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amrit bhandari: freak you hacker mother freaker my account is locked guys don't try this

Willian SS: yes friend, and I signed clicquei in all things that looked like tanning, comment, etc ... I did all right in the video and even used this site here to find my number of id. (to having to put in the address space of the site url because ta giving error) "" graph. facebook. com / user. name "" and nothing left rolling on site for more than 2 hours to see if it was so expect more went nowhere: CC what you think it will be that I missed was the number of id or else

TECNICOSize: thanksss all for your liiiikes i hope you like that :))

TECNICOSize: for any problem contact me thnks :)

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TECNICOSize: did you follow all steps?? did you subscribe the developers?

Willian SS: I do not speak English use the translator to talk to you, you can help me explain better, or something

TECNICOSize: no it subscribers your account

George Goerir: whats the name of this song?:)

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TECNICOSize: i will make new video to prouve you y be close

TECNICOSize: man it works for me and all others ! remember if you do not subscribe to admin it wont work out ! and it depent to your connection speed ! i will make new video soon to show to all that really works be updated ;)

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Facebook Auto subscribe/ Auto friends adder NEW!! 2012 NEW !! Work 100% 4.4 out of 5

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