Taurus 941 22 Magnum

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stratoman83: The grips are made by Altamont.

gregrn779: Do you happen to know who makes the rosewood grips? Definitely make it look much classier. Really nice contour to them as well. Enjoyed you video.

stratoman83: This is a 4" barrel.

champer slimmerthannone: Is that a 3" barrel? Hard to tell! I know they did make one at one time!

Ratchaneekorn Inkaew: 55+

themailman43: The video is not bad , but if could have been better if you would have used a lighter color background.

ra777: Nice Holster !

ra777: I have one in stainless and I never have any problems what so ever with it.I did do a little trigger work to it and now the pull is 2.75 lbs and it tightened up even more with accuracy. Will you make any shooting videos in futre? Thanks for sharing your video with us :D

ra777: I think you mean that Taurus makes the model 94 in .22lr.

stratoman83: I have not come across any speed loaders for this model. There is a 9 shot speed loader for the .22 LR model however.

sasgoe: Hello, can you tell me if in the USA existing speed loaders to sell for this model ?? Tks.

stratoman83: The holster is made by simply rugged.

Kim Espinosa: i think Hornady Critical Defense 22WMR is already available..

stratoman83: No, I deffinetly did not shoot it in my kitchen.... I have however put about 2000 rounds through it with 0 malfunctions of any kind.

stratoman83: No, this model is for magnum only. They do make it in long rifle as well tho.

James Webster: will this pistol shoot the long riflr as well as mag thanks

Craig D: thinking of buying one of these. by the way i have the same counter top. ubatuba haha

foxus666: bery very cute gun, in France, we got only the black powder revolver, autorized > 18 years !

stratoman83: No, the 22 magnum cartridge is one hundredth of an inch larger in diameter. Taurus does make the model 41 in 22 LR that holds 9 rounds.

abelincoln2012: does it fire regular .22s?

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Taurus 941 22 magnum 5 out of 5

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