HELP Cracked Steam Green Luma NO LICENSE

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Criscraft Mintn: Your Truly Asian

Statix Remorse: I uploaded this years ago 😂😂😂 lmfao

Marian Nicolae: you suck noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

CJgames: don't listen to them their just ass holes i have the problem to but its ok if you don't know it

Christian Schmdit: Guys you do know this is a kid right? And were around teenagers so basically this is bullying... Douchebags.

Sigi Hack: hahaha you so freaking idiot muhahahaha pullcrap dont post crap pl

Paul Seidel: freak y ou little kid

BartTheBullyKiller: some of the games doesnt work you can only go to my games and install games that are their
but if you want other games just go and search for your game then click on it and then go to updates and make sure that you install the first or the second
after that open the rar and the file in steamapps folder and you will see another folder in the rar just take that folder and put it in common

Bogdy Pad: freak you

Grenge g: aww come on your old enough to do things for yourself

Round2Sucker: Ok, no Idea what to say, I don't know what's going on with that. So here is a meme, that is also a joke Need an executable, why not Zoidberg But seriously, i'm sorry.

Kamereon: There is like NO GAMES! Or at least very old ones

Zoid Berg: bro, i get a missing executable

Zoabi Taha: can you upload a vid explain this??

CrazyGamerSK: Thx

SnowSoda: forget the ok

SnowSoda: theok got too lemonparty to get list of games that hses no ave licensurveys no download just shows you the available games btw bingo ga it has a cover over it it saysme gone wrong but that is just to make sure that steam dont find out the games and patch them

STatiX Remorse: AND GUYS TRY NOT TO GO TO ANYONE IN THE COMMENTS SAYING "SUB TO ME AND I WILL GIVE THE LINK" 1. they could be total bullcrap 2.virus 3.they are youtube whores

STatiX Remorse: Thanks for the comment bro im the owner of this vid just on a dif account but anyways i thank you again for telling me this and it did work just with a little bit of tinkering trying to find the right files and stuff but know theres a software that just kinda became poplar its called dark steam it practicaly download the files and installs for you i do recommend it although some games you have to donate to get but most of them you dont only the real new ones like sr4 or infinite

STatiX Remorse: SooooooOoOO i guess there is a way to do this but it isnt 100 percent approved its called dark steam google it or youtube it or dont its your decision guys and this is my second profile on youtube -TrueGamingAsian thank for watching if you guys want more videos without a squeaky voice i will be uploading more soon laterz

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