Reloading 12GA With (Pyrodex) Black Powder In The Field

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Stenhård Ståfräs: You should really use more substantial wadding than that. You'll get much higher shot velocity.

Larry Tischler: Another real good characteristic of black powder is it does not HAVE to work at high pressure. Smokeless modern powder must be loaded to near the max or you may get squib (failed) loads. Also these smokeless modern powders require assembly under .pressure which cannot be reliably done by hand or w/o a real reloading press. As a shotshell reloader for over 40 years, I thank you for bringing us this simple emergency concept. Now if we had 12 ga. pyrodex load for a 40 to 45 cal pistol bullet in simple homemade sabot that conjured up 1050 fps, that would be a medium game load for short range.

fpsairsoft: About how many times can you safely reload a shell

Chris Kelhoffer: Subscribed

pops wrench: two thots after shoosting muzzleloader style few times ; first , careful how much WAX used if use it . wax good seal for carry ammo , but a few decades ago , we used wax to make BLANKS for a noise show in halloween scarefest in woods for teens . wax FOULED barrel after 2-3 shots , even for blanks, just enuf wax to seal top wad. second , i plan test muzzleload using shell for simple primer carrier and muzzleload shell in gun to protect shell area . all theze idears are good and Dave knows his stuff !!

xzqzq: I like loading BP for center-fire rifle & pistol. Have not tried shotgun as yet....The BP absorbs moisture, and I have ignition problems.... I dry the BP under an incandescent bulb, and use some 777 over the primer to get the Pyrodex ignited. 

TheMrbumpas: rimmed cartriges like .38special [ straight wall,rimmed] can be reloaded with BP or equivalent also. Sure it's better to use modern gear, and BP is dirty blah...blah... but it's better than no ammo. Good video, and btw 410 shot shells can reloaded and fired in a .45 colt chamber,used to make them befor I found factory shot loads for revolvers


SheridanBoii99: Also can I do this for 20ga

Simplemansnature: Dave, I like your simple reloading kit. I have a Lee Loader Deluxe hand loading press. I also agree with your opinion on using larger shot, more versitile, more humane on something big enough to not require a slug. However, if I'm not mistaken, Ohio law forbids the use of anything bigger than #4 birdshot on game???

mapbike: I found some grea data on loading shotshells in all popular gauges with black powder that I thought I would share here, as with any of this reloading stuff this is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! you will have to put 2 & 2 together inorder to decifer the web addy here but it's not hard, very informative stuff. 3 w's * tbullock * kom/bpsg * html (just add the w's & the dots and be sure to get everything else in as well and you will get there just fine. Enjoy.....! Peace, mapbike

GodschildinNC: Dave, I like the way that you did that. You should be able to close the top of the plastic case with a little work, and then seal that shut with the wax. You could loop your string around the magnet and back through itself instead of having to retie it all the time. Geoff

69penetrator69: You could go one step further: according to the Army Improvised Munitions Handbook, you can actually refill the primer cup using 2-3 strike anywhere match heads.

barry cox: everything i know about hard tack its better to twice bake it , its really hard then but they would soke it in coffee or some other type of liquid to make it easy to eat i will last for years .

bhubejr: This came from the ohio hunting regulations book. During the statewide muzzleloader season and youth deer gun season it is unlawful to hunt legal game with shot shells containing shot larger than #4. Waterfowl hunters must use nontoxic shot of any size.

GRADERFL: Is 100 grains the max charge?

ra777wow: Hope to see more good stuff like this dave :D

1guyin10: As long as it is trimmed down to match a normal load it will feed just fine. There is nothing you are changing with this load that would impact how it feeds.

John Gruber: @azreal289 i am sorry to say that the bb's will damage your barrel as their coatings are shallow and the compressive forces are well beyond what a bb gun can deliver. The coating protects bb guns but wont do a thing for your rifle barrel.

cammie500: would 100 grains of powder work with 20g and .410 shells? if not how many grains should i use?

Crashtest Bushcraft: good series but i do not se the big advantage as the primers cant be improvised. But you can shoot with all kinds of funny stuff. you could might as well stock .22 ammo as you still need to stock the primers. its really amazing what you have build up with your youtube channel, online store, survival school and all. Its inspiring to follow here on youtube

birddog390: how many grains for a 20 gauge

ethan hicks: Should i get a single or pump i cant decide?

FullSpectrum Survivalist: They will reload way more than 5 times, I was reading just a little while ago on a forum in England, this Australian guy said his friend has reloaded the same shell over 50 times. I would go for minimum powder load to get the job done, and then they should last a long time. You can reload a plastic shell more than once, think about it, brass will last a long time in the use. I'll probably take 25 or more brass shells preloaded already.

KILLAassasin7: i dont kno much about guns but i think these would work in a pump action gun if u trimmed all the excess plastic off or used the all brass shells, i dont actually know though

TheDave570: no, start out with the powder load equal to the caliber and work up !!

762xDevin: is that FF powder?

vettelover2009: this is a scenario if he is out in the wilderness lost and these happen to be items he might have with him at the time...possibly getting lost on a hunt...its hypothetical...there are so many variables to's just a suggestive video

shewolf2972: I am a law enforcement officer and thats just my two cents.

Rayce Wood: Would using animal fat instead of Bee's wax also work if you were to run out of bee's wax?

Dereck Thomas: what are all the measerments loads powder load shot weight

adamdoiron73: Hey just wondering what type of knife that is? I really like it

MrKnux55: Do you have to use bees wax

BlltPrffAsssn: @1973Saved the concern from steel shot is that if you have a rifled barrel that u shoot slugs and shot from the steel shot can and will eventually file your rifled barrel into a smoothbore, where lead shot conforms to the grooves inside the barrel steel shot stays its shape and stays hard, copper softer than steel will usually smear inside the barrel and could damage it.

david2011621: I've even use'd good & plenty candy to reload shells it's a hard candy . And chap stick as a cap to hold every thing in the shell good for small game. Just an idea.

Melting Sky: The hard part is the primer. You can make your own black powder or low explosive powder/propellant pretty easily but the primer is not easy. I would love to see how to make a primer from scratch.

ra777wow: I tryed this and it works real well.Also he suggested getting a box of the brass shot shells to reload and they last for a long time !

TheFirearmEnthusiast: What shotgun are you using in this vid?

Joshua Williams: You need a powder horn or a dry powder bag with a carved "nozzle".

Hippie Cat: how would it work if i chose to use a minimal amount of bees wax and then RE folded the plastic over (with heat ) to reseal it like it came from the factory? would that affect performance?

Sparks Family: Can I use Pyrodex behind a slug as you have with shot in this video? I would like to start molding my own.

cowboyroy1961: Another GREAT video Dave. Thanks again for the info. I continue to learn from you every day. Side note: What is the inlay/designs material on your shotgun? Something you did? I'd love to try it on my H&R. Please keep the vids coming! Thanks! Roy

SurviveTribe: Will this work with a 20 GA? If so how many grains of powder?

BrandonRandomly: First, I have to laugh at everyone telling you what you're doing wrong when clearly it works. Second, a serious question: How would you make/substitute primers if you had none in a long term self-reliant situation?

Tyler2075: yea but some shotguns pellets are made of steel but i dont konw if copper pellts will if yoou know commet back

Daniel Vanhoozer: Do you have to use high brass on doing this?

David Joeaverage: one at a time probably. i wouldn't load them in the magazine though.

yomamasmaggot: 25 shot shells $5, takes up less space, weather resistant, convenient, and saves time. They make shot shell reloaders for cheap and way more cost effective then what you are doing. I'm just trying to be realistic if u can't find a live 12ga shell then you being able to find reloading components is zero.

Xarcas: @RobertoDonatti yes, duh, yes it is.. that's exacly what it means.. ardtard

MrGattor33: @danthman114 - ok well i wasn't for sure if there was a difference in them, i thought somewhere it was said that there is a difference i the 2, like one has more powder in the primer than the other.......??????

Reloading 12GA with (Pyrodex) Black Powder in the Field 4.9 out of 5

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Reloading 12GA with (Pyrodex) Black Powder in the Field
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