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Paul Outdoors: A great watch and listen and although the video is 7 years old the Crusader MK 1 set stood the test of time and I prefer it to the new MK2 version. I use either a coil of stove/fire rope in the fuel or my penny stove when burning meths so similar to you. Thank you for sharing. Happy wandering. Paul :)

Leni Magrove: Sorry, I forget : for boil 420 ml water it takes 30 to 40 ml alcohol gel - for warm food it takes 20 ml.

Leni Magrove: I read the messages now and I confirm your opinion Alloutdoor1 :
I always use the gel (simple bottle alcohol gelled, not firedragon) in a small can of tuna without holes, in the crusader I. (no smell, no soot, no smoke, no flame that exceeds : because on the south coast of France where I live, the bivouac wild is barely tolerated and officially unauthorized).
It take 15-20 minutes outside to boil 420ml of water in a teapot in inox, and 10 minutes max to warm food 500ml in popote inox also (stainless steel)
I think that trangia or assimiled are better efficient.
Can you advise me on burner trangia, highlander or esbit ? I am attentive to your advice because you are precise and moderate.
Thank you for your patience !

Leni Magrove: sorry, the trangia is good too into the crusader I Excuse my error.

Leni Magrove: Really big thank you !!!
I watched andHighlander burner are the only match for the crusader I
Happy new year !

Leni Magrove: I have a idem bcb crusader i but I don't speak well english and I don't understand the name of your burner, I m not sure : is it Trangia ? please, would you give me this brand ? Thank you very much for your videos !

Boney Gildroy: Dude, clean your gear. That looks freaking hangin!

Turnbull62: The Meths is definitely the more eccomomical, both in amount of fuel used and the price. Meths @ £3.20/L and Firedragon @ £6.50+/L.
Also if you put too much Meths in a trangia you can snuff out the flame, fit the lid and reuse later. With the gel you can't really put any excess back in the bottle and can't carry it in the open cooker so more waste.
I only testesd this as having used Greenheat gel previously I really didn't believe the Fire dragon claim. obviously not all ethanol gels are made the same.
if timed from when Meths in full bloom it would be at least as quick as the gel?
Cheers, Colin.

Turnbull62: To compare the Meths with the Fire Dragon gel I used 2 BCB stainless mugs sitting side by side, outside my house on a concrete step. Both filled with 500ml of cold tap water and both covered BCB plastic lids
The gel was in the BCB cooker with enough to ensure a good boil. The Meths was in a trangia stove inside a firebox stove in an attempt to give equal draft protection.
I first lit the meths, which was not quite in full bloom when I light the gel. The gel did start a rolling boil first but only by about 20 (ish) seconds.
Compared to Greenheat gel this was a great improvement.
Sorry I don't have the exact times as it was just done to confirm (or not) the claim by Firedragon and was over a year and half ago.
Cheers, Colin.

Turnbull62: I have also made meths burners from beer cans and shoe polish tins that fit nicely in the circle and still give enough clearance to cook on the original pot support.
Fire proof rope coiled inside the inner bowl, soaked in meths works well too and gives a slightly less concentrated heat so less likely to scorch contents of mug.
Ethanol gel is the way to go for me ( not the cheapest fuel ) It smell s ok, fumes non poisonous, eco friendly and if you use "fire dragon" brand actually boils 500ml water faster than meths. I didn't believe that claim either until I tried it for my self. fire dragon now make ethanol tabs as well.
Either way happy camp cooking

Mad Jack Tramper: Hi.
Just one point for you, the BCB mug has two lid options, the first one is the plastic drinking lid with aperture for drinking hot liquids at one end and vacume relief hole at the other end, the second is a metal boiling and cooking lid that sits in the top of the mug and has a fold down lifting ring in the centre.
The drinking lid was never designed to be used as a cover while boiling water or cooking.
Don't feel stupid though, EVERYBODY uses the drinking lid and then complains that it melts.
Cooking lids are not cheep though, the solution is to make your own with a bit of aluminium plate and a ring tab for hanging pictures.
Army mess tins are great for cutting up to make all kinds of mug lids, and pound land sells them for,,,,,,,,,,,yup, a pound :-) they also sell the ring tabs in packs.
I hope this helps, keep the videos coming.
Kind regards, Jack.

gaz lyno: Discovered that problem with the triangia burner and the BCB stove. I was thinking about making my own bars which will stand slightly taller to prevent the flames from being smothered.  Any other ideas I'd be glad to hear from you. :)

Thereal111t: Plus methanol destroys in coated aluminium.

Alloutdoor1: Yes absolutely - will work equally well with gel fuel.

Jez Brown: you can also use gel fuel in the small cup at the bottom

Reginald Andrews: Nice vid, have adapted my Crusader cook unit, meths burner is shoe polish tin with 12mm fire rope coiled up inside covered with grill made from old sieve, beauty of it is that it all packs away inside the unit.

Alloutdoor1: Cool. Its a good stove!

wkingbg: Trangia - sorry, dang autocorrect! I found it and ordered, should be here tmrw.

Alloutdoor1: which stove are you talking about?

wkingbg: Can't find the same vanger alcohol stove on their website. Where can I get it??

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BCB Crusader Cooking Set - For Camping Hiking Survival Bushcraft Etc 5 out of 5

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