Quantum Booter!

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arturo campos: i bought this twice and it did not give me my stresser this is bs.

russel vigil: freak quantum booter i payed for thier servise and the next day my account didnt work again no email for rest password thier fags

Dan Zoumas: Free DDoS program @ http://www.sendspace.com/file/3sqos9

aim T-rusbot: wow a lot of skids that dont know crap of booting only know how to click start attack... plz noobs make your own booter and if you can make it spoof ip and mac so you dont get your own ip logged on the targets router.. and stop buying crap form the internet ONLY if you know what you buy.. and just to buy a booter that dont realy say what you can buy is not a good safe site to buy on skids..

LinkenDescription2013: skiddie

yio hool: hey guys if u want a quantumbooter. buy it from me. i dont want mines no more 5$ paypal. i have a 5minute lifetime.

Itsmitchay: yes it dose.

0907twisteR: Use powerstresser . com , indeed the best stresser on the market

Blastbooter: BlastBooter is a new, CHEAP and extremely POWERFULL BOOTER. The previous version had over 800 members and was a free project. We then decided to move onto bigger and better things. Check my page for the promo video and prices. JUST $25 FOR LIFETIME!

bridahoy: how did u find ip for site?

JoeHuggies: I know one that always hits...No joke

emil pettersson: I bought it, but it wont let me boot.

hunkashoo: cmd: ping URL

Brijac: /watch?v=0KUxyMChQUQ&feature=youtu.be free shell botter ;) Same strenght, just jays is free ^^

White Power: @kne100 what package you got can exhange really want to test this booter!

MrModderNation: hey its pure o souza pm me the way to get it

TheBossnetworks: Lol that booter runs on 2 vps it's a joke morons and hack forums idiots

Jared LaBlue: wtf your booter is down like 24/7

XexNobody: Guys check out my video Ipstresser its on my channel its FREE

Roseldinho: It´s just crap

CombustLemons Tech: can u post all the links u used in the video mainly the one that checks if its down

Mike Lalala: urgent is better

JUSTME543212345: okay i will but it from you but i dont trust random ppl on the interent how do i know if i give you my money you wont just keep it ? im not accusing you of being a thief its just that you cant trust people nowadays my friend let someone get his psn info and they stole his account and spent his money iin his wallet

SoulSplitLures: I've used this, its quite good, but it cant hit websites... Only good for hitting people. & I used this not even a week ago.

TeamExpressHD: I was wondering what is it better to boot on UDP or SSYN and i have another question how does the Resolve Host to IP Address work. can anyone tell me what it is meant for like an example. And can quantum booter actually brake someones router like destroying their router?? Can You Guys please help me by responding by my questions. Thanks

TheKingraptor724: Yeaha vbooter doesnt work for me either

iTsLifeDeRaNk: its pretty decent for hitting people its weak tho

JUSTME543212345: i want it but i have a feeling it is a virus because pretty much every is a pickle these days

Mrzod nono: Guys, did you know Jays booter was updated to This is TOTALLY FREE!!! on 10/28/12 I got it leaked from the actual owner, now comes with no dependencies mediafire.co m/?81v2kv8atm8p6l9

envey113: so if interested hit me up on xbl or just send me a message..oh and i ment to say with quantum ive hit 60 out of 90 my bad

SentToPrison: @owningnewbs You have to wait 3 minutes...

VasilisTh97: The port is 80, dumbass! :facepalm:

danny kennedy: quantumbooter (dot) net here best booter i think it maybe the same

High Trips: It Costs Mulaaaa

Hexy: i cannot get onto the website it will not load up

MUSHROOMZ HD: If You Have Verison Fios, you cant get fit off line with a quantum

MrFatality614: It's off or something.

Configurez: Can You Please Make A New Ticket Saying the person with the username : Configurez isnt working. I reset the password and its still not working. Please message mainiac & tell him to message my aim Configurezz

Nova Archer: fail

emil pettersson: Quantum booter is not that good but it gets the job done. It's not very strong it's actually very weak but it works ;)

SentToPrison: @Emiltaco It has gotten very much stronger in the past 3 weeks, They Switched From using shells to now using Servers to Hit!

DJIxfiction: Site transfered domains to quantumbooter. net

Artisn: You're a piece of crap.

SentToPrison: @Emiltaco Refresh your page bro, Is there any error messages? If you have any more questions please contact me on this account for this is my new account...

bridahoy: share account please!!?!?!

Jarod Cousin: You must of abused.

JUSTME543212345: is it free ? because if its not then i will stick with quantum im tired of handing out money my parents only make 650 k a year we got bills

CrimsonShinobu: you sound like a creep + this is useless against servers that can actually migitate ddos attacks =.=

Holypow3r: how i can get ur bootn ?

SentToPrison: @MrModderNation PM me here. This is my new channel.

Quantum Booter! 3.3 out of 5

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Quantum Booter!
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