Oakley Jawbone Vs Oakley Split Jacket

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Sean Vonheeder: The holes on the ends of the split jackets are for a strap oakley sells along with a rubber gasket system that all snaps in to create the oakley wind jacket. They work well for me on my Harley. Nice video man

eyespy0099: @thpod2002 the asian fit doesn;t change the width of the frame just the narrowness of the nose bridge area so i;m not sure if it will make a difference

eyespy0099: @SHONTONGA06 actually you are able to get vented lenses for the split jacket

Travis Long: Great review. I just lost my Jawbones in the lake and am contemplating trying out the Split Jacket. This helps

eyespy0099: @apprenticesurvivor lol no sorry

John Garst: You can only use the lenses from the other pair if you use the jaws from it as well. So jawbone lenses in split jacket need the jawbone jaw and vice versa. They don't fit perfectly but you can make them work.

edgedweapon88: Those Split Jackets look great. Glad to see another video from you. Keep up the great work my friend.

eyespy0099: @fz492 not that i know of unfortunately

airodnov: @eyespy0099 i went a little crazy, but i've been wanting to put that out there for a while now lol

andylie: @eyespy0099 for real? i mean i want to have that jawbone as my daily use glasses, i doubt it though. what the thickest lense that can fit in jawbone? haha

Nick Lubbers: Which is more comfortable and which is your overall favorite for multiple purposes like outdoors and everyday life?

eyespy0099: @mrbilldo4 yes they should

eyespy0099: @edgedweapon88 thank you

eyespy0099: @thpod2002 i think they carry a couple of colors in polarized vented, black and fire come to mind

alixandervee: great comparison vid...question for you--which of the two frames do you think would be a better fit for a medium to wide face?

aquiesce69: informative even lol :D

eyespy0099: @dthombs lol well i would probably hold of on these for now, too many new styles on the horizon

Anon Ymous: @InfiniBox I have the ghost text model. I've not even worn them yet!

Chuck Norris: Probably not, slightly different shape, but the jawbone lenses will fit the racing jacket and vice versa. You're welcome.

jma018: Do the split jackets come with an additional pair of (raised) nose pieces? Thanks

Ken W.: @chunkofice finally got my in after waiting 7 weeks! but they're awesome!

airodnov: ok this is my last comment, I think lol I really like the split jackets apart from looking a little awkward cause of the larger nose pieces but I do plan to buy the jawbones soon. your split jackets are pretty sick btw

eyespy0099: @007JoeVitto thanks for watching

fchgi fyjfh: What wul u recomnd

Sibdog28: I have the polished black split with blue bolts and jaws, what lenses would you recommend getting?

Bmcfan hG: can you use split lenses in wind jackets?

Enrique Morfin: The holes at the end of the stems are for the strap that comes with the split jacket.

mrbilldo4: If the glasses are hit will the legs snap off like the flak jackets and the half jackets?

jlo019: where did you get your jawbones? I want to get them online from an authorized dealer but in the description it doesn't say anything about the soft vault case or the extra yellow lenses but i am assuming they come with it. I just got custom radarlocks and they are great you should check them out! Thanks

InfiniBox: whats the reason you dont like polarized lenses?

fe za: superb video as always!!!! i have one question: can i remove scratches on my polished black gascan frame??? if yes, how? thanks in advance.

eyespy0099: @proedgebiker thanks for the info

eyespy0099: well the blue for the bolt is called anodized blue. i believe if you get a team blue icon it will match it the best but i can say if it will be 100% the same

eyespy0099: @InfiniBox my eyes are pretty sensitive to sudden changes in light so after 10 minutes of wearinf polarized lenses i start to get a headache

airodnov: One thing about the split jackets is that, for me, when I biked they would touch the top of my cheeks quite a bit and would kind of just get on my nerves, apart from coming a bit too low on the top so when I crouched down I would see out the top which was really annoying. So I switched out the nose pieces to the larger ones and now they work just fine. But another thing about that is that when I wear them casually it looks kind of awkward cause they're like raised, kinda, from my face.

cutthecord: What is the difference betweek mens and womens glasses. I see not physical difference except women glasses are less expensive.

Diogo Cardoso: Tá bom agora traduz isso ai .....

eyespy0099: well the headlight of other cars sometimes bother certain people so if you have something with a slight tint then it will help. also if you ride a motorcycle then they come in handy

eyespy0099: @Valerieannleeh thank you

GAURAV SHARMA: Hi. i am planning 2 buy light +ve red iridium vented lens for my oakley split jacket, please can u show how they look like if u hav them in any pair u have. thanks.

eyespy0099: @andylie both of these frames are prescription ready

berniguitar0747: the holes in the split jacket are to put an elastic when you do a sport. The speed skating obligates skaters to wear an elastic

007JoeVitto: Nice review! I love my jawbones. I found the Split Jackets to be a little tighter on my head, I have a fat head. Thanks for the video man!

Lance Bonner: Split jacket also allows for the wind gasket mount set! so there good to go from cycling to snowboarding.

Brian Poh: the extra holes etc on the split is for the wind jacket accessories

PROEDGEBIKER.COM: @eyespy0099 Both are great Sport Specific Frames specially in the World of Cycling. The size of your face really dictates weather you will use the JAWBONE or the SPLIT JACKET.

Eddie Runcorn: Hey buddy, don't know if you can help but I've seen Oakley do a non-vented 00 Black Iridium polarised lens for the Jawbone. Apart from the venting what's the difference with 00 polarised lens, thanks.

InfiniBox: whats the reason you dont like polarized lenses? and do you have a ghost text with a matte black finish?

eyespy0099: @bobblehead875 the split jacket

Nick Craig: i just noticed looking online, that u can't get vented lenses for split jacket... just another difference...

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Oakley Jawbone vs Oakley Split Jacket 4.6 out of 5

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