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Stanley Kirby: What is the proper setting for the idle screw on my wild thing poulan ?

Richard Shields: This gut is the only person I ever saw time in a carb.

PhillipJoe Borowitz: it,s amaing that everyone asks the same questions,over n over, i just read to 5 years back,and found enough info to cover adjustments to crank seals, vent caps, junk carbs, dried diaphram,s my crap prolly still wont start,but before i go buggin some cat tryin to do a solid n put out info. i will read the comments, then getbusy. remarkable patiance there Donyboy. got a couple sweet old mac,s one an electric start. should be fun.

Shanta Hsieh: I made it myself thanks to woodprix website.

Carmelina Katzman: Awesome solutions for wooden project is woodprix.

Mossy Oak: After a year or so of use of a new saw u need to turn the high side out about a 1/4 of a turn usually so it doesn't bog .

Kent Menzel: Great video, very helpful!!!

donald desrosiers: How many turns out is low and high from all the way in on yours once it was where you wanted it.

wotrutseg: Thanks for taking time to make the video, I bought a 16 in poulan from local hardware and used it for maybe a hour or so total running time, never ran right and then would start but then bog out and die as soon as I squeezed the trigger, then finally wouldn't start at all. Not sure what is going on.

Frank Mack: My saw will idle (like crap) with the choke on. It dies as soon as I touch the throttle

texjames2000: Like others have asked, but I don't see a reply to. What is a good starting point for both of them? My high screw totally fell out so I'm having to start from scratch on the adjustment & even getting it started in the 1st place.

BigMike&Country: Thank you,I'll try that! I really hate poulan pro's.I bought an 18" last year and it still sits in the corner!Can't get it to do anything right.Now I got a 14" wood shark,and I'm having same problems.Just won't stay running.I've adjusted all 3 screws and I can't

Duane Nelson: I have adjusted chainsaw carbs for 57 yrs, this is backwards compared to the way i do it.

ns671fr: how do you adjust the chainsaw if it starts and stalls. and you cant even idle?

Josh W: Thanks for the video. It definitely helped me get my 2075 w/ Walbro tuned up and running well. I did have a question. My saw seems to be dispensing an excessive amount of bar-oil. From your experience is this due to a failing oil pump? Thanks!

Andy: Great video. You make it look easy. I have an older Homelite XL Automatic UT50156. I can't get it to start. The gas drips out of the muffler. Could you point me in the reight direction on how to get it started and then adjust it so it runs smoothly please.
Keep up the great videos.

Jacqui/sketchyD: can this be done with the bar & chain off, for safety?

Robert McClanahan: I ran into the spline issue a while back, I heard of a couple people melting the end of a bic pen and molding it to the screw to adjust. I found a deep well 5/32 12 point socket works also. It's not perfect but it's good enough to get the saw back on it's feet without waiting a week to do it.

anniversary4: oops, sorry for the question. I asked it before I saw the end of this video where you answered the question.

anniversary4: great video thank you. Is there a default starting point for the hi and low carb settings like most Tecumseh snow kings have that 1 1/2 turns out?


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