Fake PS3 Controller. How To Tell

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markus rose: hahaha

Kuhanraaj Thanasegaran: I don't get it the controller. That came with my PS 3 has the sticker that he said fake but the controller that I bought from a shop has the sticker that he said real but my controller.I bought the joysticks sounds loud when pushed. GUYS HELP ME PLEASE

slut feast: original ps3 controller u should see a big TOSHIBA CHIP on the motherboard...just lift up the battery and u should see it....if your controller have the toshiba chip it real...

Paulo: I just bought a controller off of ebay for $30 and got it because it said that it was official and price was great. After seeing reviews and feedback I see that the guy has sold other people fake controllers. Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive to see if it's real or fake. Great vid, very informative. Gonna definitely take controller apart to check.

Crazy Hungarian Gamer ツ: And one thing to say. The Sixaxis feature in the fake Controller don't work correctly. I tried play Heavy Rain with a a fake controller (at that time i don't know that was a fake, but now i'm very sure), and the sixaxis features don't work. And some PS2 games don't work with that controller.

AptypMAX: Very solid!! tnx

Jason Burrows: +matt cobb I have the CECHZC2E DC 3.7V 300mA Sony PlayStation 3 Controller that I received with my Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB) system (CECH-03) and I know that is one hundred percent genuine because it came packaged with my system.

However I purchased a Sony PlayStation 3 Controller from eBay yesterday. The model number is CECHZC2E A1 and the battery information states DC 5V 610mA. Do you or anyone know whether that is a fake or real Sony PlayStation 3 Controller?

If it is real, I am really happy that I managed to get it for £14.99.

Origin: dude that's fake its just a piece of paper bitch that says ps4 controller

Hokage: I have a Europe PS3 SLIM from LONDON...If I buy a new one controller (real) this must be a europe controller too???

Ariel Perez: how did you reassemble the r2 and l2 buttons for the fake controller?

Windel Bobadilla: can u tell how to put it back together on the fake one cause is way different?

the guy: The H at the back does not means its fake, asia authentic controllers have a H

jingo500: Hope you remembered to put the plastic battery holders back in before re-assembly ;)

Juan Magana: Thx

Vannara Meas: Easiest way to get a real controller, go to a retail store.

backwoodsbully: I did the same thing 6 months ago and got A refund. Paypal just up and decided in my favor and the guy denied that it was fake. You are right when playing cod it freaking sucked ass!

Faisal Al-Yahya: Fake one has Enter tainment on it << 100% FAKE

matt cobb: Yes I understand the difference in the U, E, but the H's are fake. You will be able to tell if you have a fake controller mainly by the way it handles on screen. This one, the thumb sticks were very dodgy, not very accurate when I was playing COD. Even playing football the feel was just wrong. Sony does not package their controllers in the packaging in the video any more, they are all in the blue packs.

ASIF Sharif: P3 is the Bluetooth six axis home button?

Fake PS3 controller. How to tell 5 out of 5

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Fake PS3 controller. How to tell
Fake PS3 controller. How to tell

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