How To Install Ubuntu On Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet!

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vengadesh venki: It require size of ram

Steve JobsFan!: Does this work with the sm-t350

Clive: You can 'RUN' anything on anything with VNC, this is not installing you div.

Krzysiek Galant: Guys I can"t write anything when it says to write my password, what am i doing wrong? (I can only press ENTER and it says that password is too short, and again and again and again the same)

MtotheM: If you have a constant internet connection, just connect to your home PC from were ever you are, Work, School etc. Or you can even make a virtual machine just for use together with your tablet if you wanted to. then you get desktop kind of performance, with fairly low input lag. I use Teamviewer, works great.

Mohd Firoz: hey max...good day to you...sorry to ask u this question can i install ubuntu in my galaxy grand i9082 without using vnc servers etc. mean to say full install linux on the phone itself...thou...

Dinosaur Nerd: "how to remote desktop into an ubuntu server with galaxy tablet"
fixed your title

Sepehr Jafari: Hi. I have a Lenovo s5000-h tablet and I need to install ubuntu on it. The ram is 1GB, android is 4.4.2 and the kernel is 3.4.67. I don't know if installing ubutu on my device will be OK. Do you think it'll work?

Frank Rizzo: Bullcrap title

Soporte Lester: EL TUTORIAL ES EXCELENTE AMIGO, SOLO QUE LA CALIDAD DEL VIDEO ES MUY BAJA, NO LOGRO ver el procedimiento CORRECTAMENTE. agradeceria mucho si mejoras la calidad del video. gracias.

Paul Naama: this is vnc (remote desktop). change video title pls and remove word "install". deceptive.

Henry J Anderson II: Do you really know what the hell you are doing?!  Install some stuff, connect this thingy?  Seriously!  Ubuntu already has a version you can install on top of Android, read up on their forums... (BTW way to go bricking the tablet, and anyone who uses Ubuntu knows that you always type sudo apt-get update..  You're missing the sudo, thus this is not a real version of Ubuntu...)     Serious FAIL!

George Va: What are the recommended requirements (Hard disk, RAM, etc.) in order to work on a tablet?

Righen Sawmynaden: How to enable internet or wifi on ubuntu android??

Captain Lemon: the ubuntu itself is fast, but not the vnc, i would recommend realvnc and compare it with that, see the difference? thats what i thought first when i installed ubuntu.

Alan Mass: I have got a HP Slate 21 running a very lazy android that has a lot of issues and does nothing I ask it to. I would like to replace the whole OS with a Ubuntu distribution, keeping all the touchscreen options and the keyboard functions. Would you know how to do it on this particular machine (Tegra4, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 21 inch HD touchscreen). THX

Matthew wise: does anyone know if you can do this with nook color?

alexander kvarv: when im goin to type in "bootubuntu" this shows up " /system/bin/sh: bootubuntu: not found " and yes the file is in the folder!  .. whyy is this happending?? 

Cesar Vezga: This is just a remote access to lonux running un your PC. This process only install vnc client on your tablet. :(

Rohan Morris: after the "bootubuntu" i keep getting the error
"error while loading shared libraries cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory"

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
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How to Install Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet!
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