How To Acces-hack Another Computer On The Same Network

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Tiber Septim: Dear stupid people of the internet who have no idea how to hack: For those of you whining about having to know the victim's password, stfu. 1.) Gain physical access to their system. (Use your imagination to get to it.) 2.) Boot up their system in () 3.) Click Start. 4.) Click Run, 5.) Type in 'control userpassword2'. 6.) Make your own password for the PC. 7.) Finish and reboot the system. Come back to this and voala, type in the password you gave the system. YW.

Ghh: it does not work for me. =( I´m connected to a network with more then 200 users and i can not see any computer. Why?

Filip Karlsson: My Friend Dosent Have A Pass How to Do ??

Amr SubZero: This only works if the other user enabled the remote desktop connection, but the remote desktop is not enabled by default in all the computers, you have to enable it on the victim computer.

топэ: Remote Desktop cant connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1) Remote access to the server is not enabled (which it is, i made sure) 2) The Remote computer is turned off (which is isnt) 3)the remote computer is not available on the network (which it is cuz command prompt found it) -_-

TheDennyBros: Cant access another home premium PC.. damnit. now what do i do?

ROOPTAK MAZUMDER: i got a ipv6 address by using it on my comp

Andre Victor: Dude please don't be a noob. That rarely works because on default windows does not allow remote connections and most firewalls block it. Use LINUX BACKTRACK for hacking purposes. This is not hacking loooool. For those who would like to "hack" your friends pc with this good luck. If his remote connection setting is set to allow and he does not have a password it will work but he will notice because it logs him out. He will also get a notification to give you permission. Please don't call it hacking :).

Frank IND: You need the freaking password...this is not a hack you stupid +Yassin Omara 

Bruce Lee: Vhangd the title of the video " how to RDP in win7" this has nothing to do with hacking. Pasdwords always admin? ..... Us it now. Lolz

AlphaGravity005: It says unable to resolve target system

EvilDarkSword123 Scripting :D (ROBLOX): Why are all u guys so mean!

MINX: Wow thx man!

geekknow: Okay guys. Play nice now. He was showing what he knows. If you know something better then share it. Remember no matter how badass you think you are there is ALWAYS someone out there better. So I would rather learn something, hopefully something new from someone than to not learn at all. Who am I? I'm nobody :)

Ziarra Brown: u rly know hw to hack (^_^)♪(@_@)(@_@)(@_@)(?_?)(^3^)(T_T)(9_9)

noyan tuncer: You are a genious thanks for this video now ı can close my workers computers they always watching film from computer so my ping is falling down

Iris Mud: can anyone tell me the steps in word? i didn;t get him what he say

Mike Debarbieris jr: You need to change the title from HACK to How to RDP into a computer. That's all your video is showing you.

Mikha Samy: It's a time waste to watch this VIDEO....

blueeagle013: do they get notified when i connect?

gabrielcrimson: How do you do this with IPV6

mcsc177: "you require the password of the victim", what kind of freaking hacking is that lol

Jitendra kumar: If u know the password then tell me what u hacked? 

Kirta Vlog: good guy you are cool

dgrawns: Most computers automatically dis allow other computers from connecting with remote desktop connection 

Sam Wood: I made my I.T teacher so pissed off when I used my phone to shutdown the internet on all the computers

XxtrollsniperXx: when i type in net veiw it brings up :account in stuff

Ramzy J: fake and gay.

Alexander Ng: for kids stuff

Leo Lee: Hey is password always 'admin'?

RAKESH PATEL: whats the password you said

Uriel Rodriguez: Dose it have to be hard wired or can it be wifI?

danielakoc RD: yes maybe the password will be always admin :P hahahahha

Shane Johnson: I laugh at people like you who believe in this, hahahaha. I have buddies that believe a WLAN Feature is hacking, well, you people are wrong.

Abhimanyu Aryan: password is always admin hahahaha wtf

fergy on the PC: when i type in net view the users don't come up can someone please help me?

Ricky Gregory: That's not hacking. That's using remote desktop which is a feature built in all the lates windows. Plus you need the computers password to unlock and view the other pc. Admin can be used only if there is no password

Ahmed alnabhani: not hack u need password go learn how to use computer i wonder where the likes came from 

jayden fontaine: worked!!!!!!!!

sanjay darshandhari: when i try ti it says unable to resolve target system what should i do?

tubesamax: you need the password and the remote computer has to have the remote desktop enabled. so....not a hack.

Shane Johnson: This has got to be the dumbest video I have ever seen, #1, it is not hacking since it is held behind "authentication" #2, To even use remote desktop both computers have to have it enabled and in some cases has to be allowed through the firewall but in the real world, most people don't even know about RDP or a simple RDP Client based system, this is all coming from an A+ PC Pro Certification holder who holds scores in the top 10% nationally and owner of LEXe0s Computing, I have the scores and certifications online for proof through Drop Box, your chances of achieving this is way lower than the percent of actually following through with the simple ping of the IP Address and then the Ddos of the network or any server available, I don't need to hack a computer remotely when I can do it physically in less then 10 seconds, password protected or not, I can get in it.

iraqi alaubadi: hey , if the person change the computer name do i lose the control of his pc ?

sameer752003: Well now I know your password, Give me your ip i want to try on your PC. And one more thing enable your RD.

Mohammad Marhaba: Yassin, what If RD not enabled, what if windows Firewall is enabled, what if not all users has the same password like yours, Always admin !,

Amber Lace: You didnt hack anything xD You just got the ip of the other computer on the same network and used the program on windows to control its desktop with the given IP Dont even need to use cmd for that process

matei daniel: dudes...stop making videos of you accesing your local networks and call yourselfs hackers

abdul ghani abdul karim: freaking bullcrap

Ditch2812: Hi 

How to acces-hack another computer on the same network 4.3 out of 5

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