Solo Lich King Heroic Retribution Paladin Level 90

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MrHornyboy2000: I always thought it was crap how the players do all the work but the major npcs get all the credit and glory. Hell we don't even get freaking paid. Like this fight the player does all the work then when Arthas is near death tirion jumps in with one swing and destroys frostmourne. When I first saw that I thought why the hell didn't he just do that from the start. He could have even done it in the DK starting area. But no he waited till all of this crap went down and gets in one hit and bam he's a hero and we just get relegated as the freaking sidekicks.

SpairD7: I've read there's a 5th expansion coming out after MoP for WoW. Perhaps the 6th & final expansion could be The Return of the Lich King.

MrAnas1987: i find it an insult to the game and its lore that such beings can be killed by a single person no matter what expansion.raids like illidans lich kings and important stuff should scale and retain the difficulty.what do you think nobbel?

Commander Kali: The Dialogue, the Voice acting, the setting, the mechanics, the story and the End of this Expansion was ALL very lack luster... Just completely ruined my enjoyment towards the very end of WotlK. It died when Ulduar became so trivial that is still presented more of a challenge than ICC did for it's mechanics and story. Ulduar dominated ICC by far and was so short lived it was disappointing. Wrath of the Death God is what this X-pac should have been called.

namaikati putkata: awesome video! and yay its finaly possible to do it on 25 hc with a ret pally :D farming invincible begins now

Ramika751: Am i the only one that finds it funny he did a loot check at the end?

Théo Horckmans: Gg

Speedwhirl: Dude I spotted so many errors with you and your paladin

SpairD7: "There must allways be... *takes on sunglasses* A lich king,,, Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa" lol

SlegarT TanissE: ı did it 25 heroic with my blood dk

Ole Martin Kvam: Lol

headfracture: Would you say that 25 man HC LK can now be soloable aswell? As a Ret Paladin ofc.

Kristijan Stevanovic: In this scenario you are The Lich King :)

maxi30100: Gratz

Blablavx: Only noobs playing DK

Juan Carlos Gutierrez: Muy buen video, voy a tener que subir mi paladin

HavndrupHD: There must allways be... *takes on sunglasses* A lich king,,, Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nobbel87: Depending on your source it's either: Strength > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (7.5%) > Haste > Crit = Mastery or Hit Rating (until the 7.5% hit cap) > Strength> Expertise Rating (until the 7.5% expertise cap) > Haste Rating > Mastery Rating > Critical Strike Rating Join my facebook if you have any other questions, easier than the limited comment section. (Link is on my youtube page)

jian paulo: Ninja looter!!!!

David Rebollar: I cant even solo ToC regular 10 man.

Wotlk Tutorials: Can you tell me server name pls? :) And i want to play this :) SOLO

jezrik: was this 10man or 25?

ezland100: Very well done, I wish I had the exp, gear and know how to do that!

Jimmie Nilsson Eder: I dont get why arthas has to be so big, he is a regular human thoe, same with king varian and loads of other npcs, why? They are just humans

Asdadin: Lvl 80 dk's can solo the lich king :D

rac585: what's funny is im pretty sure level 80 pallys can solo 25 heroic.

mavsmaniac123: Sorry i am a noob but does this mean he is alive if he was talking while frozen?

Helgi Páll Eiríksson: lol Cata wasn't a part of wow? what drugs are you on?

kirby4815162342: How the hell did you get past the dragon in which you need to heal..?

HCSR2: Valkyr's don't pick up the tank.

Mohamed Alhosani: I can agree with you on Cata but MoP is part of WoW ...if your a real fan of the game you would know that

bhauzery: Im guessing whoever pulling the strings behind Varimathras might pull a full scale invasion and maybe Bolvar will become a major npc like Thrall and Furion in the recent series. Possibly the Death Knights will become realigned with Bolvar considering Bolvar is something like a Superior/Commander in Chief to Highlord Darion Morgraine, I can imagine Morgraine will not mind as much working for him since DKs originally was raised, trained and Knights of Lich King

Nobbel87: I was checking the same for this fight, but I think they've changed that.

Braverocker: Gratz!

PersueEngard: Wohoo you finally made it! Good job! I love your videos and your channel! Keep it up!

William Franklin: it must be hard im sure my 600k palidin can do it

Joshua Ayers: That was sweet. Well done! Proud to be a Ret Pally!!!

kpsting: Do you have one-button macro for melee skills or you're just using key-board

RallahpeniousGaming: Good job mate! :)

Nobbel87: For fighting? Not really... I used DeadlyBossMods when I was leading our raid team. Other addons that I use on a regular basis are: Postal Recount NPCScan Raid Achievement TomTom Reforger Lite Auctionator

MasterDifficult: This would make a great new X-pac Bolvar as the lich king.

keith danny: OMG how did you kill a 100m hp boss.

UnderGroundMerlin: Awesome. I'm saved to ICC right now and on LK. Gonna go try and kill him now before the restart


vanteesomeone: Poor valkyries just floating there like "yo Lich, what are we supposed to do?"

Raretimer Huolon: Gratz!

Lazel: And stop clicking t.t

Nobbel87: You mean Tirion? Yeah he was kept alive to watch the Lich King turn his heros into agents of the scourge.

Nobbel87: My gear was a combination of Looking for raid gear and valor point gear. The 4 piece paladin set bonus reduced the cooldown of Avenger's Wrath to 2 minutes. With 5.2 they reduced the cooldown for every paladin. I'll post a complete description of my gear with the guide.

captaincooool: Men want to be you, women want to be with you. lol. All joking aside, Pretty awesome feat

Solo Lich King Heroic Retribution Paladin Level 90 4.8 out of 5

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