Interview With A Legend: Alan Parsons

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Nephilim 81: Love this interview. Thank you.

marty3888: I would have asked are there any albums that you wished you could have worked on.

allan steen iverss√łn: A fine interview !! I really enjoyed listening, and I have to praise you for your relevant and intelligent questions to one of the finest sound blokes around. he really is a legend good old Alan Parsons. Such a shame Eric Woolfson are not here anymore

Hugh Jones: 10:50 Homer Simpson: "...the Alan Parsons Project". Bart Simpson: "Dad, you have the lamest taste in music ever". Interviewer: "What does that feel like?" Alan Parsons: "Oh, it's wonderful".



Austin Dyer: Digital tech now certainly does make everything easier. But so what? It allows everyone to just make endless crap really quickly and easily - thereby making music some utterly robotic, repetitive and soulless commercial monster. The art is being rapidly squeezed out of industries such as music and film, because you just can do whatever you like badly. All the greatest works of art have always involved a great struggle to produce something fresh, from the heart. Now it's almost entirely justabout making more and more gumph and 'content'. Every song now is just about having sex and getting drunk or complaining that a boyfriend left you etc. The most petty, infantile egotistic dogcrap. Oh yea "sick beatz!".. so what? Is that all you can do is a cool riff or hit a few notes well? That's like the very basics of great music, not the pinnacle.. Try actually crafting and spilling your soul into an art form and creating something unique and richly original that makes people think differently in some way. Instead everyone's just trying to repeat the same tired old crape constantly to try and look cool or be a celebrity.

Digital wizardry is only as good as the way you use it.

Joan Wilcox: AP is pure class . . .

glenn wirth: alan parsons has been a great band and still is great time to be a kid .love the music and still do passing it on to my kids and grand kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carlos35432: I love Alan Parsons Project!

Ronald Dreimanis: Al is a incredible composer i wish him and Nick Turner Hawkwind sax icon play together.

DanielMG: he looks like a lizard but he is a music legend.

Lourdes Valenzuela: Inspiration.genius

Benny Hill: The fact is that today we have all this amazing technology but almost ZERO great musical productions.

vegaslover777: He's a musical genius and yet he's so humble.

dan Laslo: First Alan Parsons song that got me hooked was "Games People Play".I heard this song for the first time when my room mate pulled up to me in a newer Porsche 944 in Boblingen Germany in 1984! When I asked for a ride he said NO! I now own an older 944 and play "Games People Play" when I cruise the Michigan countryside! Thanks for the music,peace and long live the soul!

David Chase-Lopes: MP3: "it sucks!" Says it all

william febles: Gracias, Thanks for your time to get the interview with a Hero and most important share to us

Pedro Lemos: I Grew Up listening ALAN PARSONS PROJECT

Sweetbutterflykripperino: Alan Parsons is also a Lion.

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Interview With A Legend: Alan Parsons 5 out of 5

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