LEGO NXT 2.0 Color Sorter

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Oscar Montoya: is there a link where i can find the instructions to make this robot?

Andres Duque: Grate dude!!!!!!! tutorial!!!

Justin: @30Snake30 You meen "good. You said "god". Lol

taucherfisch1: Cool

CLOCKWISE689: now try using M&M's

Nathan Tan: you lost 1 red ball

uriel sychev: луди

Justin: Make it sort gummballs!

Loreen Ulrich: what happened to the 3rd red ball?

marketingguy63: @daleds4 Can send me this program/tell me how you did this? I'm trying to do the same thing, but just can't figure out where to insert the code.

vader267: cool, but i lost some of the balls

TheNeXTStorm: I just made it today :)

V15VA Gaming: @vick5821 its in the manual with the 2.0

Patyx: thats great :)

supersonic448: Color sensors detect the color, and then places it into a basket, and does the same thing with the other balls.

AmazingEpic9625: 5 stars

Justin: @30Snake30 how is that rude? All i was saying is that there is a speellingg error.

uriel sychev: b.s

WaWor: you forget 1 red ball XD

BuilingtacoTV: I need programming instructions for Color Sorter! Please tell me :(

TheFelkku: @daleds4 Anywhere, i really need the program :D

DarianMr: spricht dein roboter deutsch? does your robot speak in German?

Bora Topal: @30Snake30 hey did u know im eight and i dont share dis account

maribakumon: i dont see why its working for you when i built it nothing happemed and yes i built it by book and programed it by book and im in the fll so i know how i did it should work

Fischerderfischer: Coool

30Snake30: @MrWhagWha Good for you

TheWACkids: I made that and it didn't work I don't know why.

daleds4: @Smartcamster i can probably upload it somewhere and share the link..any suggestions on where i can upload it

GreasyBadger: Please can you do a download of the instrcutions.

legomindstorm1: good!!

killjoy1025: Smart robbot :D beginning with colors, Ending with the world on fire. D:

PiaNISTII: The default program sucks hard. It always resets the position of the basket, wastes time and energy. Its not difficult to write a program that rotates the basket only the necessary amount.

Joachim Fossli: how do i program thisthing?? can't get it working

moonwalker324: thats cooooooooooooooooolll

masoaxx: @link24281 I recommended 'drag and drop' programming if your nine. I'm 14 but i do advanced coding like C++, you'll need 'Compilers' to do programming. There are a number of kiddie softwares out there for you (although i started on HTML when i was exactly your age) like game maker (google that) Keep in mind that the programming world is incredibly huge, you've got to do ALOT of maths, the game programming, robotics (as we can see here) BASIC programming (google that), middleware etc. GLHF

ronettreker: how does it recognise collor?

ANDON0073: Indeed it is talking German. Speech samples are recorded by myself with the NXT toolkit, but volume is a little low in the video.

romanruler5: I made this today :)

daleds4: i wrote my own program for this. my program sorts the balls without returning to blue after each dispense. it also rotates the shortest distance. for example, instead of turning 270 degrees clockwise, it will turn 90 degrees anti clockwise. my new program sorts the balls in 16-20 seconds less time

francisismydog: @visvamoorthy yes

AwesomeX: cool

junkydude100: Geeeez in the old days, KIDS LERNED HOW TO SORT COLORS! now that robocrap does it for them i wish i had that in preschool

LEGO NXT 2.0 Color Sorter 4.8 out of 5

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LEGO NXT 2.0 Color Sorter
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