Denix Beretta 92 Non-firing Replica Prop Gun M9

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akane tsuneki: なかなかいい・・・

John Rico: I love it i replace recoil spring on harder real beretta recoil spring. And all springs in this pistol) But i not understand why they not made double action system like in Denix Colt python! It will be cool

Aaron Bonatz: What a piece of plastic.

Kylo_ Ren518: It's a non firing replica, made only for looks and display, you guys commenting negatively are jokes, and the prices are decent.

LonerLoner HasABoner: Koko tv, what the freak?

Rape Bird: i can buy an airsoft gun with more working details and realistic looks for $25 hell i have.

Gustav Olsson: Can you lock the slide?

Jeffrey.S 103: is it legal in australia coz I'm gonna buy one

SixtyNine: 125$ for a bad replica with no funktions wich was made outa cheap metalcrap?
I get a high quality blank firing gun, made outa stainless steel and zinc, with all little details, all funktions and and 50 bullets for that money.

Gabe Parra: can you make these guns shoot

DannyBoy: you could get a full metal gas blowback airsoft gun for the price of this.

Adam Morris: I live in Australia and have now ordered 2 replica guns which have arrived without the orange plug in the barrel?

bullshitdetective1: denix are a joke

Simon Michael Morgan: Great reviews, but I have a question. Does the hammer pull from the trigger action? Thanks

Vortexio: u wot m9

A̢̛ ̣̈́s͉͝h̢̛i̪̋t̲͆ ͙̑Y̥̓ó̜u͂͜T̘̔u̪͂b̮̓e̤͝r̯̚: I was going to buy one of these, but through this video I found that nothing on it works, non field strippable, horribly painted, and just sucks in general. Thanks for the warning. Disliked. Also it doesn't really look like it.

Dead Eye: How the hell do you afford all these? Unless you work for the company and just advertise these.

Michael Masiero: Please do a review on the sten mm2 that denix has made Thanks. I just got a denix replica sten mk2 submachine gun about a moth ago here in Australia. Exuse my French but freak man it Awsome. I swear its the best master piece I've seen from denix. I also have a denix m16 and a ak 47 gwhich are also great but the stens are the best I've seen by a long shot. Well I have my sten sitting on a gun rack in my living room Mr t to my tv a d its looks great I just moved into my own house 4 months ago and I can display what ever I want which is great. The sten roosters and clicks just like the real steel. It evehas a rremovable mag by pressing a button. Not only that but you can remove the stock by pressing the release button at the back of the gun. Both the Magizene and stock lock in nice and tight when re inserted which Is a big improvement for denix.

Devin Jordan: Can u get it to fire

Mark Pigeault: Just buy airsoft, cheaper, more real, and just better.

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Denix Beretta 92 Non-firing replica prop gun M9 5 out of 5

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