Reloading 12GA With (Pyrodex) Black Powder In The Field

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Oscar Lechuga: Sir, great video, as always, very informative.
My question is if that target was full of holes, and in a real life situation, could our teeth handle such "accuracy"? Were those bbs #6, or something else?
Thank you Sir, for your hard work in producing these types of lessons for us --> in-the-bush.

Oscar Lechuga: Mr. Canterbury.
Very informative, and useful, video.
Thank you Sir, very much, for the information, and methodology, in using this weapon.

Nativeshooter83: Do you think it’s worth the investment to buy a group of brass shotgun shells for reloading like that or do you find the plastic ones last long enough thanks

Nelson rodriguez: could you load them in a pump action shotgun?

Anthony Cummings: Are you worried that those hard steel BBs will wear hard on your barrel or is this just a just in case skill, in other words do you regularly use this load

Unbalanced Redneck: You can leave off the top wad and mix wax with the shot and make a wax slug to use on game up to deer size in a pinch.


sir eliot: A word of caution for anyone trying this with air rifle BB's (and probably steel shot in general): it will bounce directly back at you from hard objects. Wear glasses and don't shoot hard objects or trees too close to you. Must be good for birds though. I'm wanting to try it but I think I'll end up using a couple of spent wads to act as both a wad and spacer to save on shot and keep pressures down. Plinking rounds.

The Stoned Videogame Nerd: You should make the Wadding more "strategicaly folded" so it opens up like a parachute and spreads the shot,not just push it out and gas seal it

allenbrian72: Awesome video Dave keep them coming

Confed Vet: Wont those BB's damage your barrel?

jayman448: hey Dave. I'm thinking of doing this with my .410 because they are just so darn expensive and they don't tend to come in metal shot anyways. what kind of loads would you recommend for a .410 shell?

Anthony Artea: love your vids even got me one of your sling bows ,having said that you loading that primer looks hella dangerous I think if things really come to a head and gotta survive using Bush crafted methods I think I'll just put my Lee load all in my pack it's small won't take up much room plus by the time you load one your way I'll already have 25 made my way keep making the great vids tho much love to you brother

John Doe: I counted the holes in the bird. EXACTLY 40 holes! Dave Canterbury knows all...

milldabeast519: so lets say i load up a shell with a live primer and nothing in it. load it with black powder and pelllets from the muzzle.... would that make it a muzzle loader? im wondering for hunting deer

ultor europae: 9:20 yea put that fire like 1 inch above the powder

Chaplain Dave Sparks: I'm curious about something: What would be the effect of mixing smaller shot with larger shot where the smaller shot could fill in the spaces between the larger shot?

Michael Choate: could linseed oul be used on a jacket like what youre wearinh here to repel water

Ivan Ivanovich: LOVE the Video Mr. Canterbury, incredibly useful to me as my bush gun is an old Iver Johnson/Schattuck Side-Snap 12G that's over 136 years old at this point, going on rough estimates from production dates.

I used to use Brass MAGTECH shells before I move, but I can't find them anymore, I'm just going to use this method from now on! I even have a ton of BBs leftover from my pellet gun days as a kid!

Hopefully, one day, I can make it down for some classes. My current goal is to save up enough to buy a piece of land up here out in the Canadian Wilderness that I can build a small log cabin on as a retreat for times off work or just whenever I need away from things!

Bob Sullivan: I like your videos and I appreciate the amount of work you are basically giving away here.
But, having said that; Did I just see you smack the business end of a 209 primer into a log while enclosing the bang-bang end of the primer with a small metal tube loosely obstructed with a screwdriver bit while aiming the whole thing at your face?
Did I really see you do that? I must have somehow miss-viewed something. That didn't really happen.....

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Reloading 12GA with (Pyrodex) Black Powder in the Field 5 out of 5

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