12 Rocket Stove Mass Heaters - Efficient Wood Heat

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will: How does the moisture from the thermal mass get into the pipe which is then exhausted since the pipe goes thru the thermal mass just wondered.

tammy c: Do any of these use a manifold below the barrel to vent it out?

Les Merveilles Du Verger: cool stuff....my next project :)

wilburbonzo: exhaust not exaust

888mrshu: residual  heat is not for outside , i you  aint gonna store it don't burn it outside,,cooking wood or heating wood, your choice,but please not outside,wear a coat or pullover dont heat the sky 

trackerbignose: This may sound like a dumb question but , in the seated area of it . How do you clean the ducting of soot if there is a long distance from any entry. Currently defining one for outdoor cooking and sitting , I'm just trying to figure out any problems I may have before I get to the .

JJ west: just asking ; why not just put in a fireplace ? seems to me it would be easier .

Bill Wrin: It seems to be that the area you are calling the combustion chamber would be better described as the heat exchanger. From the illustrations on Richsoil.com the burning is done by the time it gets there.

888mrshu: most people tell you they have a wood burner and they are not lying it burns wood and sends the heat up the stack, do they know their flue gas  temp , most rocket stove flues  are below condensing temp unless been alight for 8 hours or more hence the steam from flue without a computer controlling it ,or electricity if you have one don't tell anyone because your fuel source will be consumed by somebody that lives near you  ive had one for three years an they don't work , but they sent someone from smart meter people to find out why I wasn't using piped  gas and only electricity, I pay the rental  for gas in case I need it

Francois Couturier: Are any of these build were it is actually cold like - 40, I  don't think so....It's usually built in desert area , I think on dirt floor no wood floor . I 've been posting comments like this on may be 30 youtube channel and no one ever respond so i think it is  probably true what i'm saying ...Or they say ... no it true but they live in apartment building ...

RichieRench: Does any one know how hot the base of the combustion chamber gets?  I am thinking of building one in my home but my floor is wood over a craw space. All the photos and videos I can find the RMH's are build over dirt or stone.

Clown Whisper: I have a tiny house with a basement. I want to build one in my basement with no bench. would it be as efficient if I omitted the bench? perhaps simply build mass up around the barrel instead?

Joel Warren: I have a rocket mass heater up and running, you can view it here. I have seen some of your instuctional videos. I wondered what you are using for a finish on the dried cob?

Franken Stein: Well, there was something about that stove at 3:00 that didn't look quite right.. a lot of particulate buildup on the the wall. Shoddy design

Susan Sellen: When will this efficiency be combined with beauty? Surely someone could create a visually appealing version of this.

przypadkowyObywatel: as you are removing. ash after burning wood? sorry for my bad english.I do not understand where is the ash from wood?

1971mgb: I see the slits and thanks,but the idea I am installing is air tubes injecting fresh air in the flue to create a secondary burn similar to wood gas generators. Right above the primary flame where any unspent wood gas mould collect. An afterburner of sorts to the primary rocket action.

durlydurl: Hi. I remembered reading your comment when I saw this video: watch?v=9GHgdOXNxh4 Notice the slits cut in the burn tube. It appears to work! Thought provoking.

paul wheaton: have you read the article? You probably want a six inch system.

TheProfKent Kent: these sound great but i've been watching vids on here for a couple weeks but i still can't determine how big it needs to be to heat our 500sq ft cabin. i dont wanna cook the wife and i deff dont wanna freeze the baby lol. anyone have any suggestions?

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12 rocket stove mass heaters - efficient wood heat 5 out of 5

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