HLLY FM Stereo Radio Transmitter

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Kim reck: but of course i never said that they are great.

Kim reck: the only thing good about these are they are cheap

gambulgambula: hi...well but we are waiting for your home studio

Hixxyclips: Yes very dirty signals. A LPF will only help with out of band harmonics. It still won't stop him wiping out local radio stations.

Hixxyclips: Couldn't agree more. Tested 2 different Chinese rigs on an analyser. Both spewing out spogs and a big hedgehog next to the main carrier. Channel separation and audio quality is crap compared to a decent stereo encoder. People buy this crap and think it's good.

Hixxyclips: Using one of those Chinese sprog boxes is the fastest way to get shut down. Connect one up to a spectrum analyser and you'll see what I mean. It's worth spending a little bit more money and getting something that'll put out a clean signal.

u47tube: And I had another HLLY for several years, which I sold on eBay, and I regret selling it. But it remains in service to broadcast the audio at a Canadian drive in theatre!

u47tube: Thank you too. Chinese products are becoming competitors. I also have a Chinese made pocket trumpet that plays superior to the $600 models.

David Gao: Thanks for your support!

David Gao: Now All HLLY product video is here: youtube.com/user/hllyelectronics Welcome to these videos and Hope everybody like it Thanks

Logan Carmichael: I hate to tell you, but yes...it's now a dust collector among a bunch of other old parts. There's some good products from HLLY out there, just the radio I had wasn't it. No fan...big problem.

Bruce Huxtable: This is what happened to mine, just today, what did you do about it? Please don't say its rendered junk

john man: Great Transmitters....wavemach.com Built in Canada, not China!!

u47tube: Using a HLLY going on five years. Won't die.


RICKY MENDELL: hey long time no watch! i just bought the hlly 30 watt transmitter but haven't powered it up yet, i'm cleaning and restoring my antenna but i can't want to try it out, it's built really tough and quite heave and that means it's of good quality. maybe china has finally made something good! laugh out loud!

Dustrun.com: Americans (US), too much laws putting a cap on free speach

Logan Carmichael: I had a 5w HLLY transmitter. Bought it about a year ago. Got GREAT range with it and it has a great sound too. Purchased a Comet antenna and good coax (rather than the cheap antenna and crap coax that it comes with) just in time for the Chinese piece of junk to start crapping-out. Sounds like a power-shift sound on air...or like the radio is off freq. Not sure if it's the finals or not. Can't tell...it's all Chinese to me! LOL

CBKillas: @tonytonytee Well imagine runnin into you here!! I slay the airwaves like the Samurai that I am!! It's Samurai Radio son!!

bratina501: @tonytonytee more like the more likely you are to get arrested and fined. This transmitter is illegal for use in the US because of its power level and questionable design. I run an FCC approved part 15 FM transmitter which has a clean output. I have read part 15 in its entirety and it can be seen on the website for the National Archives which is available to the public.

HLLY FM stereo radio transmitter 5 out of 5

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HLLY FM stereo radio transmitter
HLLY FM stereo radio transmitter
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HLLY 15w transmitter
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HLLY 15w fm transmitter in
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