Mossberg 835

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lskw1: got it cause it was great price, plus used it for sporting clays for a while...

MrBuckkiller55: If you dont hunt, why not just get a Mossberg 500? I got a mossberg 35 yesterday, i love it.

Ponky: The extracting would be probably cus of that big 3.5 inch round. Mine works fine with 3s but also the same problem with the 3.5s... Factory defect maybe...

lskw1: as tony would say.. there ggggrrrrreeeeeeaaaaatttttt!!

steeler7475787905: I bought mine 17 years ago when I turned 18 and never had a problem with it! Love this shotgun!!!!

lskw1: @proofdude thanks man.. and yea i know i do.. im a pure

Slats Diamond: I like you commentary & your style of delivery. Good stuff. One note,,,,you need better lighting for the video. Later,,,,,,Slats

spoilerwarning28: Mossberg is a family tradition for me.

Amazing Creations from the Prairie: I have the same gun and have the same problem with the extractor..

lskw1: @muckinfonkey haha your right man.. you got a choke in there while usin slugs.. and if you don't did it mess up the threads for it

varminblast: Dont really hunt?.... Me neither = But when a local hunter offered me 2, count em TWO Mossberg 835 shotguns with almost consecutive serial numbers, 1 unfired, 1 almost unused for $300 for the pair I jumped on them.... Not sure why I bought them but since I like Mossberg shotguns I surely cut loose with the cash.... Home defense?... You got that right - these are a little big - Like cannon status.... Nice gun... I did a little patterning with buckshot and both have proven to be decent shotguns

lskw1: @1dabirdman not sure gonna have to check on there site and see if they refer you to a vender...than they will prolly have to order it for you..

lskw1: @TheChevyHulk I tried many different things and all different types of shells.. its the federals that do it every time..none now i stick with remington and never had an issue since

Rayray Washington: Works as a great deer rifle with the short slug barrel and a slug round-

lskw1: @zabet04240 didn't price new ones out not too sure.. i got it dirt cheep

lskw1: @FABAIN50CAL thank you

lskw1: @nicker3290 it gets the job done thanks man

nicker3290: thats a cool old shotgun! mossbergs are great and very well priced

willwood487: @lskw1 check out the responses people used zombies and all kinds of targets!

lskw1: @willwood487 hahahaha well than i screwed cause im in the same boat with you hahah..thats a good idea tho is the cardboard..

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Mossberg 835 5 out of 5

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