Let's Build Real Grade Gundam Pt08

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Mahel_kun: great vid i just got back in to the Gunpla game after crap load of years of being out lol and it feel good plus the tip i picked that i would of never though help to

Bailey Lam: You wet it? I thought you just stick it on.

TransKoyu: cool i like this this will work for my unicorn gundam

Adrian Lam: although this is an old video, thank you for showing me the white and grey canisters that you use plus the results of them =]

puah zhi jian: You can sprayed the darker red with flat coat and the brighter red with semi gloss.Hope that helps^_^

marluxia0080: what i do it i cut out the peice submerge it in water then gently us some twezzers to apply the decal

FooYoungHi: Very nice tutorial, this actually convinced me to give it a shot with one of my kits! With stuff like that I'm always scared to mess it up, but it doesn't look all thát hard. Will the next vid be about panel lining?

Deathofblades: @unknowntzs Or another method is to spray a clear paint, gloss coat or a flat coat onto the piece you placed the decal on.

NeuesZiel: Are you having problems fitting the small parts together with them being painted? Great tutorial, I find a toothpick is also useful for arranging the decal. Another question: Are Samuel's decals of better quality than Bandai's? Haven't tried them out yet.

Kevin K: wasnt the rooster pit hatch to the gundam torso originally red? O.o im confused now lol

unknowntzs: @vegeta8259 Ok, thanks vegeta. =)

Yoshi Karakuraizer: Great tutorial . Thanks vegeta . I had trouble with dry transfers and messed a good number of them up . Next time I will consider buying water slides .

Wizartar: Qtip flick! cool tip. Prefer water decals over all other kind no matter the scale. Wish Bandai included more of them in the box and not as after market! Also Bandai not releasing Watersides for MKII PG or the HY2M Rick Dom just does my head in!!

Allan Diñoso: @unknowntzs I applied mine without paints and it sticks very well even you touch it

GunPla Fixation: Love your flick and place technique, will try it next time. On big decals though, you have no choice but to use the traditional method.

WarWolve4saken: Awesome tutorial! I've never bothered trying to put waterslide decals on before. They seemed like too much of a hassle. This seems like a great way to do it. I'm definitely going to try this! Keep up the good work. You're my (and my friends too) go to guy when we have questions about modeling and Gundpla. Your model reviews have saved me lots of time and money as is!

00gundamreviews: @henryizer hes actually pretty good at it. i see no problems at all with his work.

vegeta8259: @mangamania97, that would be a GNX III

japanesesandman: Thanks for the nice tutorial! Very helpful and easy to understand.

PreOAP: Thanks Vegeta I never really knew how to apply them properly, so I didnt bother in the end. Now I will be able to handle decals and put them where they belong.....

Nigee Woo: Tickers first or Top Coat ?

Tigerr4Ruler: great tip with the qtip, have to try finding it tedious, would be nice if you could say if you do anything special to a curved surface when applying a wet decal?

vegeta8259: @NeuesZiel, No, I think I sprayed the paint on thin enough that I've had no trouble fitting the parts together. And I would say that Samuel's decals are slightly lower quality than Bandai's. They're nice, but they're not pre-cut. And they're thinner and a bit more finicky than Bandai's...

aeminence: @vegeta8259 Do you have decal tweezers from tamiya ( doesnt have to be tamiya ) I use them for water slide decals and I never have problems with them. Cut em out, dip them in water, let it chill for a couple seconds, pick up the slide ( the paper + the decal ) and slide the decal off the paper and into the piece. Keep some water on it so u can jsut slide it into place. Aslong as theres some water and it hasnt settled you can fiddle around until its perfect.

vegeta8259: @arronpoh123, not using primer almost always causes bubbles or wrinkling in the paint...

OdeToSoIitude: i wouldnt say its your way, i think of it as a different way.

Watchhead11: Where did you get the water decals? I can't find them anywhere..

Etherdave: This business with the Q-tip is very interesting to me, because I have never seen it practised outside of the Gundam-building community. I prefer steel forceps myself for waterslides, and of course, setting solution allows for better precision in placing. The poster's advice is apt, though... decals prefer greatly a painted surface

TheArbiterand117: @vegeta8259 it the gnx 2 cuz it's red

Deathofblades: @unknowntzs Like what Vegeta8259 said. They stick a lot better when painted. But I believe in Hlj.com they have a product by Mr. Color. It is a bottle of this liquid stuff with a brush on the cap and you brush it on the place you're going to place the decal on. And what it does is it helps the Decals set easily and also melts them (not in a bad way but melt them down into the paint so they won't slip off but merge with the surface of the piece.

AnimeLeo1000: Thanx for the tutorial,Needed it since i'm New to building Models..Now to add the Water Decals to my MG Shin Musha,Wing Zero & Deathsycthe Hell x3

EsfixLock: Why are people being all rude too this guy he is frincken awesome and his tutorials for some reason don't bore me to crap like other peoples tutorial vids! Great job on the gundam so far dude!

jkdarlow: Damn, your some kind of magician, flicking the decals off so fast and perfectly

suiton629: you should just paint those copper ones... the stickers i hear comes off pretty easily. it would look so much better if you painted it since you did paint most of the kit anyway...

0Stuxxy0: Mind blown with your technique. I will use it from now on.

AlexRudiyanto: @vegeta8259 I know this reply/question is waaaayy too late,but still, I'd like to ask this. So if I didn't paint the kit, I'd better use the clear stickers rather than water slides decals or I could still use the water slides? Sorry if you had this question so many times, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

vitzrsx: Nicely done! I especially like your technique and put it in practice in the future. I bet the reason people find waterslide difficult must've been wrong tools.

UlrichVIII: nice tutorial dude :D thx for all ;D

Dragonman0876: Hey Vegeta, notwithstanding some of the bad comments posted below, I think u're doing an excellent job. :) It takes time and effort to produce a video, so thanks ya. I usually finish off with Mark softer and spray a top coat (Matt or gloss) as it almost, if not completely eliminates the side lines making it look very natural.

chuchokain: vegeta... can u tell me wherr did u find those waterdecals??? i can't find them anywhere???

Tachikaze: Aw man, I ordered the water slides but I didn't know it didn't have the shiny accents. What a disappointment...

GXPT2000: @vegeta8259 are you going to top coat your gundam?? if yes, hope you can do a tutorial for that.. always wondered how you do top coating :p

bminsein: do i need to sand the parts befor i paint?

00gundamreviews: bravo vegeta! excellent work! ^^

arronpoh123: vegeta i need help i tried painting my rx 78 and i did what you did but when it dried there was bubbles all over.the only thing i did not do was spray primer

bminsein: So i should paint/spray my model first and then use the water decal slide? Does the water slide decal sheet also come with where the stickers are supposed to go on the model or do i have to get it from somewhere else? BTW it is the 1/100 Cherudim model

AgitoTwinks: I'm having a problem with the decals. I put them on but later on they just fall off. Help?

puah zhi jian: Alot of people find Water slide decal difficult and troublesome as you know that beginners don't have much patient.I don't find that troublesome and difficult beucase that water slide decal doesn't appear as obvious as Dry transfer and peel off stickers.You can make it look as if it is molded to the plastic by using Mr Mark Setter and Mr Marker Softer.

metalheadrhett: Can you apply it to straight plastic? Or does it need to be painted or clear coated?

vegeta8259: @danelting2, tomorrow :)

Let's Build Real Grade Gundam pt08 4.9 out of 5

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