HK450 With KDS Flymentor 3D Gyro

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Tony Hodgson: Sorry to say this but that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen a pilot do with a 450 size bird to grab hold of it in flight, regardless of its stability, 10 feet minimum distance should be kept at all times during flight... Your a fool, nothing clever about that at all...

RC MA: if you don't have vibration in your helicopter that can help you, but you must setup the flymentor well first and eliminate all vibration of your heli

Amir Ashraf Yusof: Impressive ! Im new to the 6ch Heli and i found tht its kindda hard to control my KDS 450qs, i can't fly my Heli more then 0.5m because it keep on going to the left and right during my throttle up. I heard a lot about this flymentor, so before i buy it, did u think this flymentor can help me balance my heli during the take off? TY :)

im4711: That does not look very stable at all. I can run my FBL system and it is more stable hands free.

jasmine2501: @0n3m1s1s0 CAME HERE TO SAY THAT! Extremely dangerous what is shown in this video, and the thing isn't even working right. Certainly not well enough to put your life in its hands.

kezibus: Flymentor ist schon was feines! Wenn jemand Interesse an einem Flymentor hat, ich hätte noch 2 abzugeben. Also schreibt mich einfach an. Mein Youtube Accountname ist kezibus.

RC MA: @0n3m1s1s0 i dont have video sorry, now i m using the FMA copilot is better than kds for what i m planing to do with my helicopter

0n3m1s1s0: @rosiris3 ahh ok :) do you have a vid of it propperly setup?

RC MA: @lothar2048 yes i changed now for FMA CDP II,

RC MA: @0n3m1s1s0 it was just test after crash the helico was not balanced at all,

0n3m1s1s0: @rosiris3 get a helicommand 3D! costs alot more but theres none of the bobbing and dancing around like this system seems to do from all the videos ive watched.

RC MA: @armitatay528 thanks man

RC MA: @wolfysylbla c bien pour les débutant qui veulent pas crashe, je l ai acheté juste pour faire des photos aérienne. c est pas indispensable

RC MA: check this FMA Co-pilot 2 , that stabilize too

RC MA: Hello from Canada, yes it stabilizes and make the flight easy, the helicopter is almost horizontal, but you must playing all the time with the sticks to keep the altitude and position,

Rodrigo Amorim: Hello from Brazil! I have a company that makes aereal photografies and today I am using a T-REX 450 V3 to fly with a cam and make photos. I am really interesting in buy a Flymentor system, but my doubt is: Flymentor can stabilizer the helicopter in hight altitudes (like 20 - 30 meters from the ground)???

Carl Machin Chose: t de you rosiris??? c un bo terrain de jeux ca

RC MA: @chopper500gt j'arrive pas a éliminé les vibration de mon helico (helico deja crasher) pour fair un autre tester car sa affecte le sensor optic du KDS, s'il y a pas de vibration sur ton HK500 je pense pas qu'il y aura de problème

Carl Machin Chose: et puis...depuis le temps,est ce mieux?...est tu toujours satisfait car je songe a en installer un sur mon agusta hk500 gt

187 Truck: is that you?flying with no hands....hahaha!!! your a stuntman dude....very stable!!!

HK450 with KDS flymentor 3D gyro 5 out of 5

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HK450 with KDS flymentor 3D gyro
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