HOW TO WIN Nine Men's Morris BEST TUTORIAL Walkthrough AC3 AC4 Assassin's Creed 3 FurryMurry7

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katy: Thanks only took a few goes using this

Ablon Renegado: Thanks for this video.

kelly Goodman: I'm playing the wiiu version

Cameron Deter: The motherfreaker always ends up cheating on the end. Does bullcrap moves that I am never allowed to do

Samuel Gauna: OH MY GOD THANK YOU! I just won nine men's Morris on AC4 for the first time! And on expert mode!

Slam Bash: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've tried multiple different methods, such as other AI bots (I'd use an online Nine Men's Morris game on hard and replicate what the AC3 bot did, then had Connor move where the other game's AI moved) to no avail and was almost ready to give up this game and thus give up the AC3 Platinum trophy, but this video saved me. When I first watched it I was too impatient and didn't wait to hear the part about not letting them fly. On my second try I blocked all four pieces in a moment of both euphoria and disbelief I never thought I would see. God bless you, kind sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

JRR Talkin': these freaking board games make this game the worst game in all AC history. You can't win. freak the thieves guild. and freak this impossible game.

Stefan Reiter: Very very helpful, I always started wrong, by placing in the spots with four direktions

Garrett: Thank you! With this strategy I finally won and you're right, you do have to use a lot of brain power because a few times I got carried away thinking I won and opened up another door for him to get away from blocking him in. You really have to think a few moves ahead every time.

CheroChess: Outside corners are the same as the inside corners geometrically.

defector antal: I was ready to win I thought. Then he starts doing some crazy crap all over the board. I lost my mind at that point.

Aaron Smock: Everytime, he blocks me, then he spams! This game is so annoying!

Lilith Sykess: lol im at 3:48 and this guy sounds like hes fighting back a cough or something

Gamer1Wolf: doesnt work at all the freaking AI has being programed to do different moves. And force you to lose

Drake Glade: what if the opponent puts his/her piece on the opposite side?

Fearydea: Finally did it. You saved my controller :) Thank you.

Irish Damo: Sry forgot to say cheers for the tip not letting him get three pieces that one is the biz ty makes it much easier to win ty

Irish Damo: A freaken crap game ya have him pinned then he moves where the freak he likes what the freak most freaked up game ever easy to win just crap game

PoeticTwist: One way to truly win this game is this:
1) control the 3 outside corners asap. all 4 corners would be great, if possible.
2) Form mills as things progress early on.
3) When you are down to moving, make sure you have enough freedom to move to form mills, and keep the AI blocked from doing the same. Avoid moving center pieces, if possible.
4) Get it down to two pieces.
As time goes along, and the games get harder, remember the outside corners, and the lines to the inside are your bread and butter. If you can avoid moving the most inside center pieces, unless you have to.
The strategy in the video is a probably a lot easier on higher levels. But one key is three corners, and keeping all three until about 4, then being careful beyond that. It all depends on the AI you play against. The best way to improve understanding of the game is to play several times against the first Nine Men's Morris on the ship. This will be free, and you can refine things there. But remember three outside corners are the key, much like in the video.

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HOW TO WIN Nine Men's Morris BEST TUTORIAL Walkthrough AC3 AC4 Assassin's Creed 3 FurryMurry7 5 out of 5

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