50 Shades Darker Plot Summary

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Christina Le: How is this book horribly written? Can someone explain please?

MalteseLizzieMcGee: "Personality of a butter knife". What a perfect description

tsholofelo setshedi: Re: Christina Le, I know right I don't get. I loved the story, I just don't get the hate


Valeria Escamilla: vanilla kinky freakery. 

suzannah likespie: I've never really thought about actually reading this book but I saw your synopsis and decided to watch it... This sounds horrible. I don't believe in burning books, except this one. *gag gag puke*

Callie B.: In a sense and freaked up way I kinda like how twisted the books are

keebleralves: Thanks for taking one for the team 

Nicholas Edwards: "Anna has the personality of a butter knife..." You made my day.

Jannely Espinal: is Ana anorexic? nice plot...Thanks

xXnoodlechanXx: Like this review, dont even have to read any of the books now. Ha Ha Ha, nice posters though. Doctor Who and Harry Potter....you have the best taste ever!!!! LBS

ValueColor: Haha!! Great review!

Jacob Owens: Your videos are so entertaining to watch! I'm so glad I found this because one of my friends told me to read the books and I couldn't bring myself to. haha. I'm so glad I never read them. Keep it up!

Amina Ghafoor: Thanks for the review u saved my time I read the first edition 50 shades of grey in two days and I wasn't willing to read any more trust me this isn't even Romantic its creepy I guess really luvstorys are like dear john and titanic this is such a crap story believe me or not

kl3837: This so could have been me (verbatim) reviewing the book. The only place that I could read 50 Shades Darker was while I was using the washroom - probably because it was such crap. I really can't see what all the hype was about this trilogy...maybe the fact that I actually have a brain, and that I have had the opportunity to read REAL novels before, might have something to do with how I feel...Thanks for the extremely accurate and honest review.


yumiulrich4eva: I think a butter knife has more personality.

Aryn Able: You are great.

Elizabeth anne: i actually like the books, but i dont mind that you make fun of them because you are HILARIOUS. "Ana has the personality of a butter knife" hahaha

pureimagination1001: this is so freaking great

franzabananza: lol "her friend jacob, i mean jose" GOLD

hollishillis: Next one is up!

Megan Danielle: Lmao!! Well at least you summed up the next book for me... It sounds ridiculous but the way you said it all it's hilarious! You describe it all so funny. I am going to have to read this now just to get a good laugh!

Rubina Chowdhury: I'm in the middle of reading 50 shades darker. I cannot stand Ana's character lol. This video was funny ahaha

LovableChaos: Excuse me? My sister is a butterknife and we find this extremely offensive. My sister has SO much more personality than Ana. XD

Avey H: Seriously thank you for reading these. My fiance's mother was reading these and suggested that I try them out. However, when I found out it was based off a Twilight fanfic.... I really wasn't sure I wanted to invest my time in reading them lol. Thank you for doing it for me so I know what it's about now...lol! Sorry you had to suffer though.

mrow1082: Thank you, your description & facial expressions are PERFECT! I loathed the first book, and I read it out of sheer determination to finish a book cover to cover, but I'm soooo happy to not have to read the rest of the trashy blather! You're awesome :)

young LaraCroft: please read the 3rd , you can save so many lives if you reveal the end of the so called 'trilogy'! :)

Quixotic Taylor: This is hilarious! I love the comment "Anna has the personality of a butter knife!"... funny!

kay9tr: Thank you for posting this! I have had to do research on this book and I could barely make it through the first one! Please do the third! Also your teeth are amazing! Did you have braces?

Skittles001: Can't. stop. laughing. "Great, he owns you now!"

Michelle Castillo: I love all of your posters. <3 Don't blink.

hollishillis: haha thank you. I never had braces. And I will be reviewing the third one soon.

hollishillis: why thanks!

jeannaabrams: Read the third one!!! I'm only about half of the way through the first and was getting super bored so I was looking for plot summaries to save me time because I want to know what everyone is talking about but doubt I will last....however I found both plot summaries very entertaining. Your speaking what the rest of us were thinking. Thank you!

OncieDelms12: " ana has a personality of a butter knife" hahahaha! xD

Hilde Sofia Tveit: Haha! I actually read all three books in a few days - couldn't put them down, butI didn't realize how sucky these books are until I watched this review! You're awesome!

Kareolha: please read the 3rd one!!!

Dancing Diclonius: She stares at brick walls because Christian has the personality of a brick wall.

hollishillis: oh *blushes* thank you

Quixy Kay: ..I am so sorry you read these. Oh my god. I wish I could hug you.

Meaghan Sloand: Thank you for reading this for me so I didn't have to go through the pain of reading it. I (barely) made it through the first one and just couldn't handle attempting the other two without going crazy.

Tanya Cook: Everything you said was so true! Im halfway through the book and i couldnt take it anymore! thanks for the summary!

Christa vdB: You are so funny!!!!! Thank you so much for saving me from the horror of reading this book! You are ridiculously funny! Keep making video's!

Aamira Manjra: Read the last one please :) I hated the first book! I just want to know what petty thing happens to Christian and Ana in the last one without reading it! Work, cry, sleep!

Anh Mai: thank you thank you thank you

hollishillis: Thanks!

SRIYA MUKHERJEE: u r so funny :) thanks for the review won't be buying the book :)

sandanic: you are hilarious! i love the way you did this video.. im currently reading the book now.. and im loving it.. but listening to you makes me realise how truely trashy and repetitive this book is! but its just a guilty pleasure! lol i genuinely love this video!!

Rachael44: Okay, so I was thinking an early summer wedding. A white wedding, or a nice summery yellow with dandilions everywhere and lots of fairy lights at night at the reception.

50 Shades Darker Plot Summary 4.7 out of 5

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