Solo Lich King Heroic Retribution Paladin Level 90

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Ssmantha Penigar: I've cleared ICC but don't know how to get to LK.  Great video by the way.  Glad I learned that the death of your character at 10% did not mean having to do the whole fight over.  Hopefully at level 100 it will be easier for me to do, especially since I will be dual-boxing a Frost Mage and BM hunter using two WoD Mecha-Blast rockets on him.

Mr Swaggypants: How do you deal with his throw back?

cheap shots around the world: 120k dps... what the F am i doing wrong i barely do 1% of that damage............

Dan McGladdery: It's a bit stupid how he's 12 foot tall.

Jordan Scavera: Thanks mate, was stuck on 10man heroic lich king as frost dk. Had been 3 years since last run and forgot all the mechanics

prontotip97: O_O (still doing this like 2 years :P)

MorningGlory: i find it an insult to the game and its lore that such beings can be killed by a single person no matter what expansion.raids like illidans lich kings and important stuff should scale and retain the difficulty.what do you think nobbel?

Mordet Iliev: awesome video! and yay its finaly possible to do it on 25 hc with a ret pally :D farming invincible begins now

Oniix Windrunner: I always thought it was crap how the players do all the work but the major npcs get all the credit and glory. Hell we don't even get freaking paid. Like this fight the player does all the work then when Arthas is near death tirion jumps in with one swing and destroys frostmourne. When I first saw that I thought why the hell didn't he just do that from the start. He could have even done it in the DK starting area. But no he waited till all of this crap went down and gets in one hit and bam he's a hero and we just get relegated as the freaking sidekicks.

Commander Kali: The Dialogue, the Voice acting, the setting, the mechanics, the story and the End of this Expansion was ALL very lack luster... Just completely ruined my enjoyment towards the very end of WotlK. It died when Ulduar became so trivial that is still presented more of a challenge than ICC did for it's mechanics and story. Ulduar dominated ICC by far and was so short lived it was disappointing. Wrath of the Death God is what this X-pac should have been called.

Théo Horckmans: Gg

Ramika751: Am i the only one that finds it funny he did a loot check at the end?

Speedwhirl: Dude I spotted so many errors with you and your paladin

olebart: Lol

headfracture: Would you say that 25 man HC LK can now be soloable aswell? As a Ret Paladin ofc.

Kristijan Stevanovic: In this scenario you are The Lich King :)

vanteesomeone: Poor valkyries just floating there like "yo Lich, what are we supposed to do?"

Mert Akçer: Please, can u link ship vid? I cant find it on ur channel

AJ Raynemaker: It's a very mechanical fight...lots of stuff going on...lots of silences, throws, the platform dropping...just so much stuff to pay attention to. I can see where it would have been fun to do in the appropriate sized group. Two manning it was an endless series of frustrations. He's is the only ICC guy I haven't downed, and since I'm unsubbed at the moment, it might stay that way for a while.

AJ Raynemaker: I could have sworn they changed this to where you couldn't be on the stairs or the entire lower area would turn into "defile". Tried two-manning it one time on an 88 Blood DK and an 88 Holy Paladin...of course, the valkyr kept throwing my healer off the edge, which meant no cleansing of Infest. Can't death grip them, Chains of Ice only slows them, and I couldn't dps the 400k off the lovely ladies in blood spec before they reached the edge. Very frustrating. I did get him down to 50%, though.

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Solo Lich King Heroic Retribution Paladin Level 90 5 out of 5

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