Traforaj Electric Einhell BT-SS 405 E

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Florin Daniel Coman: Nu am folosit cel de la Dremel, dar am alte scule de la ei. L-as recomanda pe cel de la Dremel, desi nu l-am folosit (l-am vazut doar si am citit/vizionat review-uri despre el, si mi se pare superior acestuia).

gateway74: Power - 120W S2 5 min

Florin Daniel Coman: @gateway74 It works more minutes, but it's ok if you let it "rest" 2-3 minutes after 15-20 minutes of work.

Florin Daniel Coman: @dreamwisperer It's ok for beginners

hajar yusop: i love to have this item for my art project.. is it ok to use it on mdf board?

Florin Daniel Coman: yes, it's ok for the mdf board

gateway74: Hello, I bought this model, but in the instructions it says: works for 5 minutes, then cool to is true?

Mahmoud Shehata: Sir can you tell me if this saw can cut thick wood, I'm about to buy this but i'll be mostly cutting 18-25 MM plywood will it do ?

Florin Daniel Coman: yes, it can

meneart photography: traforajul asta sau cel de la dremel?

dreamwisperer: Is it a nice scroll saw; Do you suggest it; How easy does it cut wood;
Traforaj electric Einhell BT-SS 405 E 3 out of 5

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traforaj electric - by oscar2doi  (homemade scroll saw)
traforaj electric - by oscar2doi (homemade scroll saw)
Einhell - Power Tools
Einhell - Power Tools

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