ZERO TURN MOWER REPAIR How To Replace The Pumps And Wheel Motors

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kenneth atkinson: how do you purge it where is the purge valve 

Mike Abrams: My Z152 just quit moving today and the hydraulic lift wont move either. Do I need to replace the pumps?

Lorddarthvader1701: Great video, just bought my forst ZTurn, bought a Toro Trim Cutter 42, do you know who makes the wheel motor for them

David Thorne: Where do your old pumps and motors go? I'm looking for sum to deconstruct? Hydraulics is

Jeff Willis: Thanks for the video Jeremy. Just picked up this model Gravely with 440 hrs. No signs of pump trouble yet, but have this video when it comes time. How do i tell if my mower currently has hydraulic oil or 20w/50? Is hyd oil much thicker? THanks for the help!

Jay Birdi: How many hours until you need to change the hydro oil?

Phil Dugas: I need to adjust my gravely zt hd 60 it pulls to the left any suggestions where I could find out how to do this? thanks for your time 

Fernando Jurado: Hi Jeremy. My Ferris is1000 21hp 48 inch have similar problem on the left side. Do not go forward. Only go back fine. Do you have any idea what wrong with it.

idlossett: Jeremy, I appreciate the demo on the Gravely pump and motor removal. I have a Farris IS 1500 mower and I used your method to remove the hydraulic motor but ran into problem getting the belt pulley off. Will you please advise me as to how to remove the Farris pulley. My mower is about 4 to 5 years old. Please send your advise to my e-mail address which is I to look forward to your reply!!!! Many thanks

Joseph Bragdon: A bunch, $615 each pump and at least $500 each for the wheel motors. Ouch, thats what I'm looking at right now.

JEREMY FOUNTAIN: we use the manufacture shop issued online manuals

zx8401ztv: I would have thought the owner would have taken 10 mins to look up the correct fluid type, as they are not cheap mowers. Hope you got yourself a nice cool drink, you looked well cooked. Just as good as new, bet the customer was happy as larry with it :-)

knighthawk86855: Hey man great video...quick question for ya...just picked up a free Dixon ztr428 zero turn works prefect runs strong and cuts perfect has a new 14.5hp Briggs intek question is...what do you think of these Dixon mowers....any huge problems with em...cause I'm thinking of keep it for myself...never had a zero turn b4...any advice would be awesome...ty!

Fernando Gonzalez: Sure is a lot, still haven't gotten to my mower. Hope to replace mine soon, the price is a lot!

johnnybgood42: G'Day, just w0ndering if you have a Email address,? id like to talk to you about converting my Austwood ZTR 1500 from the failed Eaton hydrostatic 780 Transaxle to pumps and wheel motors , EG: what size pumps? and size motors? do you think id need ? . By the way Great vid !!


bryce hunter: this is a good video!..

Patrick Moore: What oil do you put in hydro trans axels in garden tractors?

Billy Innes: Had an old bobcat skid steer took 30 engine oil non detergent if I remember, it was a 1979. Don't know why they just don't design these thing to take the red oil to make things easy. I now both engine and tranny oil both have hydraulic in them and tranny is equivalent to a 30 weight oil but don't use it cause of foaming but it does have heavy conditioners in it I've heard of people mixing in a few quarts of tranny fluid with a oil change to clean a motor. Similar to a marvel mystery oil. Man I

Steve Junga: Great video! I have a gravely zt1842. left trans grinds and shakes. Can i rebuild it? if so where can i get a rebuild kit? my friend has a exmarkwalkbehind parts mower with the hydros. will the exmark parts be compatible? Thanks Steve

zyplex1: Great info Jer, that's a lot of work, if I may ask how much labour does a job like this cost the customer asides from all the new parts ???

Jake Hindman: Thanks for the info man. Very good video and information! Lol wish I could've found this before I spent almost 700 dollars on a new wheel motor and labor

grease82monkey: Nice video

lawnside82: wow i learned alot. now imma start looking for zero turns with bad hydraulics. and replace the pumps..

Thomas Baxter: Thanks for the info...

Steve Rob: Fantastic !! That vid was jam packed with info ,too bad it wasn't longer. If you happen to do another hydraulic system ,would like to see how the bleed process is done.


ryecard: 2 questions : (1) Is a Dixon 4421 ZTR for $450.00 worth buying ? It's rust free and shows a bit of seepage here and there. The cheap fenders are beat and one light missing but the oil looks fresh and the frame looks in good shape. Question ( 2 ) I got a early 70's FORD LGT 125 I mow with. It squeals like the mower in your vid when ever I drive it but not in neutral. It scoots along just fine but I can't figure out where the noise is coming from.

Kerry Geen: Man could I do with you here for a while, you are one very talented man. you work so quick and efficent. I have spent a day trying to bleed my husqvarna iz4821 and while the oil in the res tank starts off clear it soon becomes milky with tiny air bubbles. everything is tight and I have purged heaps of times. I need a Jeremy! Where can the air be getting in?

Fernando Gonzalez: How much does both pumps and wheel motors cost?

TDHReviews: man that guys putting some good money into that thing

John Jackson: Extremely well presented!

DNA Tech: Love the video! I have a question for you. I lost my drive belt last week at the bottom of my driveway. I opened the bypass valves as best as I could and pushed my ower to the garage. I went ahead and replace both belts (drive/deck) then proceeded to close the bypass valves. The left motor closed but the right valve seems seized! It will not turn either way... I tried raising the mower up like you would to bleed the system and run it for a few minutes under zero load. Bypass still seized. Help

DNA Tech: Oh, it's an Everrride Hornet ZBR 2548 purchased in 2007. Thanks for any input!

JEREMY FOUNTAIN: 4-6 hrs. If transaxles the about 1-2 hrs per side

szndvy: Great video! Question, what does your shop use for reference? Do you have something like AllData like the automotive shops have to show mechanical and electrical breakdowns and reference diagrams? Or, is there such a thing?

JEREMY FOUNTAIN: thats what happens when you run a lawn crew full of unskilled labor.

JEREMY FOUNTAIN: Both hydro gear and Parker-Ross say to never open the hydraulic system unless a failure or leak is evident The most I ever do is replace the filter evey 1000 hrs and top off the reserve tank

PapaNator1: Awesome video. I don't want to swell your head up, but you did a great job editing your video, Two thumbs up, well done. You should do more on Toros too. I still cant find my Freewheel lever that makes it move freely if more is disabled. I have a 2013 model 74940 34HP EFI. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

mike gray: Well done.Straight to the point.Thanks for posting.

BUCKEYE6836: Great Video!! I have a 2004 Hustler Mini-Z and after having it "Serviced", I had nothing but problems. Both drive pumps went out at the same time. Can they be rebuilt or should you buy new? Bought a new Hustler and would like to fix the old for a back-up. Any suggestions?

JEREMY FOUNTAIN: 20w50 synthetic motor oil only

Smallgasengine1: is atf fluid replacable oil for hydrostatic transmissions?

Cliff McDaniel: Hi Jeremy< I think I'm ready to tackle changing the wheel and hydro on my ExMark Lazer Z now after watching your video. After I put the Mobil 1 synthetic oil in system what is the next step? Is this the purging process and how is this done?Do you suggest a good place to order these parts from and is Parker a good brand to use if I don't use OEM parts? Looking forward to your reply so I can get started thanks Cliff McDaniel

Mike Johnson: Great Job! Marathon Hydraulic Motors. Wheel Motor Exchange.

no head: Nothing cooler than a mechanic riding around inside the shop on a lawn mower, yelling: "Whoaa ho ho"! :P

JEREMY FOUNTAIN: i will do a bleed video soon......yeah it was kinda short and to the point..... if a repair video gets too long in length people start getting borde lol.....have a great weekend!!!

ZERO TURN MOWER REPAIR how to replace the pumps and wheel motors 4.8 out of 5

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