Let's Build Real Grade Gundam Pt08

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Bailey Lam: You wet it? I thought you just stick it on.

TransKoyu: cool i like this this will work for my unicorn gundam

Adrian Lam: although this is an old video, thank you for showing me the white and grey canisters that you use plus the results of them =]

metalheadrhett: Can you apply it to straight plastic? Or does it need to be painted or clear coated?

Jkyc: Mind blown with your technique. I will use it from now on.

Hai Tran: Hey Vegeta, how long did it take to paint the whole kit and making it?

ChexGuy331: You can still use waterslides, but I think you'll want to use a setting solution, like a combination of Mr. Mark Setter/Mark Softer or MicroSet/MicroSol. There's plenty of videos on how to use those.

Sly -UX1XN: Do you need primer for airbrush.

AlexRudiyanto: @vegeta8259 I know this reply/question is waaaayy too late,but still, I'd like to ask this. So if I didn't paint the kit, I'd better use the clear stickers rather than water slides decals or I could still use the water slides? Sorry if you had this question so many times, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

AnimeLeo1000: Thanx for the tutorial,Needed it since i'm New to building Models..Now to add the Water Decals to my MG Shin Musha,Wing Zero & Deathsycthe Hell x3

Allan DiƱoso: @unknowntzs I applied mine without paints and it sticks very well even you touch it

TheArbiterand117: @vegeta8259 it the gnx 2 cuz it's red

Watchhead11: @Watchhead11 Nevermind I got them :) Thanks for the tutorial! Thanks to this It made me feel good on buying water slides.

Watchhead11: Where did you get the water decals? I can't find them anywhere..

Nigee Woo: Tickers first or Top Coat ?

Deathofblades: @unknowntzs Or another method is to spray a clear paint, gloss coat or a flat coat onto the piece you placed the decal on.

Deathofblades: @unknowntzs Like what Vegeta8259 said. They stick a lot better when painted. But I believe in Hlj.com they have a product by Mr. Color. It is a bottle of this liquid stuff with a brush on the cap and you brush it on the place you're going to place the decal on. And what it does is it helps the Decals set easily and also melts them (not in a bad way but melt them down into the paint so they won't slip off but merge with the surface of the piece.

The Syndicate: Good vid I never knew what was the differencevbetween decals and stickers( becuzz i'm new to gundam models)

bminsein: do i need to sand the parts befor i paint?

bminsein: So i should paint/spray my model first and then use the water decal slide? Does the water slide decal sheet also come with where the stickers are supposed to go on the model or do i have to get it from somewhere else? BTW it is the 1/100 Cherudim model

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