HLLY FM Stereo Radio Transmitter

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imkoolkid: ha dont think about it unless you live in a small town theyre very expensive big companies like Clear view own most stations nowadays

Ben C: how did u guys get FCC permission to do this and how much did you pay because im trying to get a permit for a 20 watt one.

tofus: how far is the reception before you completely lose signal? hows the popping? im considering buying a 20 watt one.

Sonovox01: It's cool. Thx for the reply.

republicansarecool: @SmashCOBamberg I will, however I already bought it and I ordered a low pass filter, willthis help? I think it will because the guy said it will keep the stuff down and be good so i dont get into trouble, the low pass filter attaches to the cable. what do you think? will this keep me safe?

Bruce Huxtable: This is what happened to mine, just today, what did you do about it? Please don't say its rendered junk

David Gao: Now All HLLY product video is here: youtube.com/user/hllyelectronics Welcome to these videos and Hope everybody like it Thanks

TransistorBlister: Have a look at the 5/8`s wave FM broadcast antenna at Ramsey Electronics, I own one and got 5 miles from 1 watt of power at 40 feet.

republicansarecool: @SmashCOBamberg yeah I think it will work, the guy said it will work fine but he aske if it was over 30 MHz, I do not know what that is so what is the HLLY 20 watt? I have to tell the guy so please help. I am pretty sure I will be fine because the guy said it can work for HAM radio and FM transmitter, all i need to know is is it over 30 MHz?

tofus: are you still using the anttena they provided you with? how about the lower frequencies. like a 88.*. im trying to start a micro station that broadcasts at that frequency around my town.

David Gao: @Sonovox01 HLLY TX-30S is power adjustable

Logan Carmichael: I hate to tell you, but yes...it's now a dust collector among a bunch of other old parts. There's some good products from HLLY out there, just the radio I had wasn't it. No fan...big problem.

nieles7: haha grappig kan dit wel echt:O

bratina501: @republicansarecool you will NOT be, the HLLY has a very dirty output and causes spurious emissions 20 MHz or more away from the frequency you choose to operate on because the filtering is terrible. This transmitter can potentially cause interference to police, fire, ambulance, air traffic control, and other two way communications depending on the frequency. Even with external filtering you can still get a fine of $10,000 or more and or jail time because you are basically breaking the law.

David Gao: Thanks for your support!

Kim reck: but of course i never said that they are great.

u47tube: 11.5 watts, even though it was supposed to be 20.

SmashCOBamberg: @republicansarecool I have a professional broadcast transmitter with 2 harmonic filters. The hlly ones don't just cause some interference to close radio stations, they also interfere with airplane communications etc. That's how I got caught 7 months ago... so better be careful using them!

fmbroadcast: Hey, look at my FM transmitter....

Kim reck: for my area I have been sticking to 107.1 and the only real wan to know how the transmitter is doing is with a VSWR meter. Now I haven't tried yet and this is counter intuitive but it yah had a sensitive inline amp meter you could tune the antennae for minimum current draw and that should represent the lowest VSWR or max power to the air!

Dustrun.com: Americans (US), too much laws putting a cap on free speach

SmashCOBamberg: @repuclicansarecool yeah it's from 88.1 - 107.9

Logan Carmichael: I had a 5w HLLY transmitter. Bought it about a year ago. Got GREAT range with it and it has a great sound too. Purchased a Comet antenna and good coax (rather than the cheap antenna and crap coax that it comes with) just in time for the Chinese piece of junk to start crapping-out. Sounds like a power-shift sound on air...or like the radio is off freq. Not sure if it's the finals or not. Can't tell...it's all Chinese to me! LOL

bigdaddymatty17: How is that light bulb lighting up???

David Gao: @Sonovox01 HLLY TX-30S is power adjustable

gambulgambula: hi...well but we are waiting for your home studio

u47tube: Using a HLLY going on five years. Won't die.

Ken J.: It always pays off to have some fundamental knowledge about what you're doing. Lots of money and no brains are a poor combination. It will sting you, eventually.

SmashCOBamberg: @imkoolkid not too bad just use a better one and make sure to hook up you antenna ;)

Удомля Tv: Strange. I have the same kit and light bulb does not light ...

Wolverine: What is the range? I want to buy me a HLLY FM stereo radio.

republicansarecool: @SmashCOBamberg oh wow, I did not know that, guess it is too late because I bought a HLLY 20 watt transmiter and I guess if i leave the antenna on the porch it wont bother anything, keep the range like 3 miles or somethin. Could you tell me which anttena would be good for it?

Hixxyclips: Yes very dirty signals. A LPF will only help with out of band harmonics. It still won't stop him wiping out local radio stations.

toorlooo: I got a few transmitters and I have this one. It works really great. It has no hum at all. You can chose between 1 or 20 watts. You can also get cheapers transmitters which are HLLY imitations but be careful, pieces are weaker too.

David Gao: @republicansarecool any good coaxial which resistance is 50 OHm is ok

Sonovox01: Is the output wattage adjustable?

tonytonytee: @bratina501 THE DIRTIER IT IS THE MORE FUN IT IS....

imkoolkid: @kimreck i used the antenna they gave me, but hopefully they will replace all of the things they gave me because my fm transmitter is damaged too.

RICKY MENDOZA: i've been broadcasting a pirate radio station for years on halloween and around the holidays, its the best way to get your own stuff over the air, just tell a lot of friends!

djgoggsgutty: This guy is a pirate, and the FCC, Ofcom or Comreg will not license these Chinese transmitters. They will only license BW transmitters or Veronica systems

republicansarecool: @SmashCOBamberg what if you have a open frequency with empty stations on both sides like I picked 104.7 and 104.6 and 104.8 are empty so I will be good right? I oreded a 20 watt HLLY transmitter today and I am thinking it will be OK. What type do you have?

RICKY MENDOZA: hey long time no watch! i just bought the hlly 30 watt transmitter but haven't powered it up yet, i'm cleaning and restoring my antenna but i can't want to try it out, it's built really tough and quite heave and that means it's of good quality. maybe china has finally made something good! laugh out loud!

rudeboial: u shouldnt have 15 watts of out put to the aerial just in your house put the aerial in ur garden or something

Kim reck: Thanks for posting that

legaliseme: err is that your radio station bcoz that guy is chatting crap !

Irwiny0: If that RF output is actually that strong enough to light a fluorescent bulb, I wonder if somebody put their head by the antenna then their hair would start standing up a little.


OrganicVeggieLoaf: Damage to transmitter or power supply is often caused by a bad antenna setup (or running with no antenna) causing a high VSWR condition. For best results you need to get a better antenna such as a Comet CFM-95SL, good coaxial cable, and mount the antenna to a mast on the roof of a building far away from any other objects such as walls, trees, etc. Range all depends on a good antenna location and the surrounding terrain. You can expect 10 miles on flat land with 30 feet antenna height.


SmashCOBamberg: Stop it you're gonna get caught... Especcially with hilly cuz it causes some CRAZY interference! Believe me, I just got caught (I also made a video)

HLLY FM stereo radio transmitter 4.7 out of 5

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