The Pantorouter

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Luiz: I'm Matthias Wandel fan. Congratulations for your vĂ­deo.

Tom Hoyer: Nice job TC. You showed some very good skills. MW has one of the best wood sites on youtube. The Music is "Jessica" by the Allman Bros.

Emmanuel C: Nice vid, but very annoying music

CornBreadCuban: No more music.

Shawn Brown: Nice job! Very nice and PLEASE keep up the great work!

Eliab Kimosop: thanks alot for this video, it helped me assemble my router well. God bless

Chuck Johnson: How hard was it making accurate templates and making all the fine adjustments to get it to work accurately? I'm thinking of making one. Thanks!

Wellington Pereira: Hello friend you could sell this project?
I am interested in your videos these are very interesting also like to do my own housework. I have a land area in Brazil amazomas. and I want to build my own house. without more awaiting.

David M: How many comment did you get about your metal lathe?

Ade Swash: Great vid :)

Jeff Beck: DUANE ALLMAN!!!! I had this stereo 8-track back in the 70s. I love how you fade out the music when you talk and then fade it back in. Awesome build. High quality wood.

Sanchis Sabater Vicente: Donde puedo consegir los planos

Adrian Neuhaus: Top Gear Theme Song FTW!

dlwatib: Why do people play loud music while talking softly into the mic on how-to videos? It makes no sense. Don't you want us to hear what you're saying? What's so d@mned important about that music?

Stewart Frye: Oh by the way, I built mine from dumpster diving pallets. I bought screws and 1\4 rods, I found drawer slides at goodwill, for 1.50 I invested less than 10 bucks in my build

Stewart Frye: I built my pantograph converting centimeters to inches,,,, this turned out to be a bad idea. Very bad idea. Just buy a tape and rule in metric units its much easier and double checking dimensions is a lot easier because ad together 3.597 inches and 2.437 inches then translate that back to centimeters to check is hours of wasted time and added confusion. It a lot easier to add 5 centimeters and 8 centimeters. Also measure out 3.597 inches, exactly how many 32nds is that. Just more confusion. Trust me, use centimeters a lot easier.. And by the way, its worth it when complete.... I love mine


vladimir51ful: how do you know the dimensions in centimeters?

jose Espinoza Mere: que marca es tu router


Chef de NYC: Thanks! I'm more info ultrasound type of work. I learn most of the stuff myself online. Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official". Hehe
The Pantorouter 5 out of 5

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Pantorouter unboxing and assembly
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Pantorouter trade show display at Baltimore wood show
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PantoRouter Innovations - Spring 2017
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PantoRouter - Woodworking is now easier. more accurate and more fun!

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