Ruger LC9 Update Trigger Mod

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Scott Terry: is there any thing for the slide realise

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JOE SCHMOE: first all, I the only one that thinks she's completely HOT!!??

OK, now back to the topic, I agree with others that the SR9c is a better gun. I have the SR9 & considering getting the SR9c for my girlfriend

jeff pizzi: I just visited Galloway's site; they must have dropped their hammer because it's not listed now.

Gustavo Corrales: Check forums for more information on the Galloway Precision Kit. I bought it and was thoroughly disappointed in their customer service due to some manufacturing/quality control issues. I would not recommend anyone install this kit on their LC9

Yair Gutierrez: so disappointed about purchasing my lc9, did some research and people talk wonders about this gun, I don't like the trigger reset what so ever, its accurate but only if you take your time and be really careful about trigger jerking it. I don't see my self relying on this gun as a conceal carry. my bersa 380 seems more accurate and reliable so disappointed!!!!

ClayForay: I am posting the below on all LC9 upgrade videos.

ClayForay: HOLY %^&*!!!  Is this trigger upgrade an improvement?  YES!!!!!!   Yes, it is!!!!  When I picked up my LC-380 from my gunsmith and laughed maniacally after he asked me to proof his work with a trigger pull ...they said that yeah, they get that a lot with this Galloway upgrade.

So for people considering this upgrade, I give you the following for reference:  Do you remember that scene in Star Wars, where they were trying to destroy the Death Star?  "Stay on target."  "Stay on target!" "Stay on target!"  "Stay on target!!!" ...and then BOOM Vader blows their %^*& up, with out a Rebel shot fired?  I jokingly called the LC-380 trigger a, "Star Wars Trigger" for the ridiculous pull.  

..but THAT was the factory install trigger on the LC9/LC380. 'Pull it on Sunday and it fires on Tuesday.  


I just picked up my gun after the refit and it's pull, click, BOOM!, right now!!!
@#$%ing TOTALLY worth the $40 to get my gunsmith to install and have him sweet the trigger. I just purchased a new LC9S (I upgraded to the 9mm on Jan 28, 2015 for obvious reasons) with gun genie purchase for my concealed carry and I can tell you that there is very little difference between the two triggers.  The Galloway upgrade has just a slightly higher and longer pull, but really, not by much. If I had a stock LC9, then I would absolutely buy/install this upgrade over purchasing a new LC9S, and that is even if I could shoot the two side by side before deciding  ..because I did, I picked up my up-graded LC-380 at eh same time I got my LC9S.

Also a plus, for the upgrade your gunsmith will remove the mag disconnect as part of the install.

David Hendrickson: Thanks for the video, I have a Ruger LC9 and I hate shooting it because of the trigger. I love the size and the laser but I  couldn't hit anything and it was hard to pull the trigger. Not anything like my Beretta.  I will get hold of Galloway and see what I can get done with it.

OutlawUniverse: I got this for my wife and ship got out to the range today for the first time. I noticed right away the trigger pull was insanely long. For her thought its a bigger issue. She has very small hands and what's happening is she pulls is back and when coming forward the trigger is pinching her finger. After about 50 rounds today she had a bloody finger from this. Wasn't bad but she seems to be an issue. Maybe something like this could be a solution, or a different gun. She wanted a purple gun though.

K. Joe Hill: Can you uses just the hammer?

Conrad Luznar: Looks like you have a nice working LC9 now.

Home Defense Weapons: I just learned about his new trigger bar. I think that work best. All I want is to move the trigger break forward and shoetening the trigger bar seems to do that. The problem with the modified hammer was that it didn't strike with as much force as the original so it had occasional light strikes on hard steel Berdan primers. I agree with the polishing, makes a big difference..

Home Defense Weapons: Yes, I agree. The Ruger LC9 is one of the best concealed carry guns except for the damn trigger. Now that I have been carrying for a while I understand that the long trigger is definitely a safety feature. The Galloway kit fixes the long trigger pull but also shortens the hammer travel. The shorter hammer travel deduces striker force which causes problems if you shoot hard primer ammo like Wolf. It still seems to work fine with quality American ammo that uses Boxer primers.

Home Defense Weapons: I'm glad the video was helpful. Here is some additional information to keep in mind. The Galloway trigger mod shortens the trigger pill but also the hammer doesn't get pulled back as far. What this means is that hard primers, specifically the Berdan primers used on steel case foreign ammo may not always fire. When using the Galoway trigger use only good quality brass case ammo that use Boxer primers. Use quality name brand ammo for self defense EDC.

Brad Chapman: Thanks for the video. Just picked up my new LC9 yesterday. Can't wait to try it out this weekend. I'm glad you posted this because I had already been thinking about mods based on conversations with others regarding the trigger pull.

Home Defense Weapons: The cheap Remington ammo is low to medium grade quality. Is yours a stock trigger or is it the Galloway trigger mod? If it is the original Ruger trigger I would test the ammo in another gun. If the problem persists then contact Ruger service. I had problems with debris getting into the firing pin channel when using certain brands of ammo. I did a video about it. It is possible that the problem is with the ammo. Thanks for your comment

Home Defense Weapons: When I first started shooting I purchased the cheapest ammo I could find, I purchased many thousands of rounds. Although I can say I never had a problem with Tula I did have a very dangerous experience with Herter ammo. Because of that I no longer buy steel cased ammo and only buy reloadable brass case. Now I went even further and learned to reload. I reload 9mm, 357 Mag, 45. 44 Mag, 223, 7,62x39, 308, 30-30, 35 Remington, and 444 Marlin.. Reloading adds another fun dimension to shooting I enjoy

Tony Arellano: tulammo is crap ! I tried it once - never again!

Tony Arellano: Nice video sir, thanks for sharing. I got one too and it is a nice piece I will get that Galloway kit to upgrade it. since I dont like the oem trigger

Living Social: I got a groupon from Miami and almost got tricked. The description was way off for that the deal they were offering. I found groupon reviews that several people had the same issue. Luckily Groupon honor a refund, but my time was wasted.
Ruger LC9 Update Trigger Mod 5 out of 5

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