1987 CASIO Casiotone CT-460 Keyboard

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TheChicken: i have this and i didnt know its so old.

MysteryAndroclese401: I have a keyboard just like that one! Nice chord work!

Alex Porter: i have this keyboard it says theres like 465 tones, could you tell me how to get all those different tones?

UTubeIsTrackingYou: @OJMAH Sorry, that method does not refer to this keyboard at all.

jemuelg: haha! i miss my own casio CT-460,Yamaha PSR-6,and my Korg X5D,wish to enjoy with these keys once again...

OJMAH: in fast clicks, select Tone or Rhythm then add number you want. then you got it.

stereobrowser: In this vid i don't have no midi cable hooked up to it as the sound you hear is from the CT-460 itself captured from my HP camera's microfone off-air

The Bush Man: wow, i got my keyboard from my grandma, but i had no idea it was so old! XD

R Stolz: i have a ct606 =D

CHUNKZ: i have it is it worth much cos i got mine for free i just neeed sum lessons

Erik Koozer Mox RĂ­os: i have it too =P

Ivan Damyanov: my keyboard is the same too,it's my dad's actually :)) really good for it's age! anyway i'm now learning how to play..best wishesh ! nice tune :]

subafly: Bravo!!!

Andrew Piatek: Beautifully looking instrument. I love the late '80s Casio design. I ordered two CT-640's in supposedly like-new condition from eBay. Still waiting for them. Thanks for posting. By the way, the beginning of the piece sounds very good when you play without autorhythms. You play well, you don't need the auto stuff. Keep up the good work!

UTubeIsTrackingYou: @bittergreen1858 The extra tones are made by combining two of the 30 preset tones together. First select one of the preset tones. Then press the blue "465 Sound Tone Bank" button on the right side of the panel. Then select the second preset tone that you want to combine with the first. You can keep on selecting different second tones as long as the "465 Sound Tone Bank" button light is on. To select another primary tone you have to push the button again to go back to normal mode.

UTubeIsTrackingYou: @UTubeIsTrackingYou Note that the polyphony of the unit drops from 10 notes to 5 notes when the dual-tone mode is used. The manual is available online, just Google "casio ct-460 manual".

theaceofspades56: The demo music from this keyboard is great! Sounds like it came from a JRPG.

autoselectanyname: i have one like that too :P and i came to see the power and manipulation of the chords.

1987 CASIO Casiotone CT-460 keyboard 4.4 out of 5

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