HELP Cracked Steam Green Luma NO LICENSE

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Paul Seidel: freak y ou little kid

Sigi Hack: hahaha you so freaking idiot muhahahaha pullcrap dont post crap pl

Gong Rilla: some of the games doesnt work you can only go to my games and install games that are their but if you want other games just go and search for your game then click on it and then go to updates and make sure that you install the first or the second after that open the rar and the file in steamapps folder and you will see another folder in the rar just take that folder and put it in common

Bogdy Pad: freak you

Grenge g: aww come on your old enough to do things for yourself

Potatoast: it has been patch(i dont know for sure) it can only download valve game but i think there a site name this site might work sorry if it doesn't work

[GLP]Kenny101: can u send it to me?

HojonatorMC: can u give me a link please

Round2Sucker: Ok, no Idea what to say, I don't know what's going on with that. So here is a meme, that is also a joke Need an executable, why not Zoidberg But seriously, i'm sorry.

Kevin King: plz send me the link

nciscool1: me tow

Adish Power: Did you find a solution?? I see you commented on another video saying that you found some GCF/NCF ik... Can you please explain it... I think I know what you mean but Im not sure... Please explain from other comment

STatiX Remorse: It's for every game except source games and or Valve

nolwat: Send me a link please

BerserkerMk: Gimme link :P

Pcpie: Link plz :)

asdfqwerty612: HAving the exact same problem, add me on steam and please help me!

aVs 360: It doesnt working, do you have a patch still ?

NadEffectsRadio: borderlands 2 can now be downloaded from cracked steam

Andre Smith: plz send it to me

Shreyas B.S: please give me the link im in search of that frm 2 months

Emhilen: Link plz! Skype: skyperwampir12334

R3DSniip3rLP: Send me link please !!!

Zoabi Taha: can you upload a vid explain this??

EpicFailsGuy: can you pm me the website or download send download to

Evil Angel: sameproblem solution ?

Rahm Kota: Download Cracked Steam

ervinasroblox3: Send to me, please I'll give you a sub

mynameisawesome: can you send the patch

CraZy Neal: can you send file please im using 2.7.3 greenluma

manico e danico: I've Got A Downloador if you want subscribe me and i give you the link

Rahm Kota: now the licence patch :\file\B****

GhaItH DhaouaDi: Link Plz :'(

ImHeadshotSniper: link me too

AlexGamingHd: link please

Alfred Lee: send me one too pls..

Mile Matić: LINK PLS

Gamer Lords: Send it to me

8bitcrafter04: help greenluma update!?

TheWaffleCupZ: theok got too lemonparty to get list of games that hses no ave licensurveys no download just shows you the available games btw bingo ga it has a cover over it it saysme gone wrong but that is just to make sure that steam dont find out the games and patch them

Irfan prooductions: send it to me please!

Kamereon: There is like NO GAMES! Or at least very old ones

STatiX Remorse: SooooooOoOO i guess there is a way to do this but it isnt 100 percent approved its called dark steam google it or youtube it or dont its your decision guys and this is my second profile on youtube -TrueGamingAsian thank for watching if you guys want more videos without a squeaky voice i will be uploading more soon laterz

Stan Parker: no gcf ncf files in steam\steamapps folder and alot of other game(s) files in certain folders depending on the game, its not worth the groundwork piss on steam iam getting all the games steam carries via torrents, BUT steam has like 79 great free games for 100% FREE, i have installed many and i have also purchased ELDER SCROOLS SKYRIM, GTA IV, AND RAGE, IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY ONE OF MY ACCOUNTS IT SHOWS ALL STEAM GAMES TO DATE BUT NEEDS LISCENSES TO 1,675 OF 2049 !!! LEMME KNOW CHEERzZz...!...

TrueGamingAsian: i already bought it 2 years back

SzogunGaming: Me too send link

Wubby Svet: Did you have GMOD on Green Luma? I don't :(

PotatoerDude: please send it to me and i will get you 5 subs

Couch Squid: same!

Exmortis85: mabye internet ?

HELP Cracked steam Green Luma NO LICENSE 3 out of 5

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