Drag Racing 8.645 TUNE Level 6 1/4 Lamborghini Gallardo

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Colin Maker: The tune is bull crap don't bother in trying it and do for parts that how crap this guy is didn't evan do the right parts lol

mike ince: I was against u 2days ago in lv5 u kicked my ass my name was milfhunter69

A Gad: 8.699 is my best :( i cant get any faster than that.

jayven moore: Thx man not 8.6 but still win every race i do in the new version i can win the beat 40 rp and win all so thx much

puerkitanegra: Mines faster

Eleuis: Got 8.640 ;)

TWOBUCKRAPPER12: I got 8.647

Rakuten Kitizawa: same :L

Marcus Godinez: @Mr.U ..u have to tune ur car

andrewdok: because itll put the car to lvl 7

GETOWNEDB1TCH: thanks for the tunes..lambo running 8.643s but idk how to make that consistent..advice?

Daominate: What about tunes with full upgrades?

Nigel Wilson: Can you create a level 7 CM Biturbo tune please?

brianshaggy: the callaway c16 goes 8.400

Luc Michon: How u can race 8.6? i have made the same car and same tune and same shifting. But i cant get faster than 8.956?

DJCurry25: what are your settings? multitouch on or off? and no downshift on or off?

DJCurry25: ow do you do that start?

Romantuzhyk12345612: Wait what are the upgrates for the tire thing???

lPyro Garza: You need more than 700 k cash to get that upgraded lamborgihini.

chonchiezloko: do u have it for level 7

mike ince: I always get 8.8

mxmike62: How can i beat the level 6 boss ??

pnjabiruff: i did this tune, same upgrades n same launch but i keep running 8.7, why??

DJCurry25: how

Tristan Erojo: Thanks!

ericj56: Can u do one for the dodge SRT 4

DragRacingProTunes: Use the tunes from the career mode playlist

fordgt3501: it worked great for me

Luc Michon: i found it!

Thewink: How do you beat the boss on lvl 6 carrer mode? I got this car, but seem to not be able to beat him in the mile.

SpoutSAB: hit a 8.655 on first try. if you need any tips message me

Bobby Evans: It dont matter if u can get 8.6 or 8.7! U cant beat anyone!!! And someone said 8.2? How??? You're full of crap!!!

Logan Gaspar: If any one has a free tunes for a car please respond

A Gad: @DragRacingProTunes i got it down to 8.651 but there are people online running 8.621 lol and yeah im using your tune but instead of a 2.4 nitrous im running a 2.3. it seems to work a little better for me i guess. and 8100 is exactly where i shift. full rev first, slide to second, nitrous, and the rest is easy

Labatsports: Dude how u can get 100k views for that crap ?!?

Francisco Bencomo: nitro= 215@s140 Final drive= 3.111 1= 3.767 2= 2.142 3= 1.745 4= 1.623 5= 1.421 6= 1.258 M= 4.T=3.F=3.N=5.P=5. LL=5 Tiempo total=6.21 GRANPAKO

fordgt3501: what about 1/2 mile whats the quickest tunning??

Bobby Evans: i used this set up & Im inly getting 8.66 now... Im on level 7 & maxed out! Wtf???

MrKp0w: I need something to beat the stage 6 boss: viper.

Niklas Luger: i get worse times than before...

kevin Ruperto: Can sombody tell me witch car beats you with that tune

DirtiNSuga: ok i tried this and got only at best 8.700... did everything like urs... im running android... are you running iphone?

boranapak: @sigge951 thx for ur time :)

gigitymygoo: i race it just like you, have the same tuning and upgrades, and im running a 8.912

KamGTS86: This was happening to me as well but I realised that it was how I was launching off. Literally do it identically to the vid...shift into 2nd straight away then wait bout 1 second, hit NOS and perfect shift the rest of the way and you'll easily hit 8.7. My best is 8.660 :) Hope I helped a bit :)

Piraka1997: Nice thanks! my best is 8.646 =)

samandjoshscooters: My fastest time with this tune is about 8.643+


GETOWNEDB1TCH: alrite thanx

Mário Nogueira: how do you get som much power? I have full engine and turbo upgrades and don't have even 600bhp

Drag Racing 8.645 TUNE level 6 1/4 Lamborghini Gallardo 4.5 out of 5

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