Quantum Booter!

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NapalmicPotato: free ip guys have fun

Fazzix Lock: crapty. booter and the crapty 12 year old woner who cant code for crap

Ralph Manuel Tantoco: stupid..

iiMayhem: I just want to put this out. I am a minecraft player. And I was an ex staff on a minecraft server. The owner of the minecraft server is also the owner of the quantum booter! The email and password you register into the quantum booter account can be seen from the owner of quantum booter's data base. One click and the owner can steal of your password. So i suggest making a different account if you want to use the booter. The owner's minecraft name is KungFu. You can search him up on enjin and look at his profile. People comment tell him to stop ddosing their servers.

Predictable: guys stop buying this non trustable crap thing look at it. looks like a 3 year old made it use Titanium Stresser.

Leandrito Poderoso: TitaniumStresser is good and ipstresser

arturo campos: i bought this twice and it did not give me my stresser this is bs.

russel vigil: freak quantum booter i payed for thier servise and the next day my account didnt work again no email for rest password thier fags

Dan Zoumas: Free DDoS program @ http://www.sendspace.com/file/3sqos9

TheKingraptor724: Yeaha vbooter doesnt work for me either

André: . . . - - - = = = > > > BOOTHARD.COM

Jack Bill: Toxic BOOTER is the best

Laurits: Use powerstresser . com , indeed the best stresser on the market

Idedications: jamstresser . com Best power stresser!

#Vasilis: The port is 80, dumbass! :facepalm:

TheBazookap1mp: I cant get vbooter to do crap. What is the port of a home computer?? 8080?

#Vasilis: Quantum Booter sucks! Try vbooter.com! It is the best booter.It is both freee and powerfull. :)

Vince ALPHA: the website is down now =(

John Gallagher: Doesnt work for xbox live

XexNobody: Guys check out my video Ipstresser its on my channel its FREE

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Quantum Booter! 5 out of 5

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Quantum Booter!
Quantum Booter!
IpStressing Xyz  Best Web Based Stresser  Best Booter Null Any Connection!
IpStressing Xyz Best Web Based Stresser Best Booter Null Any Connection!
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Testosterone Booster Side Effects
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Top 5 Best Free DDoS Booter / IP Stressers 2017
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how to get a strong free booter

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