Solo Lich King Heroic Retribution Paladin Level 90

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SpairD7: I've read there's a 5th expansion coming out after MoP for WoW. Perhaps the 6th & final expansion could be The Return of the Lich King.

SpairD7: "There must allways be... *takes on sunglasses* A lich king,,, Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa" lol

Ramika751: Am i the only one that finds it funny he did a loot check at the end?

Ole Martin Kvam: Lol

SlegarT TanissE: ı did it 25 heroic with my blood dk

Kristijan Stevanovic: In this scenario you are The Lich King :)

Speedwhirl: Dude I spotted so many errors with you and your paladin

headfracture: Would you say that 25 man HC LK can now be soloable aswell? As a Ret Paladin ofc.

maxi30100: Gratz

Blablavx: Only noobs playing DK

Juan Carlos Gutierrez: Muy buen video, voy a tener que subir mi paladin

Wowluckylolz: There must allways be... *takes on sunglasses* A lich king,,, Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nobbel87: Depending on your source it's either: Strength > Melee Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (7.5%) > Haste > Crit = Mastery or Hit Rating (until the 7.5% hit cap) > Strength> Expertise Rating (until the 7.5% expertise cap) > Haste Rating > Mastery Rating > Critical Strike Rating Join my facebook if you have any other questions, easier than the limited comment section. (Link is on my youtube page)

jian paulo: Ninja looter!!!!

David Rebollar: I cant even solo ToC regular 10 man.

Wotlk Tutorials: Can you tell me server name pls? :) And i want to play this :) SOLO

jezrik: was this 10man or 25?

ezland100: Very well done, I wish I had the exp, gear and know how to do that!

Jimmie Nilsson Eder: I dont get why arthas has to be so big, he is a regular human thoe, same with king varian and loads of other npcs, why? They are just humans

Asdadin: Lvl 80 dk's can solo the lich king :D

rac585: what's funny is im pretty sure level 80 pallys can solo 25 heroic.

mavsmaniac123: Sorry i am a noob but does this mean he is alive if he was talking while frozen?

Helgi Páll Eiríksson: lol Cata wasn't a part of wow? what drugs are you on?

kirby4815162342: How the hell did you get past the dragon in which you need to heal..?

HCSR2: Valkyr's don't pick up the tank.

Mohamed Alhosani: I can agree with you on Cata but MoP is part of WoW ...if your a real fan of the game you would know that

bhauzery: Im guessing whoever pulling the strings behind Varimathras might pull a full scale invasion and maybe Bolvar will become a major npc like Thrall and Furion in the recent series. Possibly the Death Knights will become realigned with Bolvar considering Bolvar is something like a Superior/Commander in Chief to Highlord Darion Morgraine, I can imagine Morgraine will not mind as much working for him since DKs originally was raised, trained and Knights of Lich King

Nobbel87: I was checking the same for this fight, but I think they've changed that.

Braverocker: Gratz!

PersueEngard: Wohoo you finally made it! Good job! I love your videos and your channel! Keep it up!

William Franklin: it must be hard im sure my 600k palidin can do it

Joshua Ayers: That was sweet. Well done! Proud to be a Ret Pally!!!

kpsting: Do you have one-button macro for melee skills or you're just using key-board

RallahpeniousGaming: Good job mate! :)

Nobbel87: For fighting? Not really... I used DeadlyBossMods when I was leading our raid team. Other addons that I use on a regular basis are: Postal Recount NPCScan Raid Achievement TomTom Reforger Lite Auctionator

MasterDifficult: This would make a great new X-pac Bolvar as the lich king.

keith danny: OMG how did you kill a 100m hp boss.

UnderGroundMerlin: Awesome. I'm saved to ICC right now and on LK. Gonna go try and kill him now before the restart


vanteesomeone: Poor valkyries just floating there like "yo Lich, what are we supposed to do?"

Raretimer Huolon: Gratz!

Lazel: And stop clicking t.t

Nobbel87: You mean Tirion? Yeah he was kept alive to watch the Lich King turn his heros into agents of the scourge.

Nobbel87: My gear was a combination of Looking for raid gear and valor point gear. The 4 piece paladin set bonus reduced the cooldown of Avenger's Wrath to 2 minutes. With 5.2 they reduced the cooldown for every paladin. I'll post a complete description of my gear with the guide.

captaincooool: Men want to be you, women want to be with you. lol. All joking aside, Pretty awesome feat

Jesse Manglona: was this done before the patch where you couldn't heal with that one thing?

Sam Elliott: Hey it's Brand!

WRSchro: and to think at level 80 this crap was soooooo god damn hard barely anyone could do it haha

Wotlk Tutorials: Tell server name pls :)

Mert Akçer: Please, can u link ship vid? I cant find it on ur channel

Solo Lich King Heroic Retribution Paladin Level 90 4.8 out of 5

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