigger guard for gloved use and added strength Enhance tolerances We are proud to offer products that are 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.

pedro gomes: they run for 200- to 280.. it just depends.. but i got 3 left.. give me a call and go form there.

P1gunslinger: * im in SD also

P1gunslinger: san diego? how much in in sd also

Wuss Muffins: Best to drill those after milling and each side separately.

pedro gomes: ares are out-stock for 9-12 months.

Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
AR-15 (80%) Lower Receiver Jig 5 out of 5

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