Using FPGA Hardware For Bitcoin Mining At Home

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Tycho343: Sorry, not interested in Ztex. Not so much time is left for FPGA mining, so I'd better go with reusable ones :)

Zurab Lezava: Привет, выглядит классно. Какие фпга?

ksubikillah: will you make a tutorial on how to build in the future?

DarkTrunksGeorgeSim: Hah, cool. The pirates of the 21st century.

Tycho343: Yes, FPGAs are good for such applications (not ANY general purpose calculations, but mostly integer/binary, related to cryptography). You should note that designing for FPGA may be much more difficult that programming for GPUs, so it's useful when you need lower power consumption or higher scalability.

Mountshilol: Are us selling off any of rigs now?

Tycho343: @dutchFurries this current setup is connected using USB cable to each of the boards. Price and availability depends on the quantity required.

Tycho343: @nlucctw2 current and expected prices are in range of $400 to $580 for one dual-chip board. More efficient and cheap designs may appear later.

Keith B: how can i make one ?

dare21magine: whats the board your using ? please ?

Tycho343: Sorry, but you can't if you have to ask. You need a Spartan6 150 version chip with appropriate power supply, but it's BGA and very difficult to solder at home, almost impossible.

teknic111: I am very new to FPGA boards. Can these be used for other GPU intensive applications, such as Pyrit?

Tycho343: Those are ready to use boards. You just plug them in and launch the software.

Tycho343: JTAG connection is available.

ALTElektrik: а музло то наш играет.... по нему и спалился...

Mountshilol: I admit I am a not a hardware technical guy but I want to create a mining rig or by one that using the new fpgas not the old gpus how did you get yours up and running?

Tycho343: Yes, but you are talking about BFL which I'm not interested in :) Otherwise OK.

Benjamin Perry: where did you buy this cards ?

Andrew Boynton: can you explain?

Andrew Boynton: how do you program the boards to mine though?

Tycho343: Thanks. Those boards are based on Spartan6 FPGA.

sinnersaintx1: what model fpga are you using?

Mountshilol: question I know someone in the bitcoin economy is making money and we all know its not the miners bc minining be blamed for all sorts of hackings and pump and dump but then why are there some many exhange websites and whats funny they build programs to create better exchanges some with fees so doesn't anyone build a program to fix the hashing because this i cryptography 21 million what about being unlimitless and allowing the users to create there own business or pump and dump

CRAKIZGOOD: i keep seeing you using the words "reusable" when your talking about FPGA what do you mean exactly ?

Tycho343: I sold all my GPUs recently, but why would I sell FPGAs ?

Tycho343: No, it won't become mainstream BECAUSE of ASICs. Mining is just a service task like transaction processing by Visa/MasterCard. You don't need to mine anything, just use bitcoins for payments. It's not a make-money-scheme, it's a currency. You aren't mining USD, right ? :)

sashadevet: круто. $ в день имеешь? и причём тут сиетема)

Tycho343: Added song info to the description.

Thiago Borges: so.. specs please?

MinecraftMan7778: first. i know this is old. second. i bet you money i could get it for less than 1k. usd.

thegreathead: where would someone get this equipment and the software to run it?

евгений бровкин: за сколько сделаешь подобную Штуковину?

Niko Punin: I'm selling ztex 1.15x boards 27BTC a piece

CRAKIZGOOD: i have a question ive seen some people have huge GPU bitcoin rigs everywhere which just uses ALOT of power but these FPGA can do the same amount of work for about the same price/performance without using alot of power

CRAKIZGOOD: with ASIC approaching it seems that bitcoin will become mainstream because of how cheap they will be will difficulty the difficulty increase ? btw how many bitcoins do u get per day ?

Andrew Boynton: I will pay you if you can help me get these and program them. how many hashes do you get?

Emanuel Maia: Helllo Tycho how can i build one just like yours can you tell me. please send me a message

Tycho343: I only said it twice :) It means that some FPGA mining products can be used for other purposes without unsoldering the chip. Icarus and Lancelot boards have LOTS of GPIO pins routed + lots of chip interconnection channels, so they can be used for many other FPGA projects or sold to someone.

Voodoo Hack: where can we buy parts :)

Tycho343: Same as everyone else - Xilinx Spartan6

Tycho343: You can google for "JTAG". It's a special kind of interface that is using for diagnostics and bitstream flashing.

Mountshilol: So basically you don't have anything to sell?

2jpu524: Do you write your own HDL code? ..You likely will be able to boost your maximum frequency by pipelining. I've seen many cases where a design stuck at 52 MHz would be able to run at 528MHz (8 tap FIR filter, not pipelined vs 8 stage pipelined). It also pays to understand the internal architecture of your FPGA (like the DSP48 multiply accumulate blocks found in the Xilinx FPGA's) ..

orangedac: What's the song in the background?

Craig McLeod: May I ask which is the best of model to use: there appear to be a number of them: I looked up the spartan 6 series and there are pages and pages of them with slightly varying specs. I would like to setup 1000 of them.

Tycho343: I can recommend "Lancelot" boards. They are not available to general public yet, but it's the most reusable FPGA solution ATM.

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Tycho343: @blackbeard68 each board is hashing at 370 MH/s, 20W, nice and silent. I'll never build a GPU rig anymore :)

Tycho343: Yes, FPGAs use around 7-8 times less power than GPUs at same hashrate.

nlucctw2: how much do these cost?

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Using FPGA hardware for bitcoin mining at home
Using FPGA hardware for bitcoin mining at home
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