Chevy 5.3 Liter Lifter Noise And Motor Flush Solution How To

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Old Griz: ok, let me see if I got this right.
1st you have to pull on your tube to get it up, but don't bend or kink it.
2nd You clean the end of the rod and then blow it.
I think I will farm that work out to someone else.

I have always put a quart of marvel mystery oil in every 3rd oil change and in the fuel every now and then. The last 3 trucks (all chevys ) have gone 300,000 miles and one of them I liked so much I didn't trade it in until 522,300 miles.

Mike Baird: I know this is an old video but wanted to add my experience. I have an 09 Yukon that sounded EXACTLY like the truck in this video but mine was very hit or miss, no rhyme or reason to when or why it would start ticking. Before taking off the valve covers and doing this in my truck i decided to try a different kind of flush. I changed the oil and put a K&N filter on, put in 5 qts. of 5w-30 full synthetic (whatever was on sale) and 1 qt. of automatic transmission fluid. The minute i started it you could hear the difference in the engine, smoother, quieter and not a tick to be heard. The day after i did this it was actually -5 when I got up to go to work and the cold start didn't even knock/ping or tap like it used to, smooth as butter. Before this my oil pressure would be at or just below 20 at idle and 30ish on the highway, would jump to 40 if a floored it. Afterwards, idle oil pressure was just above 30 and about 39 on the highway. I drove it like this for 200-300 miles and did a full oil change with a new K&N filter, 5.5 qts of 5W-30 Royal Purple and .5 qts of marvel mystery oil and have done this each oil change since and the tick has never returned. Hope you all have good luck with your experiences! Thank you Brian for the video, gave me the info I needed to try and tackle the problem myself.

Carsten: I´m not a mechenic but have it . the same noise when I start the Engine,specaly in te could . what is it ?

Darius Kool: my 05 Chevy Tahoe is making tht same noise. thanks for giving me a hint on wht I need to do..

Carlos YAMAMOTO: I tried this today and it fixed it. When i did my oil flush, after using carb cleaner, a lot of gunk came out. Engines runs better and no noise.

Eric Ippolito: Would that help with oil pressure

koron Spencer: Yes they all have the exact same 5.3 liter engine.

Los Ojos De HotSpanish: How low does the oil have to be for the low oil light to come on?

Thomas Deerhorn: dont hate on auto shops for wanting to fix it right, more then half the time this doesnt work

Jose Hernandez: Does anyone know the difference from the 5.3 and 6.0?

MMG G: "I have to clarify these things Im not kidding "Lol.

ferkemall: I just drain the best part of the oil out put 4ltr of auto transmission fluid in and go for a run around the block the high detergent cleans the crap out !

Ashton Henderson: Is there a way I can contact you. I have a question about my 5.3 chevy 1500 suburban about oil pressure. Replaced sensor pump and o ring to oil pump and still gives me low oil pressure warning.

Kevin Jackson: What did the oil pressure look like before teardown?  Mine ticks like this has 40psi  all day long.

in motion: The 5.3 is the ls1 right?

7gen Virginia: Great video Brian! Suggestion: Use this sequence to clean the crud out of the lifters - 1. Solvent (Berryman, Gumout, etc.) 2. Light spray Oil (PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench, WD-40, etc.) 3. Rubber tipped air gun on the push rod ends to blow the crud away. Repeat the sequence 3 or 4 times, and of course change the engine oil & filter when you're done. The solvent is great at dissolving the crud, but the oil has enough viscosity to carry the crud away. Adding the light oil and compressed air really clears it out. Thanks.

Jordan Bronson: If anyone else is reading this now (2017). 1. Check your Oil, might be as simple as LOW on Oil !!! 2. Try cleaning it with 1 Quart of Trans Fluid + 1 Ounce of Gumout or Seafoam for every Quart of Oil. 3. Run that for about 10 Minutes..., if you hear LESS Lifters or LESS NOISE... YOU ARE IN GOOD SHAPE... Run that solution for 50-75 Miles, then do a complete New Oil Change + Filter. NOTE: In my case, it was just LOW on OIL and yea I freaked out like most People do, so try that first !!!

ejlebaron: Amazing Results!!!

I do most of the work on my own vehicles, but I'm pretty hesitant to get inside the engine. My 2005 Suburban suffered from increasing started out a small periodic tick and became a noisy tick I could hear when driving on the freeway. It was getting worse and worse. So, I was about to bite the bullet and take it in for whatever the mechanic had to do. this was not an exciting prospect. Would it cost $500? $1000? More?

When I saw this video, it gave me hope. I went and bought the carb cleaner and engine flush, followed the exact steps laid out in the video. After the oil change, I was surprised that there was no more noise, but figured that might be due to idling and the new oil. The real test came when I took a drive to a nearby city on the freeway pulling a trailer. Loads usually induce the racket if nothing else does. No Noise! After a half hour on the freeway and 20 minutes of city driving, I heard a very slight tick once while idling. I think I'll do the flush again at the next oil change.

Total cost: Under $10 besides normal oil change. I'm so happy! Thanks for this great video.

corneliu marian: This video helps me to get my car fixed, thank you for your help

JASON'S WORLD: Great Vid! This helped many people apparently, Great Job!!

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
Chevy 5.3 liter lifter noise and motor flush solution How to 5 out of 5

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Chevy 5.3 liter lifter noise and motor flush solution How to
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